“Life Altering”

A Boston University Art Galleries exhibition explores race and racism, identity, and inequity of wealth and power

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Magical Worlds

Oscar-winning production designer Rick Heinrichs (’76) has overseen the creation of some of cinema’s most iconic places

Broadway Is Back

As casts and crews return to the stage, many productions want to flip the scripts—to right systemic wrongs

The Music Pioneer

Mari Kimura (’88) came to BU to study violin performance and left as an innovator at the intersection of art and technology

Solar Art

Laura Blacklow (’67) blends traditional photo techniques with modern messages to create the books in her Quarantine Project

A Note From Harvey

A Note from Harvey

Dean Young on the joys and challenges of reopening the arts

Banish the Butterflies

Pianist Matthew Xiong (’20) helps musicians overcome performance anxiety


Actor Emily Deschanel (98) and screenwriter Daria Polatin (’00) discuss collaborating on new Netflix show


A traditional Chinese instrument becomes a bridge between cultures for Wenzhuo Zhang (’15)

Inside the Industry

Kat Irannejad (’97) helps run a top women-owned creative agency

BU at Carnegie Hall

School of Music students took the stage at the renowned New York City performance venue