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Laura Princiotta (CFA'08) of San Ramon, California. Photo by Vernon Doucette

Name: Laura Princiotta
Age: 21
School: CFA'08
Major: Acting
Hometown: San Ramon, California

How did you get into acting?
When I was eight I started to do shows in grade school and then moved from Maine to California. I acted through high school and got involved in regional and professional theaters in the area before coming to BU.

Where do you live?
I live off campus, across from the Shaw's on Comm. Ave. — my bedroom is in Brookline, my kitchen is in Boston.

Do you cook your own food?
I cook all the time. My roommates and I make casseroles and freeze them if we're going to have a busy week. But baking and cake decorating are even more fun. We're very domestic college students!

What role are you preparing now?
We're opening the comedy Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, set at a wedding reception. I play Meredith. She's twenty-two, lives in Tennessee, and is stuck in an environment she hates. And she is very public with the way she acts. She's rebellious, and she doesn't try to hide anything. It's fun having the license to go crazy, let her hit her high notes. She goes up and down through the entire play. It's a role I've enjoyed growing into, because she takes a lot of risks.

Which first after graduation: New York or L.A.?
I'm leaning toward New York. At this point in my life, it's my type of environment: the flexibility to do theater as well as on-camera work. I also just love being there.

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