Free Download of Textbook

From Nothing to Everything: The Story of Our Universe

by Alan P. Marscher

Professor of Astronomy, Boston University

2019 by Alan P. Marscher  

All chapters and appendices (pdf format) in zip format (17 MB)

Disclaimer: Many of the illustrations in the book are from sources that are publicly available on the Worldwide Web. I have included the URL in every case where I could find the source. If I have inadvertently used a copyright-protected illustration without appropriate credit, please bring this to my attention along with a specification of how to use the illustration properly (or not at all).

Instructors: If you use this book for your course, please let me know with an email so that I can keep a record of where it is being used. You can also download the Word files, in case you would like to add your own content or subtract some of mine. The Word files are in .docx format, made with Word2016 for Macs).