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  • Student Profile

    A Sparkling Résumé

    With study abroad stints, multiple internships, volunteer posts—and now a pageant crown—to her credit, senior Annie Rupani is already a citizen of the world.

  • Alumni Profile

    The Bootblack, the President, and the Lawyer

    Chester Parasco's (CAS'47, LAW'47) colorful family has a long history with BU, beginning when his father shined President Daniel Marsh's shoes.

  • Alumni Profile

    First Responder

    Rear Admiral Christine Hunter (CAS'80, MED'80) takes charge, from directing emergency responses to a swine flu pandemic and a tsunami to developing nationally acclaimed programs for wounded military personnel.


Reflections of a Dean

In her "senior year" as Dean of Arts & Sciences, Gina Sapiro talks about what it takes to lead effectively, the College's advances over the last four years, and her vision of what's next for CAS/GRS.

Ideas to Write Home About

What defines the role and meaning of a house or home? Art Historian Kim Sichel gathers scholars from a range of fields to lend their perspectives.

Original Thinking

With the help of a Howard Hughes grant, Paul Lipton and his students have a new neuroscience lab to conduct hands-on brain research.

The Remarkable Wolfgang Amadè

Comprehensive and highly readable, Professor of Music Roye Wates's recently published book on Mozart is getting rave reviews.

Name That Tune

Neuroscientist Tim Gardner's research on how birds' brains encode song patterns could shed light on human brain function too.

Uneven Sacrifice

In the new book he's co-authored, political scientist Douglas Kriner establishes the facts and contributing factors of the war casualty gap between the rich and the poor.