Bat Antiviral Immunity Paper Makes Headlines

By Grace KeplerJune 12th, 2018

A Cell paper by Stephanie Pavlovich and Tom Kepler, along with co-authors at Boston University and the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), was featured in Science Immunology's Editor's Choice column: 'Bats are “blind” to the deadly effects of viruses' (Science Immunology 01 Jun 2018: Vol. 3, Issue 24).




Computational Immunology Summer School Underway

By Grace KeplerJune 12th, 2018

The 2018 Computational Immunology Summer School is underway! The theme of this year's summer school is "Focus on B Cells". We have an accomplished and diverse group of 22 students: 11 PhD candidates, 4 MD and MD/PhD candidates, 2 post-doctoral fellows, and 5 academic faculty and research scientists. The students are actively engaged in immunological research projects involving B cell biology and will directly benefit from the material in this program. We are providing housing and travel scholarships for 10 students. The 2018 Summer School is funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health, under Grant No. U19AI117892 to Boston University. This work is supported under the Modeling Immunity for Biodefense. Additional support has been provided by the Hariri Institute.

Stephanie Pavlovich receives Russek Award

By Grace KeplerApril 27th, 2018in Awards

Stephanie Pavlovich (née D'Souza) received first prize in the 2018 Russek Student Achievement Awards. Stephanie will give an oral presentation of her work on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at the 24th Annual Henry I. Russek Achievement Day.



Stephanie D’Souza attends Gordon Research Seminar and Conference

By Grace KeplerJune 9th, 2017

Stephanie D'Souza (MD/PhD student, Microbiology) attended the Gordon-Kenan Research Seminar on Viruses & Cells (May 13-14, 2017). The topic of the seminar was The Interplay Between Viruses and Their Hosts Through Molecular Recognition, Establishment of Infection and Cellular Response. She also attended the Viruses & Cells Research Conference (May 14-19, 2017) on Biology, Pathogenesis, and Treatment of Viral Infections. Both meetings were held in Lucca (Barga), Italy.


Tom Kepler, Rachel Fearns, and Joseph Mizgerd receive R61 grant

By Grace KeplerApril 26th, 2017

Tom Kepler and fellow Principal Investigators Rachel Fearns and Joseph Mizgerd received an R61 award from the NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The goals of this project are to study the immunoglobulin variable-region repertoire of lung-resident B cells, and to quantify the degree to which they provide information about the history of pulmonary infection and lung-resident commensal viruses, as well as about the likelihood of future pulmonary infection.