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Summer 2013


Bringing Uproar to the Opera 

Bringing Uproar
to the Opera

“Postmillennial Mozart” composes alternative music for centuries-old instruments

Hairy Legs, Cat Chow & Back to the Future 

Hairy Legs, Cat Chow & Back to the Future

Ad legend Frank Ginsberg turns everyday products into household brands

Head Full of Dreams & a Trunkful of Puppets 

Head Full of Dreams & a Trunkful of Puppets

Fran Brill took an unexpected turn from Broadway to Sesame Street

CFA Collage

  1. Keyword: Resilience

    Keyword: Resilience

    Daring students, daring work
  2. Ready Minds

    Ready Minds

    An all-women troupe takes on Henry V
  3. On Broadway, Out of the Spotlight

    Out of the Spotlight

    From life-size robots to Lady Gaga
  4. Outside the Box

    Outside the Box

    Crafting cross-school relationships
  5. Channeling the Spirit of Verdi

    The Spirit of Verdi

    Charged performances mark Verdi’s birth
  6. Art at the Heart

    Art at the Heart

    Welcome to BU’s “inner creative realm”

Mixed Media

  1. Artist at Work

    Artist at Work

    Theatre, music, and visual arts in action
  2. Alumni news

    Alumni News

    What’s happening in the lives of alums
  3. Supporting CFA

    Supporting CFA

    An honor roll of CFA donors