CISE Announces CGSW 9.0 Best Presenter Awards

At this year’s CGSW event, held on January 27th at Boston University, 18 graduate students presented their original research covering diverse disciplines in engineering, computer science and math/statistics. Students, faculty, alumni, and BU friends attended to support the students, and cast their vote for best presenter under the categories of “language clarity,” “slide clarity,” and “engaging”.

CISE is pleased to announce the winners of CGSW 9.0: Mela Coffey, PhD candidate ME (Advisor: Alyssa Pierson) received the CGSW 9.0 Best Presenter Award for her paper on Heterogeneous Coverage and Multi-Resource Allocation in Supply-Constrained Teams. Award finalists included 5th year SE PhD Candidate Nasser Hashemi (Advisor: Pirooz Vakili) who received second place for his presentation on Improved Predictions of MHC-peptide Binding using Protein Language Models. 5th year ECE PhD candidate Daniel Wilson (Advisor: Ayse K. Coskun) received third place for his presentation on Site-Wide HPC Data Center Demand Response

CGSW 9.0 also included plenary speakers Yasaman Khazaeni, Associate Director of Machine Learning, Wayfair Inc. and Na Li, a Gordon McKay Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University, a research affiliate in Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Co-founder and Scientific Advisor of Singularity Energy, Inc .

Dr. Khazaeni’s CGSW talk focused on Personalization for Everything Home: Building Models to Increase Conversion and Customer Loyalty. Khazaeni was previously a Research Staff and Manager at IBM Research where she worked on machine learning and AI applications in conversational systems and business automation. She holds a PhD from Boston University where she finished her thesis under Professor Cassandras’ supervision. During her time as a PhD candidate at Boston University, Khazaeni also co-founded the CGSW series with the goal of providing students the opportunity to practice presentation skills.

Professor Li’s  research lies in control, learning, and optimization of networked systems, including theory development, algorithm design, and applications to real-world cyber-physical societal systems. Her CGSW talk focused on Scalable Distributed Control and Learning of Networked Dynamical SystemsShe received a PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems from the California Institute of Technology.

The CISE Graduate Student Workshop (CGSW) is an annual forum that provides students the opportunity to share their original research and hone their communication skills in an engaging, collaborative environment. Organized by students, for students, the day-long event encourages interdisciplinary sharing among affiliated students, faculty, and invited guest speakers across diverse application areas. 

This year’s event was organized by CISE student organizers: Jimmy Queeney (PhD candidate, SE), Zack Bezemek (PhD candidate, Math/Stats), Zexin Sun, (PhD candidate, SE), Mert Toslali (PhD candidate ECE).

View CGSW 9.0 Student Presentation Abstracts here.

View the CGSW 9.0 Workshop Agenda here.

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  • CGSW 9.0 presenters, and student organizers with Plenary Speaker Yasaman Khazaeni, CISE Director Ayse Coskun, and previous CISE Director and current Director of Hariri Institute, Yannis Paschalidis.

  • CGSW Best Presenters with CISE Director Ayse Coskun (from left) Mela Coffey, Ayse Coskun, Daniel Wilson and Nasser Hashemi.

  • Plenary speaker Na Li, Gordon McKay Professor of EE and Applied Mathematics, SEAS, Harvard University, and a research affiliate, LIDS, MIT.

  • (From left) Prof. Christos Cassandras, Plenary Speaker Yasaman Khazaeni, CISE Director Ayse Coskun, and CGSW Student Organizers Mert Toslali, Zexin Sun, Jimmy Queeney and Zack Bezemek.

  • Over 150 people attended the day-long workshop. (Pictured BU Castle attendees.)

  • Eric Wendel presenting "Information processing in autonomous systems in uncertain environments".

  • (From left) Professors John Baillieul and Roberto Tron.

  • (From left) Zack Bezemek, Lanlan Liu, and Professors Konstantinos Spiliopoulos and Samuel Isaacson.

  • Zhiyu Zhang presenting "Optimal Comparator Adaptive Online Learning with Switching Cost"

  • Professor David Castañón (left) and Ayse Coskun (right)