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Vidua funerea

Variable (Dusky) Indigobird

Subspecies and distribution:

  1. V.f. funerea - Southern Africa

  2. V.f. nigerrima - Central and East Africa

Morphology: (Payne 1996)

Plumage - purplish blue

Bill - white

Legs - orange-red (funerea), pale purple (nigerrima)

Wing - brown


African Firefinch (Lagonosticta rubricata)

Host song mimicry: (Payne 1973, 1993, 1996)

Most distinctive mimicry is the “pit-pit alarm, which is repeated 1-20 times per second (slower than “purr” alarm of Jameson’s Firefinch). Also mimics “inverted V” and “too-too” notes along with various slurred whistles.

Fry, C. H. and Keith, S. (Eds). 2004. The Birds of Africa. Vol VII. Christopher Helm, London.

Quicktime video of scrolling sonogram featuring the

pit-pit” alarm mimicry.

Quicktime video of scrolling sonogram starting with the “inverted V” mimicry followed by various whistles.

Hosted by: Boston University


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