Travel / Reimbursement

Faculty, Staff, and Postdoc Reimbursement

Faculty, postdocs, and employees should submit travel and expense reimbursements using the Concur system. Information and instructions can be found on the Travel Services website:


Student Reimbursement

Student expense reimbursement requests require a completed CELL-MET Student Expense Reimbursement Form be forwarded with receipts to Meghan Foley at Please copy your PI on all reimbursement requests and be sure to include account information at the bottom of the form.

When completing the report, the more information the better. Please explain any discrepancies or missing receipts. Clearly state the purpose of the trip and the destination. This will prevent delays in processing.

Please retain a copy of the submitted report and all receipts for your own records.


External Guest and Visitor Reimbursement

CELL-MET guests and visitors can have their authorized travel-related expenses reimbursed by submitting the CELL-MET External Expense Reimbursement Form to Meghan Foley at Please be sure to note your BU ERC Host at the bottom of the form so that expenses are correctly allocated.