Tuition, Fees & Payment

Each four credit course offered in Persian or Turkish has a tuition charge of $2180.  The total tuition charge for two courses over the summer is $4360.  There is also a $40 registration fee charged to each student.  Housing and Dining expenses are extra.  For information about tuition, fees, and payment please refer to the BU Summer Term website:

As institution we will also be accepting FLAS Fellowships for summer language study. The Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (also known as FLAS or Title VI) is an award for students concentrating in modern foreign language and international or area studies. Institutions have to make a competitive application to the US Dept. of Education for funding in the world areas in which they want to offer languages.

Students must enroll in a program of intensive study for at least 6 weeks, which offers a minimum of 140 contact hours of instruction at the beginning or intermediate level, and 120 contact hours of instruction at the advanced level.  For summer study in the US, students can apply for FLAS fellowships from any institution offering FLAS summer fellowships. Awards offer a stipend of $2,500, tuition up to $5,000, and some travel if there are sufficient funds. Boston University is not a FLAS granting institution.