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Using a Mac for Remote Access via VPN


  • On your Mac download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client for Macs using the following URL:
  • Click Get button to download the app.
  • In the Connection Center, click + and then click Desktop to create a new remote connection.
  • Next, enter the PC Name. This will be your office computer’s name followed by the port number :513
    (i.e., How to Find your PC’s Name.
  • Under User Account leave at default setting “Ask Me Every Time“.
  • Optional – For Friendly Name enter what you want to call the connection. (i.e. BU Office Computer).
  • Once done click the Add button to create new connection.
  • To start a remote session double-click your PC name or Friendly name tile in Desktops.
  • Click Show Certificate.
  • Click Always Trust to prevent seeing this warning again for the PC specified.
  • Click Continue.
  • Enter your BU login name (AD\xxxxxxxxxx) and your Kerberos password to access your office Windows computer.
  • Log off or Disconnect from the office computer to terminate your Remote Desktop connection.
  • When finished, disconnect from the active VPN session.

It is highly recommended that, once you have your PC’s name, you test the process by connecting to it remotely from a colleague’s work desktop. Note that you will NOT need to use the VPN when testing in this manner.

If you need assistance, contact our help desk at or call x3-7328.