Digital Learning Initiative

The landscape of higher education has been evolving at a rapid and disruptive clip, thanks to advances in technology, learning research, and the increasingly steep cost of tuition. In 2013, BU joined the edX consortium, an online educational collaborative started by MIT and Harvard aimed at leveling the playing field. In addition to offering a variety of MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, that are free to the world, BU supplies digital teaching tools, seed grants, and alternative teaching initiatives to BU professors.

While the world of higher learning has clearly grown more complex, our goals for the DLI site were relatively simple. The first was to give the client an easy means of blogging and publishing news and stories about their world. Fortunately, much of that platform is built into our WordPress system, so implementation was easy and the client could get in the driver’s seat quickly.

Our second goal was to give the DLI a way to showcase the variety of projects they’re working on, past, present, and future. We created grid systems that work with different content blocks and can be sorted and filtered. A visitor can start off seeing the entire array of content, then check off only the things they’re interested in.

Lastly, we wanted to give the DLI a look that was colorful and unique, but still felt part of the BU family of sites. We used vibrant colors such as turquoise, deep pinks, and yellows for a sense of pop. But the content comes first, so the typography is subdued and focuses on simplicity and legibility.

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Launched: 07/08/2015. Customization: medium.

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