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Popular Climate Change Metric Misleads Policymakers

A widely used metric in policymaking circles uses over-simplified forecasting methods that can lead to costly mistakes. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) metric has significant shortcomings—it is poorly grounded in physics, arbitrarily designed, difficult to understand, overly naïve as a policy driver, and in some cases potentially misleading. The ISE’s new report, The Global Warming […]

Sustainable Water Planning: Risk Mitigation Based on Critical Infrastructure Analysis

The growth in uncertainties from multiple sources calls for revamped water planning approaches and processes designed to better prepare for less predictable outcomes, including the incorporation of scenario planning that accounts for critical infrastructure interdependencies. In our research brief, Scenarios, Sustainability, and Critical Infrastructure Risk Mitigation in Water Planning, the Boston University Institute for Sustainable […]

The Value of Diversifying Uncertain Renewable Generation through the Transmission System

Leveraging geographic diversification of variable renewables through the transmission grid provides higher benefits than typically quantified. A new study published by the ISE estimates transmission-related benefits attributable to the geographic diversification of variable renewable generation and loads. The analysis indicates that the benefits of transmission expansion between areas with diverse renewable generation resources are greater […]

Climate of Crisis: How Cities Can Use Climate Action to Close the Equity Gap, Drive Economic Recovery, and Improve Public Health

The second of three reports to provide community leaders with guidance on navigating their climate action priorities. How can cities meet the challenges of accelerating climate action in ways that aid economic recovery and improve the foundation of public health in the wake of COVID-19 while enhancing the quality of life for socially vulnerable populations? […]

More Urgency, Not Less: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Lessons for Local Climate Leadership

The first of three reports that will provide community leaders, inside and outside of local government, with guidance about navigating their climate-action priorities through the gauntlet of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis. Each report, based on a synthesis of expertise and analysis of local climate-action options and current research, […]