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  • A&S Insider

    A Physics Curveball

    Passionate baseball fan and physics doctoral student Alexander Petersen (GRS'11) and his colleagues "detrend" baseball stats to reveal who really are the best players of all time.

  • A&S Insider

    Location, Vocation

    Steve Jarvi (SED'81), the new CAS Associate Dean for Student Academic Life, previews the array of services that students will find under one roof at the East Campus Center for Student Services to be constructed on campus just outside Kenmore Square.

  • Alumni Profile

    Stories Under Glass

    Curator Clara Drummond (GRS'02, '04) sparks visitors' curiosity by taking a fresh approach in her Jane Austen show at The Morgan Library & Museum in Manhattan.

  • Alumni Profile

    The Advocate and the Activist

    Alex MacDonald (CAS'72) recalls his former faculty mentor, the late Howard Zinn, and how his professor's activist principles have profoundly influenced his law career and life.

  • web exclusive

    Wolof Anyone?

    All members of the BU community can now learn any of eight U.S. government-designated critical languages—Arabic, Chinese, Dari/Tajik, Hausa, IsiXhosa, Russian, Turkish, and Wolof—on a drop-in, informal, user-friendly basis.