Develop an Emergency Plan

Now that you know your support network and have identified risks and conditions on-site, you can develop emergency plans for individual activities, or for your department or college. It is useful to think of the emergency management plan as a primary training tool, and to write it with that in mind. We can work with you directly to develop your plan, which will include three basic elements:

    1. Emergency Response Preparation
    2. Evacuation Preparation
    3. Emergency Response Actions

Emergency Management Plan Workbook

As a guide and tool for assembling and then sharing the emergency management plan for your activity, department, or college, use the Emergency-Management-Plan-Workbook.

Emergency Plan Worksheet for Solo Travelers

Faculty, Staff and Students often travel alone or with one or two others for business, research, conference attendance, or other purposes. The basics of travel safety and security apply to these travelers, as well. This quick worksheet will help you organize the resources you may need.

Emergency Response Preparation

This section will comprise the information you collected on local resources, detailed itinerary and contact information for participants, a detailed communication protocol, program-specific emergency response procedures, and fire safety protocols. Use the step-by-step guide below to complete the Global Programs Emergency Management Plan Workbook.

Evacuation Preparation

In rare instances, evacuation may become necessary due to environmental, political, industrial, and/or health concerns. Therefore, it is important that you develop simple, easy-to-follow protocols and ensure that all participants are aware of the procedure for responding to such an event. This information should include:

Emergency Response Actions

Knowing and understanding the essential actions for responding to and stabilizing an emergency situation are important aspects of your emergency management plan. Familiarize yourself with the emergency response actions on the Responding to Events and Emergencies page and be sure to customize these actions to your specific activity and location in the space provided in the workbook.

Now that you’ve completed your emergency management plan, the Prepare for Travel section will provide the critical steps you and your participants need to take before traveling.