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Spring 2017


Art Meant to Be Overlooked 

Art to Be Overlooked

Sculptor makes artificial eyes and facial prostheses

Standup Guy 

Stand-Up Guy

Baron Vaughn of Grace and Frankie uses comedy to dig deep

The Arts Importer 

The Arts Importer

Violinist brings orchestral music to the Middle East

CFA Collage

  1. Daria's Doors

    Daria’s Doors

    Student illustrates brownstone doors
  2. And the Tony Goes to…

    Tony Awards

    Alums conquer Broadway
  3. Redefining Their Fields

    Alumni Awards

    Actor producer, opera producer, graphic novelist
  4. Sparking Conversation


    Professor’s play takes on racism
  5. A BUTI-ful 50th

    A BUTI-ful 50th

    Tanglewood Institute’s anniversary
  6. Comm Ave to the Great White Way

    Smash Hits

    From Comm Ave to the Great White Way
  7. Medical Maestro

    Medical Maestro

    BU president emeritus writes an opera

Mixed Media

  1. Artist at Work

    Artist at Work

    Army conductor follows his own beat
  2. Leading Questions

    Leading Questions

    Tackling big issues in the arts
  3. In Memoriam

    In Memoriam

    Opera Institute founder Phyllis Curtin
  4. Alumni Connect

    Alumni Connect

    What’s happening in the lives of alums
  5. Supporting CFA

    Supporting CFA

    Thank you, donors