Daniel Segrè

Professor BME, Bioinformatics, Biology, MSE

  • Title Professor BME, Bioinformatics, Biology, MSE
  • Phone (617) 358-2301
  • Education Ph.D., Life Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science
    M.Sc., Physics, University of Trieste

Daniel Segrè is interested in studying the evolutionary dynamics of biological networks, including the interplay between response to genetic and environmental perturbations, genomic-level functional organization and optimal adaptation. The Segrè research group aim to develop constraint-based models to study the regulatory and evolutionary dynamics of metabolic network across different organisms, cell types and interacting cell populations.

Research Areas

  • Regulation of metabolism including the interplay between metabolic and regulatory networks in the cell, from individual reactions up to genome-scale networks.
  • Natural and synthetic ecology of microbes. Approaches include mathematical models and metagenomic sequencing, which help with the understanding and prediction of microbial interactions mediated by metabolism.
  • Epistasis and evolution. The effects of genetic perturbation depend on the presence of prior perturbations, which is epistasis. The Segrè group use both computational models and experiments to study how epistasis affects the phenotype-phenotype mapping and the dynamics of evolutionary adaptation.

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