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Prayer Is Back

Students talk about why they pray

Bracing for the Storms

As a looming wave of space storms threatens to wreak havoc, BU researchers are building the first line of defense

Sex, Crime & Videotape

A filmmaker wins praise for a high-minded perspective at low-budget art

Putting the M in MTV

Rock clubs and boardrooms are part of a long day's work for Amy Doyle (COM'92)

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

Student ID

Acting major Laura Princiotta (CFA'08) looks forward to a life in New York

President Brown Launches $1.8 Billion Strategic Plan

Efforts will improve facilities, expand research, step up faculty recruitment

The Accidental Messenger

CAS prof finds oldest known rendering of Maya creation myth

Martin Luther King, Jr., Inventory to Go Online

Mellon grant to Gotlieb Center expands access to history of civil rights movement

Pressing for a Championship

Women's basketball team is ready for conference action

In the Temple of High-Nosed Ghosts

Unlike the author, the hero of Ha Jin's latest novel sacrifices much to live in the United States

Going with the Force

Anthro course examines the strange attraction of gurus, dictators, and lovers

Table Of Contents: Explorations

The Search for the Missing Ice Age

Tiny shells on the ocean floor hold the answer to an ancient climate conundrum

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Love Is in the Air

New pheromone pathway found in brains of mice

Signs of Hope

Video dictionary will simplify learning sign language

Why They Hate Us: The Long Answer

Husain Haqqani explores the roots of Muslim instability

Table Of Contents: Perspectives

The Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do

A philosopher tackles the ethical conundrum of forgiveness

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Fly-fishing and Fatherhood

A new book by Lou Ureneck recounts an extreme fishing experience intended to mend relations with his son

Table Of Contents: Alumni Books And Reviews

Doing the Math

A new book counts on sports geeks' fascination with numbers

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

The $35 Million Man

Terrier hockey star Chris Drury (CAS'98) is at home with the New York Rangers

Drive-by Painting

Hannah Cole (CFA'05) takes a fresh look out the windshield

Top of the Pops

Life's a treat for Freezepop singer Jussi Gamache (CFA'94,'00)