Development & Campaign Communications (DevCom) is a communications-services department within Boston University Development & Alumni Relations (DAR). We help our DAR colleagues create marketing tools in a variety of print and digital media. We are especially committed to helping our front-line fundraisers do their jobs effectively and efficiently. We also work with our colleagues in schools, colleges, and other departments across the University as they create their own specialized development tools.

The DevCom team is also creating a new and growing library of products related to fundraising for BU. We take responsibility for ensuring that all DAR-generated materials conform both to University identity standards and to DAR’s own high standards of writing, design, and production.

On this website, you can:

  • Find links to some helpful tools, some DAR-based and some outside of DAR. For example: You can consult a collection of sample proposals and gift terms on the Staff Hub (maintained by several groups within DAR).
  • Contact us to begin a project or for more information.