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Benny and Josh Make Movies

Extraordinary films about ordinary lives propel the Safdie brothers from COM to Cannes

Sounds of Silence

BU scientists are helping a paralyzed man utter his first words in ten years

One Nation, Under Gods

Paula Fredriksen argues that the pluralism of ancient times trumps the tolerance of today

Cyberbullying Goes to College

For those on the sharp end of online harassment, campus life can be a virtual hell

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

Bringing Hope to Zambian Mothers

Training of birth attendants intended to reduce high infant mortality rate

The 800 Club

Hockey’s Jack Parker gets 800th victory in January

BU’s Outdoor Education Campus to Close

New Hampshire Sargent Center ends programs in August

Painting the Wilds

CFA professor hosts a summer retreat in the woods of Maine

BU to Create Free Archive of Faculty Research

University Council approves open access plan

Capitol Gains

Many members of the BU community have been tapped by the new president

Your Money, Your Move

The next generation of wage earners learns how to watch the bottom line

Poetry to the People

Elizabeth Alexander (GRS’87) sees hope in a president who reads poetry

Terriers Claim Beanpot

BU beats Northeastern 5-2 in final at Garden

Sargent Choice Cooking

Sea scallops are the star of chef Walter Dunphy’s spring menu

Drilling for Energy

Geothermal system to heat Comm. Ave. building

“Not the End of the Struggle, but an Opening”

Paul Farmer draws record crowd to MLK Day remarks

Obama's Call Is a BU Tradition

A sorority supports needy children in China and cures for breast cancer

Gulf Trip Celebrates BU Excellence

Graduates from six nations inaugurate BU Alumni Association of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Two Top Executives Named to BU Boards

Christine Poon joins trustees, Lucy Halperin joins overseers

Associate Provost for Graduate Medical Sciences Named

Linda Hyman to join MED on July 1

Training Whistle-Blowers and Watchdogs

COM, Boston media collaborate on a center for investigative reporting

Table Of Contents: Explorations

Not Just Child’s Play

Study suggests new playgrounds build better math students

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Gulf War Syndrome Gets Real

BU experts evaluate the science for landmark federal report

Of Maize and Malaria

In Africa, a robust new breed of maize yields a deadly new breed of mosquitoes

Table Of Contents: Perspectives

Unholy Spirits

The author of a new book on nightmares talks about monsters, demons, and the fragility of the self

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Should Universities and Newspapers Get Married?

Three experts talk about a world where colleges offer to pick up the tab

Table Of Contents: Alumni Books And Reviews

Characters Come First

Roland Merullo talks about his latest novel

Comfortably Isolated

In Midge Raymond’s short stories, women seek geographic and emotional isolation

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

His Old House

Kevin O’Connor went from bank exec to home improvement host

Celebrating Milestones

Richard Steckel’s photographs of children around the world capture small moments and common experiences

Alumni Accept Awards

Recipients are a state treasurer, a former journalist, a businessman, and a health advocate

Winterfest 2009

Annual celebration features classes, cooking, and Terrier sports

Table Of Contents: Obituaries

“A Musical Contrarian”

Lukas Foss, a CFA professor of music, challenged his students and his audience

A Pioneer in Space Science, an Acclaimed Street Photographer

Jules Aarons, a CAS research professor emeritus, is remembered for his research and his city scenes