Conversation, Health, Art, Technology (C.H.A.T)

C.H.A.T, which stands for Conversation, Health, Art, Technology, is a dedicated and compassionate resource group with the mission of creating a supportive community for individuals with aphasia. Our weekly sessions are designed to foster connections and share valuable insights, strategies, and stories among our members. CHAT is specifically tailored for individuals dealing with aphasia, offering a safe and welcoming environment for everyone affected by this condition. During our sessions, we provide essential resources such as information on aphasia awareness, relevant research studies, speech therapies, and technological assistance. The typical CHAT session is a blend of meaningful conversations, health-focused discussions, artistic expressions, and insights into some of the latest technological advancements for individuals with aphasia. To join our community and access these valuable resources, individuals can reach out to us through our contact channels, ensuring that CHAT remains an accessible and beneficial support system for those dealing with aphasia.

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Examples of Our Members’ Work:

Chris Scheaffer

Cindy Lam