Indigobird video clips

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Cameroon Indigobird (Vidua camerunensis)

Cameroon: Adamawa Region, Tibati.

Features both indigobird vocalizations as well as mimicry of the black-bellied firefinch (Lagonosticta rara).

Vcam.rara.mimic.m4v (7.7 MB)

Twinspot Indigobird (V. codringtoni)

Tanzania: Ruvuma Region, Peramiho.

Indigobird singing with a long section of high-pitched Peter’s Twinspot (Hypargos niveoguttatus) mimicry.

Vcod.JMD1351.mimicry.m4v (9 MB)

Purple Indigobird (V. purpurascens)

Tanzania: Morogoro Region, N of Mikumi.

Features a male hovering over a female that visited his call site, a common courtship behavior.

Vpur.JMD1382.hover.m4v (3.3 MB)

Hosted by: Boston University


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