Research Opportunities

Welcome to the NSF ERC CELL-MET Research Opportunities Section of our website. For students who are currently enrolled in the College of Engineering at BU, FIU, and UM, if you are interested in conducting research during the academic and/or summer months, please contact Helen Fawcett at to connect you with the appropriate faculty members.

In addition, CELL-MET offers research opportunities for students outside of our three main institutions (FIU, BU, and UM) through summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) opportunities. Participants work at all three institutions during the summer for up to 10 weeks of independent research related to the ERC.

The NSF CELL-MET ERC had two research experience programs during summer 2019. For the RET program, there was one participant at FIU and one at BU in the RET INM site who conducted research in a CELL-MET lab. There were two REU placements at each of the three partner institutions: BU, UM, and FIU. Photonics Center faculty member, Kamil Ekinci, also received an REU supplement that enabled us to place additional students at BU. For more information or interest in future REU/RET participation, please email