Thea Berthoff

Student Engagement Specialist

As Student Engagement Specialist, Thea Berthoff is responsible for ensuring student engagement by planning and implementing activities and creating a space where students feel connected and part of a community. She also develops programs that enhance the quality of the intercultural experience and language acquisition of CELOP students.

Prior to joining CELOP, Thea worked in sales roles at technology startups, including in educational technology. Before that, she served as an AmeriCorps Teaching Fellow in Boston, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Indonesia as a Teacher Trainer, and as a Teaching Assistant in France.

Thea holds a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature and Language from the University of Pittsburgh. She earned a minor in Linguistics and has studied Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia, French, German, and Arabic (Modern Standard and Egyptian Arabic), in addition to her Dutch background.

During college, Thea studied abroad in Egypt and France. She has also lived in Marseille, France and Bogor, Indonesia as part of her teaching experience.