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Spring 2009 | Number 21


  • Extreme Dig

    Extreme Dig

    In treks to Antarctica, geomorphologist David Marchant and his team of Arts & Sciences students have unearthed ancient secrets of a more temperate clime.

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  • Shark Defender

    Shark Defender

    Craig O’Connell (CAS’06) researches how sharks react to magnets in hopes of saving these storied fish from extinction.

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  • Shark Defender

    A Paragon of her Time

    The College Club of Boston commemorates Dean Elsbeth Melville (CAS’25),
    who imbued four decades of BU’s women students with self-confidence
    and leadership skills.

  • Shark Defender

    French Sisters

    Professor Elizabeth Goldsmith writes about the adventurous Mancini sisters of 17th-century France who abandoned their families for life on the road.


  • Total Immersion

    Alice Gomez (CAS’10) believes in taking full advantage of her student years at BU, studying at CAS and SED and playing lots of clarinet with the BU Marching Band.

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  • On the Right Track

    David Mundy (CAS’96) knows the best routes to good management and winning car races.

  • Punch Line

    My Boys’ Jamie Kaler (CAS’87) leaves ’em laughing with his TV roles and stand-up routines.

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