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The Quest for a Heart Attack Cure

“Our dream is to build a cure for heart attacks,” says David Bishop, a materials scientist and director of CELL-MET.  Read about the astounding progress coming out of the NSF CELL-MET ERC. Read more

New Miniature Heart Could Help Speed Heart Disease Cures

The interdisciplinary team at CELL-MET engineered a tiny living heart replica, nicknamed the miniPUMP. While no bigger than a US postage stamp, this device packs a punch. The team says the innovation will allow them to better analyze the impact of heart disease, and test the potential effectiveness and side effects of new treatments. Read […]

University Of Michigan Engineers Develop Nano-fibers Inspired By Polar Bear Fur, Gecko Feet.

Animal fur and gecko feet inspire new high-tech sticky and insulating surfaces. By Harry Pettit For Mailonline Published: 14:00 EST, 15 November 2018 High-tech carpets inspired by polar bear fur and gecko feet could lead to new sticky or insulating surfaces. Engineers have developed a cutting edge way to make arrays of nano-fibres inspired […]

Cost Effective 3-D Printing Techniques Aids in Advancing Materials Research for CELL-MET

At Florida International University, some exciting alteration to an extrusion type 3D printer may lead to a cost-effective methodology for building scaffolds for cardiac tissue growth. This past summer, Tony Thomas, a postdoctoral associate working on CELL-MET research led efforts along with undergraduate researcher Briana Canet, one of the FIU undergraduates participating as an NSF […]