Latest COVID-19 Information

On Making Music and Parenting

Cellists Kendall Ramseur (’12) and Laura Metcalf (’04) talk about balancing work and parenthood during the pandemic

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True Life Drama

Grey’s Anatomy actor Kim Raver (91) discusses the hit show’s COVID-19 story line and honoring healthcare workers

Painting With Purpose

Painter Josué Rojas (15) represents his Latinx community with a unique voice

Play On

US music education is in a fragile space, but could emerge from COVID-19 more diverse, inclusive, and relevant than ever

Tactile Media

Designer Sarah Bassett’s (15) creative process includes the occasional cross-stitch and celebrity approval

A Note From Harvey

A Note from Harvey

Dean Young on gaining new perspectives during the pandemic


Elvis inspires Bonnie Discepolo’s (’03) short film about gender identity

Acting Dreams

Camaron Engels (’17) will appear in the Netflix series Clickbait

State of Art

Where does art dealer Arne Glimcher (61) see the art world headed?

Design Diversity

Stone Gallery exhibition highlights work of African American artists

Sound Bites

Uzo Aduba (’05) on representation in the entertainment industry