Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008

Recent Advances in Our Understanding of the Whole Domain

Research in the past decade has produced significant improvements in understanding the physical processes within each of the Sun-Earth domains, and enabled cross-disciplinary progress in understanding the domain as a whole. Examples include:

SOHO EIT Solar Image for the "Bastille Day" Solar Flare

On 14 July 2000, solar Active Region 9077, in the northern solar hemisphere and just west (right) of the central meridian emitted an intense X-ray flare and large CME that was recorded by SOHO and GOES-8 and -10 as beginning just after 10:00 UT. Soon after, the ACE solar wind velocity sensor values increased rapidly and, about 11:30 UT went off scale. Optical sensors on each of the solar imaging satellites (Yohkoh, SOHO, and TRACE) were bombarded by energetic, hard-spectrum protons and heavier ions. The SOHO EIT image below, from 07:00:16 UT, shows the bright active region extending across the central meridian and to the right. This image is the first frame of a video sequence made available on the SOHO website for this event. It shows the dynamic changes until peak X-ray flare emission was reached at about 10:24 UT, and the solar image begins to be obscured by the arrival of relativistic ions around 11:00 UT.

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