The Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center

For over two decades, the Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center at Boston University’s Metropolitan College has offered the Certificate Program in Wine Studies to industry professionals, graduate students, and collectors.

Certificate Program in Wine Studies

MET’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center offers a four-level Wine Studies curriculum that provides personal enrichment and enhances wine expertise for a range of students, including:

  • Industry professionals
  • Consumers who wish to enjoy wine to a greater degree
  • Aspiring wine collectors
  • Students who want to explore wine in the broader cultural context of food and cuisine
  • People whose goal is to enter the wine trade

Boston University certification is provided upon successful completion of each Level 1 through 4, enhancing one’s opportunity to work in the wine industry. The knowledge obtained through these courses will prove invaluable, even for those already in the industry.

Learn from Expert Instructors

With decades of experience, our faculty offer insight into multiple areas of the beverage and restaurant industries, as well as wine and food journalism. Instructors Bill Nesto and Sandy Block each hold the designation of Master of Wine (MW) from the Institute of Masters of Wine, a wine-trade certification considered to be the world’s most prestigious and difficult to attain.

We will also offer these special Beverage Studies courses:

Network with Industry Professionals

The Massachusetts beverage and restaurant trades recognize the merits of Boston University’s Wine Studies program, and those in the industry frequently hire our graduates. In addition, industry professionals often participate in advanced classes, sharing their unique perspective and providing networking opportunities.

The Wine Studies Curriculum

All students, including those already in the industry, will benefit from the expertise of instructors Sandy Block, Bill Nesto, Beth Ann Dahan, and Ara Sarkissian.

Levels 1-4 are open for Registration.

For more information, contact us.

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