ILJ 40.1 — Spring 2022

Fortress (North) America

Unraveling: Trump, the ‘End’ of Asylum, and the Prospects of Restoring Lost Time
Rebecca Hamlin
Page 1

Challenging Stereotypes in Refugee Protection
Sabrineh Ardalan
Page 31

The Imperative of Sustaining (Rather Than Destroying) Frontline Empathic Solidarity for Distress Migrants
Jacqueline Bhabha
Page 49

A Comparative Perspective on Safe Third and First Country of Asylum Policies in the United Kingdom and North America: Legal Norms, Principles and Lessons Learned
Susan M. Akram & Elizabeth Ruddick
Page 79

The Enforced Disappearance of Migrants
Valentina Azarova, Amanda Danson Brown & Itamar Mann
Page 133


Empathic Solidarity on the Frontline
Julie Dahlstrom
Page 205


Overview of Public Private Partnerships in China and India: A Comparative Analysis
Diego S. Torres-Lugo
Page 215