Boston University Climate Disinformation Initiative

Major climate disinformation initiative at Boston University—how climate lies spread, who they mislead, and how to stop them

To further understand the critical role of communication in shaping public opinion on climate in the United States, the Boston University Climate Disinformation Initiative analyzes the nature, origins, spread, and impacts of climate change mis- and disinformation, as well as the possibilities of mitigating misinformed beliefs.

The initiative launched in 2022/2023 with a year-long study: Data and Misinformation in an Era of Sustainability and Climate Change Crises, jointly funded by the Institute for Global Sustainability and the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering.

Key Findings

Learn more about emerging research insights from the initiative’s three research themes (May 2023):

  1. How climate disinformation spreads through social media sites, primarily Twitter and Reddit
  2. How native advertising, a deceptive form of paid content that mimics news articles, is employed for corporate communications campaigns
  3. What influence disinformation has on public attitudes, including which intervention strategies effectively dispel misperceptions about climate change

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Taking on Climate Lies Symposium

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