Vidua camerunensis

Cameroon Indigobird

Subspecies and distribution:

Monotypic - West Africa

Morphology: (Payne 1996)

Plumage - blue

Bill - white

Legs - pale purple

Wing - brown


African Firefinch (Lagonosticta rubricata)

Black-bellied Firefinch (Lagonisticta rara)

Brown Twinspot (Clytospiza monteiri)

Dybowski’s Twinspot (Euschistospiza dybowskii)

Host song mimicry: (Payne 1973, 1996)

African Firefinch mimics: similar to mimicry

Black-bellied Firefinch mimics: low whistled “tew-tew-tew-tew” song, “peech” contact call, and “chek” alarm call.

Brown Twinspot mimics: “vay-vay” contact call, “tek-tek-tek” alarm call, and a series of song whistles.

Dybowski’s Twinspot: “zet” alarm calls, “kek” and “churr” contact calls, and a complex song including a buzzy “vweee” whistle.

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Fry, C. H. and Keith, S. (Eds). 2004. The Birds of Africa. Vol VII. Christopher Helm, London.

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