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There are 381 comments on BU Historian Answers: Are We Headed for Another Civil War?

  1. Another biased story. How come she only cites violence by one side while the great majority of violence is coming from the left? Witness attacks on conservative speakers on college campuses or the bias of colleges having left-wing graduation speakers? The great divide was caused by Obama and he set back racial relations by 50 years. President Trump is saying things that the establishment doesn’t want to hear but must be addressed.

    1. What evidence is there to support your claim that President Obama caused racial relations to be set back by 50 years? -Or that the great majority of violence is coming from the political left? My assumption is that your observations are every bit as biased as your claims against the writer of this piece. Lord help us all.

          1. In my opinion it is THE LEFT which is pushing us to civil war. and this began when they started to believe in “PC’ and “Hate Speech.” Freedom of expression is our most precious freedom. And the Democrats today do not want it,

          2. Don’t you see what you just did? The OP complained about two things. 1) citing only one side’s violent act while omitting the other side’s more numerous violent acts. 2) That Obama’s presidency resulted in greater racial divisions.

            You ignored the substantive point the OP made in 1 which was true and germane. Then when you challenged him on (only) 2 and he offered his reasons, you just dismissed not just his rebuttal, but also implicitly the work of all the people that went into all those polls. You unilaterally declared that his sources were “right wing’ and therefore invalid. I am sure you recognize your argument as a logically fallacy called “attacking the messenger”. The question is never- “who said this?” ; the question is “is it true?”. There are numerous polls and of course recent event, that say it is true.

            The problem we’re facing is people, even BU professors, are having their objectivity and rationality overwhelmed (if they ever had any, this is my first encounter with this professor). No one is hanging onto the rational, skeptical, non-partisan, objective parts of their minds; everyone but everyone is succumbing to partisan, uncompromising “thinking”.

            It has to stop. You have to stop it in yourself, the prof. who wrote this article has to see it in his/her self and I strive to see it in myself.

            The nation is in a fever and the weak as buckling and breaking into extremist positions and thoughts. We cannot allow that to happen to this nation and to prevent it we must first check it in ourselves.

            The people protesting have a point, but they’re not making it. Instead they’ve been hijacked and perhaps created by a left-Marxist totalitarian insurgency that, yes, it determined to destroy Western civilization.

            The people on the right need to consider the totality of the effects of the school-to-prison pipeline the policioes of the 90s era Clinton-Bush put into place that made tens of millions of people unemployable owing to criminal records. It’s not *really* about how many unarmed black people were shot in any given year.

            The people on the left have to face the fact that the culture of indifference and even contempt towards learning and studying compounds with glorification of a criminal lifestyle, as embodied in rap lyrics and youth culture, damns those who buy into it into a lifetime of invovment with the criminal justice system.

            The people on the left have to face the fact that social welfare systems of the Johnson administration have decimated the family structure of the black community and the greed-oriented outsourcing of our factories to China led by white Republican bankers and billionaires has given them all thrid homes and private islands at the expense of the lives of black and white people of limited skills.

            The people on the left have to face the fact that mass immigration has displaced black people from multiple avenues which would have led them to small business ownership and good, medium-skill-based jobs.

            The people on the right have to realize that by blindly supporting Republicans year over year, they have enabled them to decimate and hollow out this nation’s and their own prosperity via H1B et. al. visa programs, factory outsourcing and “free trade”.

            The universities have to admit that the literal indentured servitude of unbankruptable student loans has created a generation of youong people who have no hope of buying a house, starting a family, or accumulating wealth through labor and that this is a large part of who is in the streets today.

            We need to break the banks / university / media / prison / welfare / big tech systems . These have captured our lawmaking apparatus and redirected all generated wealth into their own hands.

            Over time systems learn and become more expert as extracting welath from the environment. What we have are an entire series of systems whose wealth extraction abilities have crushed literally everyone else. People’s lives and opportunities have been being destroyed for 50 years and more by a class of predators who will not quit, will notr leave the stage, and will not think of anything except their own power.

            These institutions and individuals need to be confronted and neutralized through democratric, lawful means.

            We’re all suffering from extremists. That fills us with the impulse to respond in kind. We cannot give into that impulse. The left and the right , blacks and white have everything in common. We could see that except that the elite’s media prefers that we be at each other’s throats.

            Reject extremism and extremists, who are a persistent minority in any society, and reject the railroading narratives of the mainstream media who are turning uis against each other. We cna talk to and with each other like rational adults outside of their framework.

          3. Regardless of the context of this response , my quibble comes from your saying the Heritage is a right-wing entity , therefore, unreliable. I take it that you are saying that comments can’t be reliable unless they are presented by the Left-wing-media!
            This is such an honest assertion from a member of the Left. Thank you for demonstrating your extreme bias/bigotry! Amazing…‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

          4. Unfortunately, I have researched Alex Jones. He is not right wing. You democrats loved him when he went after George Bush? Alex Jones is very credible. I hate to tell you. The truth is not often popular, butat end of the day its the truth

        1. Whether those numbers are exaggerated or not, there was a very real percentage of the population who would agree with that. Personally, I feel in ways America demonstrated it is mostly a post-racial society, and in ways the race card was played very adeptly by America’s first biracial president.

        2. And just how did Obama do that. It’s the racist ass people in this country that’s making racism front and center. But it’s always easier to blame the black man. You people just don’t stop.

          1. that’s all the republicans do is twist words,blame everything on past.I getting were I hate the republicans,and I am white.I know one tooth white people living in shacks,no heat nothing but support the rich people that laugh at them. The level of bull going on in washington,is crazy. I always thought politician were smarter than this,it has showed me anyone with a mouth and money can do anything.

          2. Racism exists on every side. Victim mentality is a major issue within the U.S. and it also exist on every side. As well we have the younger generations that battle with their sense of overwhelming entitlement. The poorest of poor people within our great country are rich in comparison to these socialist ran third world countries. Americans should really step back for a moment and really think about the fact that WE ALL are blessed to live in the greatest country in the world (even at our worst moments). If folks here cannot agree with that then, by God, give one of the other countries a try. They would be begging to come back.

          3. How did Obama do that? He didn’t. And no one can point to anything he did that would substantiate that claim. His crime was being a black man stepping into the shoes of a historically white position. Many whites feel that equal rights means that they end up losing something. And they do. Privilege. They hold Obama accountable for their loss of privilege. But wait … white privilege still abounds! Yep. Just the *perception* of this loss of privilege is enough to declare Obama responsible for race division. And this perception was the only invitation a man like Trump needed. Trump will continue to be accepted and lauded, regardless of his boundless narcissism, stupidity, and ego, simply because he stands for that idealistic privilege people think they have lost. In his name they can bring out their guns, wave their flags, and hold up their misspelled signs. They can keep their lack of education and low paying jobs and STILL have the ability to feel “better than” someone else of a different race who is in the same position they are.

            But you know what they don’t count on? The fact that NOT all whites feel the same way they do. That we actually prefer an intelligent, well spoken, thoughtful black man to a white bigot. We see right through your racial slurs designed to be “jokes”. We SEE how afraid you are that an immigrant might take your job because you never took it upon yourself to have more than a 9th grade education, and they have. You need your guns because you can’t defend yourselves in any other way. You are lazy, entitled, and it shows. It’s time to stand up, brush yourself off, and think about change. The world is moving on.

          4. ok bud. So george floyd dies and no every problem the black community has is blamed on whites. So accusing a race of people for problems they had no hand in doing. Thata racist and sounds alot like a hilter tactic. Hhhhmmm

          5. Please look up the word. Demagogue and see if that is who Donald Trump is and wants too continue envoling into. His power over this Country is fed by this divide. Look at USA HISTORY on who these people were. Look up the word on. WIKIPEDIA and learn from History.

          6. Dear “Trish” from APRIL 25, 2020 AT 11:18 AM,

            It’s people like you who truly scare me. For someone as woke as you believe yourself to be it’s mind blowing that you cannot detect the abundant hypocrisy exhibited throughout your rant. I hope someday you are able to let go of your victimized mindset.

          7. The left is like that spoiled kid who doesn’t get his way and throws a tantrum.

            It shows how delusional the left has become when a white liberal calls a black conservative racist or Uncle Tom because he has different views.

            White liberals are a joke. Even black liberals are in shock at the way their white counterparts behave.

            You know you have a problem when a group of people are so brainwashed that they can’t for a moment even consider others views.

            Conservatives don’t hate liberals because of there ideals,. Yet liberals hate anyone, even those they claim to defend if that group of people think differently.

            The liberal motto is: Do as I say, not as I do.

          8. President Obama never used the race card because of his ethnicity, people looking to ostracize their opponents use it when they have no valid point of view, in other words when they are losing the argument. I did notice a left leaning biased approach to this piece, but just because she only mentioned one side of the coin doesn’t mean her overall point is not spot on, if there is a civil war on our horizon and I hope to god there isn’t because violence and hatred only ends one way. When one side or the other is completely removed from existence.. racism is a real thing systemic racism is a real thing.. but most people don’t see the facts, they only see their side of the discussion.
            So who are the real victims? The people who are forced to live in a system that locks them into a life with no escape. But wait.. those are just the ones we can plainly see.. what about the police and first responders that are tasked with protecting and serving? Exactly how are you supposed to protect and serve a community that has been created to deny the American Dream to its citizens? The real question is who created this environment and on a deeper level why would they create it? I honestly believe it was created by people with good intentions of helping those less fortunate, but it has been transformed into a power bloc to keep and maintain power by those looking to keep power for themselves look at the person not the people

          9. Stop, stop and read what you just said. There has been nothing but open conversation on this platform up until you came in like an irrational child and started knocking over desks. THIS is why we are headed towards conflict. Because people anymore have STOPPED LISTENING to what some one has to say they already think they know what is going to come spewing out of the other persons mouth before the person says it. Also no one had used any profanity until you came in, why is that? Why can’t you make a statement without articulating it in a manner thats doesn’t need to use profanity? Granted there was very biased sides to the conversation before this but a conversation was still being had.

        3. Civil war? Naah. Most Americans are just too apathetic, lazy and out of shape for that. We had two very different candidates during the last election, and such a huge chunk of the population didn’t bother voting. I guess they didn’t want to miss TV. We’d have to get off our fat, lazy, apathetic butts and actually do something to have another civil war. Ain’t gonna happen!

          1. Where I agree with your statement mostly, I disagree that the fact Americans are lazy, both physically and intellectually, I dont think that prevents us from a civil war. It would only take a moderate percentage of people to take action. If the many right winged terrorists groups actually grouped together they could begin a significant armed stand-off . This actions could embolden others or bring in some moderates. Even if the percentage of the lazy and apathetic dont make a move they would be an opposition from somewhere on the left winged radical movement no matter, if it is ultimately ineffective.

          2. So you think all white Americans are going to fight for hate. Just because you think I’m white so I must be on that side. I’ll be fighting on the side that has been treated like they are animals. They are not. They are smart loving human beings. The haters should be sent back to the swamp for good.

          3. This is exactly right. The conservatives just want to play with their harleys, the lefties just want to eat their impossible whoppers. Absolutely no one is stepping up to lead, fund, or organize military.

            It’s similar to the civil rights movement. And the funniest thing is, the leftists of then are the boomers sitting there calling everyone else out. Valid point you got, sir.

        4. You are correct, Jeffrey. But not in the way you intended. Obama did indeed cause tensions in racial relations but not by his actions or behavior but rather by the very fact of his existence as the POTUS. This very fact was a red rag for rightwing that, in turn, transformed into increased extremist tendencies on the right.

          1. @woland you are absolutely correct! A bi-racial man in the “White House” was enough for many. I remember the comments from some republicans that he was filling the house with his “thugs” jeez how many of them have gotten prison time? This President has done nothing but fuel the division in this country and is using it to stay in office. He does not care a lick about anyone but himself and his ego, money and power. He has and is a disgrace to this country and the world. Some of you out there be careful what you wish for, history tends to repeat itself and most of the time not in a good way!

          2. Bull shit. Obama just another politician out of one of the most corrupt political machines in the country. Why is it that these racist police departments are in cities dominated by the Democratic machine for generations? They don’t care. Just want your vote. And more importantly your money.That holds true for both parties.civil war not much of a party. All suffer. Read your history.

        5. Why don’t you post a more credible source like a non-partisan survey instead of the one you did? It doesn’t help your case at all.

        6. After viewing the link that you provided, and then researching its author, I must ask you if any other articles exist in regards to how Americans view our country’s civil relationships?

        7. This is more a response to mr.Locke (interesting name). 1) Far-right terrorism has outpaced terrorism from any other source at least in the United States.
          1.5) The heritage foundation is a well known conservative think tank, their purpose is to push conservative policies, and the source cited was not a study, instead, it was political commentary.
          2) As for the Obama presidency, there was most certainly an increase in racial tensions, however much of the tension was already exhistant being revealed by the election of Obama.
          3) As for your rationality, I might point out the myriad of dog whistles located within your own reply. For reference see the use of culture as a replacement label for skin tone. However even soo, many of the points you’ve made about corporate elites are correct. Your stance on immigration is not. The cause of racial disparity in this nation is several generations of suppression, as well as economic targeting. As for why Black culture tends to hold up crimes, it very well might be that that was the only avenue many young black people had seeing as how badly the police and government treated them. If your own country hated you, would you be patriotic? As for your view of totalitarian Marxist insurgency, there isn’t much evidence I’ve seen of such a thing existing. However, I have seen a significant amount of evidence supporting policy being full of white supremacists. If you are curious as to why there seems to be so much Marxist sentiment around you may wanna look into the abuses of capitalism, or maybe the propensity of markets to monopolize.
          4)Back to the immigrants, at least currently the rate of immigration is probably lower than you think. Not to mention that immigrants tend to improve the economy and also commit fewer crimes than the general populace.
          5)Breaking systems- I agree with you on what systems need to be broken except for welfare. Welfare is a problem in the nation, however, it is a problem of corporate welfare, as for human welfare, The US has some of the smallest and weakest systems of any advanced nation. In contrast there oddly enough seams to be a correlation between human welfare and happiness.
          As a whole, your comment seems well thought out, however the sources it draws from seem to be odd. To someone who holds fascism as a political ideology, you would be a left-leaning individual, despite drawing from a very fascist-leaning information base. I am not using fascism as a political slur, instead, I am stating it from the position that the outgroup your information base points to is the poor and immigrant populations, despite preaching anti-elitist(anti-wealthy) sentiment.

        8. That’s a big fat lie about Obama making race relations worse instead of better! Where’s the proof. Being black himself, is totally impossible. Don’t believe everything you read negatively about President Obama. Historians will judge him among the best presidents.

          1. Totally agree I put Obama right up there with Roosevelt even Lincoln I think he’ll be judged as one of the best presidents this country has ever had

        9. You’re freaking quoting the heritage foundation which is extremely bias they’re extreme right-wing holy Christ we’re in trouble we have a psychopath for a president who only knows how to lie who seems to think 200,000 dead is perfectly okay considering there was a few reports that said were looking at two million dead what hey the virus isn’t over it’s still killing people so we may reach that 2 million not to mention that he thinks people that join the military and serve are idiots and if they should get injured they become losers and for some reason Trump supporters refuse to see this it’s like they put blinders on there’s something wrong with them I don’t understand why they’re not paying attention to what he’s doing

        1. You still have not introduced one thing President Obama did that caused racial tension other than just being a black man. If that is what he did, then it shows who the racists really are. As if we don´t all already know.

          1. How about when he proclaimed that Travon “could be my son” or getting involved in racial tensions occurring in the US where no other President before him got involved in local politics. He sent in the AG’s office to investigate community affairs. And, his wife was even worse at racial divide. She still is.

          2. Obama’s first-term caution on race matters was punctured by his controversial remarks that police “acted stupidly” in the mistaken identity arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., Harvard University’s prominent African American studies professor, in 2009. Four years later he entered the breach once more by proclaiming that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon.”

            In the aftermath of racial unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, and a racially motivated massacre in Charleston, S.C., Obama went further. In 2015, Obama found his voice in a series of stirring speeches in Selma, Ala., and Charleston, where he acknowledged America’s long and continuous history of racial injustice.

            Policy-wise Obama has launched a private philanthropic effort, My Brother’s Keeper, designed to assist low-income black boys, and became the first president to visit a federal prison in a call for prison reform that foreshadowed the administration’s efforts to release federal inmates facing long sentences on relatively minor drug charges.

            Despite these efforts, many of Obama’s African American supporters have expressed profound disappointment over the president’s refusal to forcefully pursue racial and economic justice policies for his most loyal political constituency.

            From this perspective, the Obama presidency has played out as a cruel joke on members of the African American community who, despite providing indispensable votes, critical support and unstinting loyalty, find themselves largely shut out from the nation’s post-Great Recession economic recovery. Blacks have, critics suggested, traded away substantive policy demands for the largely symbolic psychological and emotional victory of having a black president and first family in the White House for eight years.

        1. OMG are you serious. It comes down to this Being a police officer is a very dangerous job. Sometimes they have to make split second decisions. Self preservation will always kick in.
          You do what an officer tells you. You don’t argue, you don’t debate..The police are in charge.


          The push to do away with the police and our guns is a terrible idea. They do away with Police who are you going to call when you need help..What do they replace the police with?
          When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns!

      1. The last year of Obama blantantly siding with Michael Brown when the evidence clearly showed
        and the Grand Jury of Brown’s peers acquitting the white officer will someday be seen as the racial divide that lead to Donal Trump’s preidency.Trying to force public schools to take on the LBQT issues
        as ground work for leftist political calling anyone who disagreedvwith them as homophobes,zenophobes created division that was blessed by Obama.He was elected by the vast majority of white people and he alone created racial division that was always teetering at the brink.Making dispariging remarks about his white grandparents who moved him to Hawaii to escape
        Kansas deep seated raciam forgetting that thses people and his mother raised him while his black father abandoned him.You must truly believe that the majority of white America is stupid and uneducated.

        1. It seems like 2016 made everybody instant political pundits. What all of a sudden people have internet access and they think they are now the smartest people in the world? ready to take on anyone politically regarding the past all safe in their knowledge that if someone throws them a fastball they can simply flip over and pull up a Wikipedia article to verse themselves, so they can turn around and throw their newly learned information back at them with the delivery that they believe sounds like it comes from their very wise and astutely formed intellect? It’s hilarious because it is happening on both sides in nearly every one of these’conversations’ and the only thing being achieved is the self-satisfied illusion that all of this somehow makes your argument sound more interesting or more intelligent… to someone. What is astonishing however is how disillusioned these arguments are, how completely devoid of reality and how fatalistic in tone it is, and how abstract the subject matter sounds when it is anything BUT. The accusations on each side, the hatred, and the desire to prove the other to be inhuman enough for the other to not feel bad for violating their own values regarding respecting others. The blame being hurled reveals another sad truth to all of this and that is that these people whom you are trying to attach all possible evil you can imagine are in fact your fellow countrymen and the past that you both seem eager to ascribe to the other is a shared past, as it is the history of our country! from the tone set here it sounds like the majority of you have already given up on your fellow countrymen because they don’t see things the same as you do and it seems you have abandoned any future that could be possibly imagined without the eradication of those dissenting voices! That is ANTI-AMERICAN! Because that’s is the point, Have you all forgotten? The greatest thing about this country is that we all don’t have to agree with one another, we aren’t supposed to see things the same, but we can still be grateful for each other’s input! Because an American would never dream of trying to shut down or silence anyone because in America we are all free to disagree!

          1. You nailed it Brandon. The sad part is that a majority of these people partaking in all this sensationalism and partisan hatred would agree on 70% of the issues. Both sides just keep sucking the teet of their preferred media outlet And get stuck in the Blackhole of misinformation polarization. It’s kind of absurd for someone to use hate speech to condemn someone they think is racist, right?? Where is the logic in these stupid debaucles? Maybe people should try thinking constructively with unity and focus to try and work out some of these issues. The left would be no good without the right and vice versa, it’s the very reason the founders set it up that way. Both sides should welcome new ideas, solutions, and methodologies. But the stupid back and forth rhetoric and thoughtless ‘got ya’ schemes need to stop from both sides if we are going to continue to be the best country in the world. We really got to stop acting like two school aged siblings in the back of a car on a 13 hr drive to Disneyworld. We have many pressing issues to tackle and the only way to tackle them are ‘together’. This country didn’t become great because we were a narrow minded people who always agreed. No, we are a diverse, forward thinking people who have hurdled every obstacle thrown at us with flying colors. So please can we remember who we are and try to rid our culture from all the divisive, irrational, and unproductive behavior and make some progress. Geeez!!! Oh and for the record journalists who write stupid articles like this one that do not provide anything positive whatsoever should think about changing professions bc it’s rhetoric like this article that fuels the divide we have now…

        2. Your comment sounds the same as every other racist comment against Obama,verbatim! You bring nothing intelligent to the table about how his presidency, his policies, his work brought on racism.
          The color of his skin perhaps has brought out the ugly truth that lives in us all for we all fall short of the glory…the truth that we will always have something in us that will always bring us pleasure when we show discrimination against some one or some thing. We need to feel superior, we need to hurt others to make ourselves feel better about it own being. We hate seeing others doing better than ourselves because we are so self-centered. So when we see an intelligent, well spoken human being that happens to be a darker shade than white and who happens to be the president of the United States and we compare him to our lowly shells of Buna beings, that’s it, gloves off…time to bring him down. They did the same thing to Jesus Christ didn’t they? The pharasies didn’t like that the idea that He was gaining followers, that people were being drawn to His word, they were following Him like sheep. And the thing of it was that there was nothing about His outward appearance that attracted people to Him according to the Word, it was just the way He was towards people that they wanted to learn more about Him. But just like today, people who claim to follow Christ are actually the first ones to cast the first stones with trump leaving the way just because Obams skin is dark. trump just makes it ok to openly start showing our true colors.

          I personally think we are there at the time of the birthpains where it is written about the time just before the end, when things start really hurting,when things get really bad all around us. It won’t get better. Read about it if you don’t believe me…the book of Daniel…the part about when the rock crushes the feet of the statue. The feet are made out of iron and clay…the elements don’t mix their separate…it represents our time today, nations will try to come together but they never will just like the iron and clay…that rock that crushes the feet represents His kingdom that will do away with all of this as we know it only to be replaced with something far greater than what we’ve built…
          one you study Daniel then you can understand Revelation (unveiling). It’s not too late

          1. Which ever side of the fence your on ,each has a believe or opinion just because it’s not your opinion doesn’t mean attach your a rasist very few people are rasist many are biases or prejudice for his or her personal reasons most the time our prejudice come from experiencing hateful people on both sides of fence if we can’t address these issues without burning our cities down we’re all doomed the far majority of Americans white,black,brown,red love our country we have a small group of fools hell bent on destroying what we have and if we choose far right or far left it’s over wake up and do the right thing Americans.

          2. Seriously comparing President Obama to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? That’s a little bit ridiculous, there is no human being, I don’t care who they are, that can ever be compared to Jesus. You can say whatever you want about me. I didn’t vote for President Obama and wasn’t because he was black it’s because of his politics. If Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina ran for President I’d vote for him. I’ve heard him speak and I agree with his politics and btw he’s a black Senator. People use tell me I was racist because I didn’t vote for President Obama, and I was sexist because I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and now you got Joe Biden saying to a black talk show host if you don’t vote for me you’re not black. The media is now calling people who don’t vote for Kamala Harris racists and sexists. People are being attacked for wearing anything Pro Trump one guy was even shot in the head and killed for it and he was a black older gentleman who was a business owner. Things are getting out of and and will only get worse as it gets closer to the election. Mark my words if President Trump gets reelected there will be a civil war. The NYT had an oped saying that if Trump gets reelected that the states that Biden won will secede from the Union. Look it up, the left is war gaming a way to get Trump out of office. Biden said the military will do it Pelosi said she’s met with COG, continuity of government, and said she’s 2nd in line to be President. Those were her own words played on national TV on CNN,ABC,CBS,MSNBC. If you don’t believe any of this stuff look it up. Oh and one last thing why isn’t President Obama, Joe Biden or any of the Democrats coming out and condoning the violence and looting?

          3. So you understand Revelations then? Just as easy as opening a book for you is it? Do us a favor and enlighten us, o thou savior of modern man.

      2. Do you walk with your eyes open? How can you deny all the political violence from the left? Ever since they lost the election they’ve been defacing and damaging property of others.

        1. I have not seen any violence from the left … Where is this violence that you see.

          I see much much more hatred and intolerance coming from the right

          1. Let me refresh your memory: “On June 14, 2017, during a practice session for the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in Alexandria, Virginia, James Hodgkinson shot U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, U.S. Capitol Police officer Crystal Griner, congressional aide Zack Barth, and lobbyist Matt Mika. A ten-minute shootout took place between Hodgkinson and officers from the Capitol and Alexandria Police before officers fatally shot Hodgkinson, who died from his wounds later that day at the George Washington University Hospital.[7][8] Scalise and Mika were taken to nearby hospitals where they underwent surgery.[9]

            Hodgkinson was a left-wing activist[10][11] from Belleville, Illinois, while Scalise was a Republican member of Congress. The Virginia Attorney General concluded Hodgkinson’s attack was “an act of terrorism…fueled by rage against Republican legislators”.

          2. Right wing extremism is a much larger problem than left wing extremism:

            “A 2019 report found that 50 people in the United States were killed in murders by domestic extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides) during the previous year. Of these killings, 78% were perpetrated by white supremacists, 16% by anti-government extremists, 4% by “incel” extremists, and 2% by domestic Islamist extremists.[84] Over the broader 2009 to 2018 time period, there were a total of 313 people in the United States killed by right-wing extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides), of which 76% were committed by white supremacists, 19% by anti-government extremists (including those affiliated with the militia, “sovereign citizen,” tax protester, and “Patriot” movements), 3% by “incel” extremists, 1% by anti-abortion extremists, and 1% by other right-wing extremists.[84]

            New America’s tally shows that 112 people have been killed in right-wing extremist attacks since 11 September 2001.

            A report in The Washington Post, published on November 25, 2018, showed violent right-wing-related incidents up, and left-wing-related incidents down. Total domestic terrorism incidents was down to 41 in 2001, from a high of 468 in 1970, but then went up to 65 in 2017. Of those 65 events in 2017, 36 were right-wing-related (with 11 fatalities), 10 were left-wing-related (with 6 fatalities), 7 were related to Islamist extremism (with 16 fatalities), and 12, including the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, were categorized as “Other/Unknown” (with 62 fatalities, including 58 from the Las Vegas incident). The report found that 2018 was a particularly deadly year, with 11 people dying in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, 2 others in an incident in Kentucky, and two more in a shooting in Tallasshee. All three incidents were right-wing related.[87]”

        2. Mike, your quite right, but the complexity involved in “information dominance” is what is covering their ploy. Of course when you understand right and wrong in an unbiased mindset, you learn very quickly there is no left or right. There is only a two party system, 420 plus socialist organizations in the US and a massive military industrial complex that co-jointly drives all political and social movement in the US. I am a political resolution specialist and investigator by trade, formerly working in Human Intel ops in the USMC. I was given a crash course in real politics and I didn’t like it, but I did learn reality. To avoid what ever may come the traditional American must awaken to the reality of our time and stop getting their information from the mass media. Your complaint is very warranted. However, we must see the bigger picture.

        3. That would explain all the swastikas in Jewish Cemeteries and Houses of Worship, all the killings by White Supremacist, and Black Churches being set ablaze by White Supremacist or people on the Right trying to start a race war.

        1. Best comment of seen so far. I am neither republican or democrat. I vote for the one with the best morals, and who has the people of our beautiful country in there best interest. Not for the ones who kill babies or hate God. Nor do i wish to hate or disrespect who ever gets voted into a position of leadership such as the President. I was raised to respect our authority figures and elders. I did not agree with Obama but i didn’t bash him. I may not agree with some of you but will not bash you for your feelings. But i do believe like Aaron Tippin sang “ we’ve got to stand for something or you will fall for anything”. Good advice. Is hate good? No. Is murder good? No. Is racism good? I could go on and on but to much to list. So i will do my best to be a good and productive citizen in my homeland. I will stand with the one our country was founded on and what the Constitution was modeled after and that is the Word of God. And no i dont believe in being religious and pushing my own beliefs on others. I dont always agree with my wife but in oder for a marriage to work there has to be a common ground. God bless

          1. Zach and Art, best comments yet (though the bar is quite low here). I agree completely. I might not agree with your religion or political views but I will respect you enough to have a respectful and thoughtful conversation about those topics. I think what is supposed to make this country so great is the idea that we should all be able to stand together regardless of race, sexual-orientation, religion, political party, etc. Without that, can we really call this the greatest country in the world?

            Think peace, vote peace, time will tell.

      3. All you had to do is live through the Obama years. If you are unable to see the racial and anti-religious discord from start to finish, you are ignoring the obvious.

      4. The Democratic party has used race, and income to drive our nation apart . The party that was the Heart of the KKK has used this race and income difference as a weapon for generations. Hillary Clinton and Obama perfected the tactic. I ask you to watch any speech from the last ten years from any Democratic national leader.
        Why can’t we embrace our differences instead of highlighting them for political gains. Ask yourself why is any of this only discussed during election time.
        Political gains is the only reason it comes up during the election process. It seems not to be a problem when it’s not spread across every TV set in the county during the elections.
        The Democratic party labels everyone a racist, throwing out accusations with out any proof, another political tactic, how does that help race relations, how is that benefiting our nation.

        1. Most of modern day America’s political problems come from the Democratic parties growing far left socialist base. That came to life in the Obama Administration with all the radical liberal economic and social change that has only lead to the further decline of the American society. Also for the idea of a Second American Civil War there is a lot of anger on both sides right now, really all it would take is some major political upset like an election or new policy changes within the country to start the war. All of this could and should be avoided if it wasn’t for the far left socialist Democrats and there anti American regimes. That unfairly target and destroy any thing socially conservative they don’t agree with even when they are a small minority in some cases and represent no real threat. In the process liberals have and are further eliminating American tradition, morality, common sense, christianity, white people especially normal healthy young white men, Western culture, and any real hope for the future of all of Mankind.

          1. Let’s hope your part about “eliminating American tradition, morality, common sense, christianity, white people especially normal healthy young white men, Western culture,” is at least partially true as christianity has far too long held a privileged position in our supposed secular democracy, american tradition and morality is clearly subjective and since your touting christianity, I fear where those morals and traditions lie. I dont even know how to take on the normal, healthy,young, white men part, but suffice to say, it is once again obviously based on your limited view of the world through the tyrannical view of christianity.

          2. The left have many flaws, and I feel sorry you feel so desolate. But you are actually mixing things up. Obama was not the one, responsible for deregulation & super liberal markets. That were the people before him, starting decades ago. He came into office, when the whole thing blew up, and had to deal with the consequences of other people’s faults!
            Also, he gained America a lot of sympathy, as he was viewed very favourably in many countries.
            But he had also to deal with racism, a strong republican opposition, that blocked his policies, so he could not put things into action, like the affordable care act, and society could not benefit!

          3. You’re not a patriot. You’re a nationalist and theocrat.

            Everything that came out of your fingers was either extremely hyperbolic or disgustingly false. Your extremist views on what “far left” is continues to divide our country. You don’t have any monopoly over morality, especially since you sit blindly by while over 5 million people were thrown off healthcare. If you can’t understand why that’s immoral, you have the moral maturity of a 15 year old. You sound like you just regurgitated a bunch of far right extremist talk radio points. As your cronies in power deregulate everything causing multiple economic crashes, you get hopped up on false equivalencies that distort reality and blindside you to the evil you cozy up to.

            What’s really sad here is you really think there’s a cohort of US citizens, who justly want their rights recognized, who want healthcare, criminal justice and energy reform, as some extremist left wing marxist commie socialist revolution when it’s just common decency and having a conscience for your fellow man and the planet regardless of religious background. It’s hard not to give into despair when so many people like you have been brainwashed to hate anything that doesn’t agree with you, especially if it has the word “democrat” in it. Or to hate the democratic party when ironically it’s full of moderate republicans going independent (which is a problem) because of how extreme and distorted the right wing has become in the republican party. It hurts our country!

            Don’t you care about your fellow man not to relegate them to corporate tyranny and serfdom? Don’t you care enough about your fellow man that you don’t want to see your best friend’s mother or your neighbors go bankrupt in financial ruin because of unforeseen hospital expenses (think cancer!)? Don’t you care about your fellow US citizen enough? I don’t think you do. If it’s not white or christian, you’d rather see your fellow countrymen burn.

      5. The left needs helped out of this county and that doesn’t take the Lord to help that. You ALL need to leave. Your bias and unreasonable, ungodly, stances have made it impossible Constitutionally for you to remain within this countries borders. The left is a murder cult who would kill everyone along with themselves because of their rabid hatred of life. This is a matter of Liberty’s survival. You need to leave. NOW! Or, be removed.

      6. Well if your happy ass would look around now you have evidence of creating racial division. Hope you enjoy the show because this is definitely leading to a civil war. My God be with you because the Republicans are ready at any moment.

      7. I dont know about Obama setting race relations 50 years but what I do know is the political left is more likely to use violence instead of dialogue in order to influence decisions. Example : Look at the brutality inflicted on those that dont share in the left’s view. Look at how easily they will “dox” a person and tell people on one of the many social media platforms how someone should beat,or kill that person. ( Nick Sandman, comes to mind) Another point to be made here is if someone on the political left wants your voice to be shut out they usually use a label such a racist,homophobic ect. To shut you down. Also there are a huge number of videos on line where the political left is using violence against those who refuse to get in line and instead voice their own opinions. Where as both the political right and the political left have their problems it is hard to say that the political left isn’t more prone to act out violently on their emotions. They burn and break up college campuses if a speaker they dont agree with is coming to speak.

      8. The proof is in surveys showing black and white voters viewed race relations as being worse under Obama and better under Trump.

        Niobe;: the surveys are pre-2020 and may be different today.

        I’m not suggesting either POTUS did anything to create these results or detract from them.

        Still the facts are clear on this,

      9. The majority of violence is coming from the left! Good lord, are you that stupid? Wake up and see around you. It’s Antifa and BLM. This is causing other hate groups to rise and pull together against them, but these groups have thousands of weapons and over 64% prior military. Their going to smoke the left. The left is going to cause innocent blood shed. :-(

      10. Oh, please.

        You cite left wing propaganda while, at the same time, criticizing others for citing right wing propaganda?

        Good luck with that.

        You’ve dropped your brain somewhere, sweetheart.

        How about violence against right wing people in college campuses?

        Wish away that?

        You people are a disgrace.

      1. Just to let you know – the article you are linking states that there is a rise in violence by White Supremacists but does not claim that the majority of violent acts is caused by them. It also states that the FBI has 900 active domestic terrorism cases which includes (and therefore are not all) white supremacist links.

        I am not defending white supremacy, but if you want to post an article to claim that left-wing violence is less common, try to use one that actually states that.

        1. I think White Supremacy groups are just using this as an opportunity to gain attention. 99 percent of people are not racist.

          I don’t think White supremists even have an ideological Position that they would say justifies their cause.

          Of course the media loves a good Ol’ fashion Boston bar room brawl it raises their viewership and regardless, the all mighty dollar is the bottom line as far as the board room is concerned.

          What we are facing in this country is a conflict between the Conservative and Liberal. That conflict is well displayed in the Halls of Congress.

          1. There is no conflict between conservatives and liberals… because there doesn’t seem to be any liberals any more! I remember a time not long ago, when liberals championed freedom of speech and an exchange of ideas. Everyone was entitled to their opinion and could voice it without fear financial and social ruination. What I witnessed going on in Seattle and Boston and NYC during the protests, in no way looked like ‘liberal’ protest. It looked like Kristallnacht.

          2. its a conflict not between conservative and liberal but between FAR RIGHT FASCISTS and liberals – that said more and more conservatives join the liberals’ fight against trumpism by the day- the lincoln project and republican voters against trump are perfect examples of this

      2. Actually, if you could compare the number of cases on each side you would realize that the most abrasive, violent, intolerant acts have been perpetrated by left wing activists. Just start with ANTIFA and work your way down.

          1. There is a strong case to be made the White Supremacists are left-wing. as they promote a form of socialism as their preferred form of governance. Just as The National Socialist German Workers’ Party or NAZI’s were.

        1. So you missed the demonstrator run down and killed—intentionally during a rally of white supremacists. Just because these are comments on a Boston University doesn’t make them intellectual, factual or informed. Shocking to see people on this board intentionally attempt to tear down a president who brought us respect globally (President Obama) and defend the current man living in our Whitehouse who indulges Putin at every turn, demeans and abuses women and children, seeks the corrupt way until he’s stopped and borders on dementia or mental illness as attempts and fails to string together a single coherent sentence. I read these threads and these utterly deluded commenters and I am more convinced than ever we must invest more in education and teaching Americans Political courage that ignores fearmongering and propaganda.

          1. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t matter my friend. Religiosity has been allowed to run rampant in our country for far to long. Once you have poisoned your mind to basic facts and hundreds of years of demonstrable science so you can believe in Santa, skydaddy you effectively are allowed to believe whatever dribble you want. Der…. god, guns, and Donald trump. Welcome to America.

          2. To Dave- The National Socialist Party was fascist. People often think that since “socialist” is in the name, the Nazis were socialist.. not the case. They were hard-line fascists and murderers.

            This is a simple example of the “gotcha” argument.. simply attacking the other side based on irrelevant claims, unfortunately, does not gain your cause any ground.

            Peace and may the Spirit bless you all.

        2. The woman run over by a white Supremacist at a white supremacist rally. The man who just killed two Jewish people in New York accusing Jews of defending immigrants. Do you watch the news??? Not Fox..real news??

        1. Go to the FBI web site and read the White Supremacist associated mass killings. While you are there, check to see how many deaths Anti-fa has caused.

          1. White supremacists are socialist left wing. Spout all you want and claim it’s on the right but the left has always been the side of true racism. Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary. It explains all of it.

    2. Why do you think Obama set back racial relations? Because the racist Republicans weren’t ready to accept a black President, therefore leading to a “divided” America?

      1. The fact that you think that makes you ignorant seeing as the republicans had the black brain surgeon running for em i always froget his name but he is a great man along with president trump

        1. His name is Ben Carson and your right..he is great man..i actually voted for him in the Republican primary..and had he won the left would have eviscerated him calling him uncle Tom and every other name in the book…but i do thank god everyday that Donald Trump won..Donald Trump may not always be the most tactful person in the world but the constant barrage that he has to endure from the left and the bias media is unprecedented. The man truly love our country and is not a racist . And the things that the Democrats running for president are calling for well they scare the hell out of me.

          1. That would explain all the swastikas in Jewish Cemeteries and Houses of Worship, all the killings by White Supremacist, and Black Churches being set ablaze by White Supremacist or people on the Right trying to start a race war.

      2. because he pushed it over and over. starting with Florida when that kid was shot. he made announcements tried to politically sway a jury. (if he was my son he would look like me) not to mention labeling Zimmerman a (WHITE) Hispanic. all the violence we have in our country why isn’t only when a white guy might be at fault is it story worthy? when did he ever come down on black on black crime? protest those focusing their violence on whites? he absolutely pushed us back idk if it’s by 50 years. but it was totally his intention.

      3. Racist Republicans? I’m pretty sure the only party with an entire history of racism comes from the Democrats. Disagree with any of them and your labeled as a racist. Look at all the pictures of democratic politicians and actor/actresses who used to dress in “black face” for fun. Explain to me why black people suffer the worst in democrat strongholds? It’s indisputable. History is repeating itself. Like in the 1850’s leading up to the civil war, Democrats continue to pass laws, ignoring constitutional boundaries and infringing on peoples rights. Present day, you see the similarities, like unconstitutional gun laws, confiscation, lack of due process, Ect. Virginia just voted in a democratic leader convicted and served time for sexual relations with a minor. This is the trash you support? If anyone has lost their insanity, it would be the Democrats, once again. Remember, they were the ones who thought slaves were nothing more than property. Republican’s fought for their freedom. 1920’s through the 60’s, Southern Democrats overwhelmingly passed laws that suppressed basic human rights, such as women’s rights to vote, Jim crow laws, Defacto segregation and fought it all the way to the civil rights act of 1964. If you think their way of thinking has changed, you’re wrong. They have just become better in how they sell it. Modern day slavery in the form of welfare, abortion(Planned Parenthood, founded by renowned racist Margret Sanger). The Democratic party is still the racist thinkers, but add a touch of narcissism, and you have a modern day manipulation machine. Narcissist, like to use deflection, such as blaming others for their problems, project an image onto someone else, when they are actually the ones who are doing it themselves. This is why they constantly scream racism at every turn. They mislead you with free this and free that, share the wealth, all while they kick back in their million dollar homes and watch us fight. Its quite a clever smoke screen. The left has become so unhinged, that every move they make is a contradiction to their cause. The rationale is so delusional. This is why they are making every attempt to dismantle the constitution, suppress our rights and sell everyone a giant lie. Why is it you people cant see the real corruption at hand? You all attack Trump for what? You continue to get hyped up with every fake story published, and its always proven false, yet completely ignore the hard proven facts. Democrats(Hillary Clinton) made an attempt to rig an election, VIA Ukraine, with the help of a foreign spy and the FBI. Democrats, continue to waste millions of dollars pursuing phony accusations that have ZERO proof. He said/She said bias, third party witnesses is not used to impeach. Adam Schiff intentionally added text that was supposed to be a quote from the president, but was caught off guard when the transcripts were released. The list goes on and on with corruption from the left, yet people like you continue to support that. It’s this type of thinking that is what has us at the brink of another civil war. Personally I think it should happen. We need to rid the United States of sick minded people who’s goal is to destroy the very foundation of the United States. If you people love socialism so much, move to a country where it exist. Have you ever thought to ask yourself, why people risk their lives to flee from those countries? They had politicians that sold them the same bull crap, and they came to see just how awful it was. Those places live in poverty and are over run with crime and corruption. Never in the history of mankind has socialism work. It has always led to the death of millions and the destruction of countries from within. Stop taking things for face value. Dont be lazy and educate yourself. The entire history of the Democrat party is beyond shameful, but they execute their lies so perfectly, to convince the masses of things they cant ever possibly fulfill. Socialism is unrealistic. In theory, is sounds amazing, but the reality it will never work. Anyone who works for the gov’t, such as myself, knows just how dysfunctional, slow and unreliable it is. You dont want to give these people complete control of your life. If they cant take care of our veterans, what makes you think that they and add hundreds of millions of people to that task. You would die waiting to be taken care of. So please people, wake up and see whats really going on. Dont let the clown show, take control. Their track record more than proves they kind of animals they really are.

        1. I work for the government. There is no incentive for me to work harder. Add somebody on to my schedule? For what? I’m not getting any extra money. Everything is so slow. It is very disorganized. I always say to myself I hope the missile defense system works a lot better than our computer system.

        2. I think you need to read. Donald trump is the one accused in Federal court of raping two 13 year old girls. A witness who worked for Epstein confirmed the report and gave sworn testimony against both Epstein and trump. Read the case and reconsider who you label as “trash.”

        3. Wow you really are uneducated playin the dems “fought for slavery” the roles switched throughout the 60s and 70s if you weren’t paying attention and the dems became the ones that cared for the people while the republicans took up the dems spot as the racist white rich people I mean you remember who fought for the south right? Racist white rich people who wanted to keep slaves for their Cotton businesses. Lets not forget how they treated any type of black person no matter if they were free or not, cuz that’s how the republicans treatin Mexicans like some criminals. Y’all the criminals first you take the native Americans land then you take TEXAS from MEXICO because we wouldn’t allow yo racist to bring in slaves n then you discreetly form a coup in California claiming it was a “revolution” from Mexico and not even a few weeks later add it to the US and then go to war with Mexico because you aren’t happy with the large chunk you already took from us so you take HALF of what modern Mexico looks like today for yo fat white greasy hands. Oh and I know you will try to argue or say “state the source” this is common sense in California I mean we learned our states flag was used in a revolution secretely supported by a us general who came after Mexico left and put the us flag down. Look up any of this and why you at it look up how to accept other people for their culture you white weirdo

          1. To everyone who always clams the roles of the parties swapped, this is actually inaccurate. The Republicans have stayed pretty straight, while the Democrats when hard the other way. Think of it as a 5 lane highway, the republicans have always been near the middle lane, the Democrats went from the far right lane al the way over to the far left, so far they aren’t even in the left lane but driving on the shoulder making it look like they swapped places.

        4. Andrew,

          I rarely see a somewhat lengthy post (absolutely justified here) worth reading from start to finish on the internet, until I read yours sir. Because believe me, I’m not being hyperbolic when I say, “I’m never impressed by random reply posts online to a blog,”nor is it when I say,”I never feel the need to reply.”

          Obviously for me that’s no longer a constant, because here I am, for whatever that’s worth.

          The critical thinking skills you utilized here are readily apparent, as is your refreshingly pragmatic approach. I just thought you should know, from one random viewer, just how much it was appreciated. Well done sir, and thank you.

        5. Andrew, you are spot on here. All of the above has happened to me. You are no longer even free to disagree with a democrat.

        6. Dehumanizing people never helps. As for Socialism. We already have it here. The debate is if we need more or can the free market help make America more affordable again. Our allies helped us win the cold war against the communist. Are they communist because they engage in socialism? This is silly. Personally I would rather see a better form of free market capitalism. More competition to bring down costs, particularly for college. It is indentured servitude. Don’t want more socialism? Stop feeding the beast. Optimism in young people challenges socialist solutions. Also look into Somalia. The most unregulated free market country on the planet and just as failed a state as Venezuela.

      4. He wasn’t black first of all . he just as white as black. He ran on a dividing nation .he was a gaint step to trying to turn usa in a socialiest nation .
        The current trouble got zero to due with racism .it has everything to due with socialism and trying to keep america way it is. Left keep screaming for free this and free that .the constution doesnt promise the goverment will take care of you it says it will give you chance to take care of your own family without there inference.
        We are headed to being divid up in to 5 nation .the divid between what michigan needs verse say what california needs are just to far apart .
        The federal goverment is trying to control the hole nation and take state right to self governing that what will lead to civil war. The 2020 election will be final fuse if it doesn’t blow up shortly there after ill be surpised 2024 the latest bomb will go off.

        1. Don’t want more Socialism, like our European allies already have and have had for a long time? Lets bring more competition to the free market. This will lower costs in key areas. Temptation toward socialist solutions will decline. Until we can be honest about crony capitalism, runaway college costs, special interest, tax loopholes and my personal favorite, tax havens that owe the United States 600 BILIION DOLLARS we will continue to tempt young people who lack hope toward Marxism. We can’t boot strap our way out of everything. The left and the right both sell fantasies. Wake up and stop feeding the beast.

    3. Is that really all you got and focused on from this article? I didn’t even think about that. Your mind seems to be conditioned to twist everything you see to fit your political viewpoint.

    4. The second civil war is coming and the liberals will lose! They are trying to ruin this country and veterans, majority of the military and 51% of the country won’t let that insane group do that!!! The leftists like Pelosi, Shummer and the remainder of the insane morons like AOC will find out nobody will be giving up our civil rights including weapons for protection from any future totalitarian Government they dream will come about.

      1. i have thrown my hat in regards to the USA. I have been living overseas for 5 years in China, Brazil and Cambodia and do not ever want to return to the USA. No matter who wins the election the USA is going to get worse and worse. I would be happy if the USA got rid of the citizenship renunciation fee so I could go to the US embassy and tell them where they can shove my US passport.

    5. And yet here you all are bickering… claiming Obama’s made race relations worse when they were already sour as hell during the Bush administration and even to when I was a kid in the 90s.. why can’t you just admit that the country is horribly divided for once and we are ALL to blame!? Literally I see the state of Alabama becoming cult like to even the word “liberal “ is viewed as an insult…then California save for some pockets, your just as unsafe being right winged on anything. I am sick of it. It’s always a blame game and people are literally killing each other over it. Never mind the lone wolf terrorist that target Republicans during a charity baseball game, never mind the shootings that took place against black democrats in the churches in South Carolina… We are screwed and my country dies because old men rather listen to conspiracy theories and their party instead of the truth. We are sinking as a country because we rather play the blame game instead of shutting up and getting things done. We are sinking not because of those darn demorats or the retardticans but because we paint ourselves in such petty insult as I just mentioned! We are indeed on our way to a bloody civil way but it will be one not divided by statehood, but by families and communities across the country each willing to commit acts of violence in the name of things like “patriotism “ and “social justice” and that to me is far far more disgusting.

      1. We still have the two most important things. The Holy Bible and the US Constitution. The highest of ideals are contained in these two Writs. But as almighty God said in His word…”My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

        The children out on the streets are lacking
        in understanding of these blessed gifts. But still, they stand ;and are free to ALL because of blood shed by others on our behalf!

    6. Lots of white people were pissed that a Black person became President, and that gays are now allowed to be married….that sums it all up, you got a bunch of people who don’t like blacks, don’t like gays….they don’t have anyone left to feel superior to…except maybe people who choose to remain unmarried or those who don’t worship at a mega-corporate church. Many of these people have nothing else to live for except their badge that says I’m white and straight and a Christian…so they feel threatened and afraid that black and gays will now treat them the way they’ve been treated all these years. Also, these same people are upset that the rules are changing toward women, you have to treat them with respect these days in and out of their company. The shoe is on the other foot now and it scares the crap out of them.

      1. What an ignorant fool you are.

        The conservatives of all colors will hunt you identity politics sjw down and toss you in the same hole the treasonous democrat politicians are put after we stop their coup against a duly elected president. You can all rot in that hole together unless Venezuela wants you, and we’ll happily deport you curs if so.

        1. Um . . . It’s not a coup if they are working within the Government framework spelled out in the Constitution. The US Constitution provides impeachment for a president who has committed bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors. It’s a part of the checks and balances system which was created so none of the three branches of government would get out of control and usurp the powers of the other branches. I remember learning that in elementary school. It’s only a coup if someone suspends or OVERTHROWS the government by blatantly suspending or destroying the protections of the US Constitution. The Oath of the President requires that the President uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States—that specifically includes the part of the Constitution which provides for impeachment. By the way, if the US Constitution is suspended or abolished you have no Second Amendment rights, so I think they will first take away ALL of our guns.

      2. “Also, these same people are upset that the rules are changing toward women, you have to treat them with respect these days in and out of their company”

        What you delusional nitwit mean is they treat men with open derogatory contempt while demanding they please be respected. What comes around, goes around, dude. Never forget that, some of us ain’t castrated beta males like you.

      3. White people put Obama in the White House. I voted for him. I also voted for Donald Trump. And after what I have witnessed since the last election….I will never vote for a Democrat again. Ever.

        1. I have always been a democrat and thought of my self as a leftist but I am going to vote for Trump because what I value the most is my constitutional rights and I think he is the president that will ensure that more than any democratic party. Right now I am watching very closely what is happening with this covid situation. There is some pretty interesting tactics going on here for extreme governmental control. Nothing is as it appears to be. I advise everyone to look very closing to all the events that occur everyday. Mandating a covid vaccine that has not been research enough, creating a deep economic depression and creating hysteria over a virus that is serious but in reality not nearly as deadly as we are led to believe. Now Gates is talking about about getting rid of money and using digital currency only. Gates has a very bad reputation if you look closely you will find this is true. All of these factors can lead to a civil war add on them opening the economy and then closing it down again in September. Right now the right wing which is standing for the constitution and the left who are standing for civil liberties and freedom of speech are not looking that much different

    7. This article is part of the problem. “in the Trump era”. I knew then. These media people don’t understand that people in the centre and a little right are not evil. And the centre/right can’t understand why logic doesn’t work on the left.
      The right are seen as racists/evil by the left and the right in turn think that the left hate America. I’m from Europe and I can see that clearly. They are like different species.
      Its even evident in this comment section. Insults come before discussion every time.

      Its scary and definitely inflamed by the media for clicks.

    8. here is my 2 cents. Do I think we are headed for another civil war? Yes. Just look at the comments on sites like these or facebook. Noone can agree. One has to out do the other or spout insults, Over what?! Difference of opinions? Beliefs? Or just flat out not liking someone cause they don’t speak “Professionally” or “Politically correct”. Get off your pedestals and get over yourselves. We are a country! We should be working together to solve issues instead of fighting each other. “We the People.” That’s what it says!!!! Have ya’ll forgotten that? We, ya’ll are the people. Ya’ll should just be ashamed of yourselves, fighting like this over a man or woman who may have an indifference of opinion…BOO HOO!! Wake up America. You’re letting the political parties win by fighting each other, when you should really be fighting them ((not violently just to clarify))…… Come together and fight the real enemy and not each other. How can we ever take back what’s ours ((country and freedom)) from the political figures when you can’t even stop arguing amongst yourselves. Who cares who has the most knowledge of facts? Who cares who’s right or wrong? Bottom line? family,finances, and jobs that’s what you really need to worry about, instead of fighting about past and present presidents. History is what it is, history. Leave it there and grow up people. It’s sad that I see young kids with more class and get along with each other than most adults these days.

    9. Hate-Crime Violence Hits 16-Year High, F.B.I. Reports
      White “Christian” nationalists freaked over a black man in the White’s House and have retreated 50 years back into a mythical past, maybe even into a fantasy world of Gunsmoke, the TV show.

    10. I agree with you on what you said. About 90% of the violence is coming from the left. Donald Trump may be a hothead and a loose cannon, but he is saying things that people need to hear. There is a clear difference between freedom of speech and freedom from speech. Freedom of speech is allowing people to speak their mind. However, freedom from speech is censoring the media, which is a communist tactic.

      Remember When Donald Trump was elected in 2016? People stormed down Main Street in Washington DC, they killed people, blew up cars, vandalized businesses, set things on fire, the Republicans didn’t do any of that when Obama was elected in 2008. Although we hate him, we sat there and dealt with it.

      If a civil War’s going to start, it is going to be one hundred percent the fault of the Democrats without a doubt. If you don’t own a gun, go buy one. Go to Walmart I don’t care. You want to have something to defend yourself when the inevitable Civil War breaks out.

      1. Sorry. This will be our fault, our fault, our fault. And yes some people did freak out when Obama was voted in. Hell people freaked out when Kennedy was voted in because he was a catholic. We are violent freaks sometimes. It is a huge part of our history. I place my hope on the newly born. We need to grow old and die. That will help America. Civil war is national suicide.

    11. You give me hope brother. They are trying to incite this thing but we are hip to it by now. I am no Democrat or Republican……… American

    12. Amen, I know this was almost 10 months ago but you hit the nail on the head. The amazing part is that it was the media bias that started the nation on course of polarization. The media, like the schools were infiltrated with Frankfurt school communists. They built their agenda of social / political change brick by brick. They hated our nation before ever stepping foot on American soil and now the nation is upside down. Now War is the only way to rectify the nation. To reset it back to the founding principles that saw it provide the most freedom of any people on earth and thus prosper like no other. Tensions will continue to mount and once the shot is fired there will be no turning back, you will have your war…

    13. All the violence is coming from the right …The left doesn’t run over college students at a protest or beat gay men or women or make threats against them …or shoot up abortion clinics or threaten an uprising over cattle and the right has done all these things in the past year ….Donald Trump is a crook who is panders to the fear and anger of a right wing that is diminishing in importance and relevance

    14. Why is everyone trying to blame Obama? I don’t care about politics but I’m smart enough to understand that Obama is not the problem. Trump has done nothing but teach and preach division as have all of the racists pricks have done to their family for centuries. This is nothing new, people are getting bolder, killing unarmed people because of the color of their skin and giess what…. Trump approves it. Everyone screams this great country or their country but this country belonged to my ancestors “the indians” before who came in and killed them to steal their land? History teaches that the vikings tried to invade this country first and failed but Columbus and his band of outcasts and misfits happened to make it. Everyone wants to point fingers instead of understanding that everyone in this country are aliens outside of the Indians. This country was build on the blood, sweat, and tears of the African slaves and religion was forced upon them to control them. Now that slavery is over this country uses a badge to kill people and nothing is being done but when people riot like they did in L.A. in the 90’s they are savages. The bad part is there are just as many colored people fighting for this country as there are whites. There are just as many black police officers as there are whit fighting for what? I am ashamed to say this is what my ancestors land has turned into when there are blood from every color on the grounds for this country but because of the color of your skin you are deemed below people with white skin. It’s wrong, as wrong as this country using a virus to kill off a race. It’s pathetic how you have white supremacists “protesting” with guns using fear to get what they want when it’s mostly the colored people who are on the front line as “essential workers” working for pennies on the dollar and putting the lives of not only themselves but their kids on the line for what. This country needs a reset, any other country would do a better job of running this than the people who we have in charge now. Then people blame Obama for what’s going on now but when Obama was in office He was disrespected to the point if that had happwned in another country people would have been walking around with their hands chopped off. I give up on people because it will never change, a lot of white people will feel they are better than colored and a lot of colored people are going to be too blinded killing each other to realize thet if they stick together they can turn this country around. It is what it is, I am not a american, I live on the land that my ancestors owned before they were killed off and disrespected by having weapons named after their tribes. I am a human, no lower or higher than the next human and demand to be respected as such. If this country keep on going the way it’s going there will be wars among wars, there will not be a country to fight for or it will be ran by a outsider. Someone who cares less about the pigment of your skin and will treat everyone the same as dogs. We are already divided next will be the conquering by a immigrant and I hope to live long enough to see the day just to see some of these racists knocked off their high horses.

    15. I was lectured by German academics years ago that the USA Presidency was too powerful and if the wrong person was President, Americans will loose their Republic. I argued that could never happen, because the country was subject to a system of checks and balances. Well, it just happened, the Constitution needs to be amended because of Trump. The power of the Presidency is now unchecked. We are in a slow motion fall — just short of civil war. Most Americans don’t see the stage has been set for civil unrest at the very least — unabated Federal debt, foreign interference in our political system, inability to prepare for a pandemic with several months notice, cronyism, nepotism and corruption are bringing us to our knees. We are being overthrown from with-in, by our own President and his Grand Old Party or what’s left of it. How far our mighty republic has fallen under this party and this administration.

    16. Here we are talking about the great divide and all fools are lining up, has anyone ever thought Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush and all the elites are all on the sane team and your just the pawns, wake up people are you really that blind

    17. I agree the leftist are victims and violent…they use extortion and defaming…they will fire you from your job…ruin your business…and destroy your livelihood if you refuse to agree with their ideology. That is not freedom but destruction conservatives have to fear for their life and safety around liberals and their disgusting aggression.

    18. I totally agree. It definitely shows she is biased and truly doesn’t comprehend the situation at all and she try’s to point the finger at the Right for violence when it purely exist of the Left and the Riots show that bias.

    19. You do realize that the trump administration is the establishment correct? Obama atleast took a stab at socialized medicine, Ttump has divided us as a people more than any president I’ve seen in my 24 years on this planet. It’s easy to have an opinion on twitter from behind the safety of a screen like a troll. It’s hard to adress your citizens (no matter veiwpoint) face to face under pressure. We dont need trump’s social media propaganda trolling, we need an unbiased leader who only cares about our country’s people, their life/liberties, and our global standing. Any and everything else come second. (In my humble opinion).

    20. Point proven by your comment. What does Obama have to do with anything? It’s always him. The fact is, when it comes to race, skin color is darkening worldwide, America is just a reflection of evolution. If people can’t accept that, they should start considering Trumps idea of buying Greenland and moving there. Or Mars. Sorry, but immigration, divisive politics, and tearing our country’s Government apart will not stop what is inevitable. If you’re not in agreement with equality for all mankind, you’re already beat. Find another country somewhere, this one is ours.

    21. You are so correct! It is this bias B.S. from the left that is the largest contributor to our countries divide. Look at what the Left is doing across the country with all the rioting! Violence! The country became more divided than ever in the Obama years where more people voted for him because of the color of his skin than didn’t. Liberals see color far more than conservatives. They are constantly needing to apologize in the name of color of skin. They recognize the color separation that they reinforce. Most conservatives , with some foundation in religion understand we are ALL created equal.

    22. Because Obama REVEALED racism – perpetrated by white supremacists – DOES NOT mean he caused racial strife. It means he EXPOSED the pervasive subjugation and demonization of blacks. YOU are sorely mis – and under – informed. And I might add, likely a racist.

    23. Social media is the root cause to all of our problems. These little fights that break out on FB and others are breaking down our society.

      1. There is SO much misinformation on social media & so many that believe anything that supports their views they read on social media is reputable news. Adults are so gullible, it’s scary.

    24. Thank you you hit the nail on the head. The Democrats are causing all the civil unrest. It’s a necessary part of their plan to usher in Socialism, Hid you happen to catch Pelosi calling for riots ant any RNC, and Harris saying the riots will not stop until the election and will continue if Trump wins,
      Take Heed that no man deceives you!

      This is based on Alinsky’s eight steps from democracy to socialist society.

      Obama quotes him often in his book and Hillary did her thesis on Alinsky.

      There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist/communist State. The first is the most important

      1. Healthcare: “Control Healthcare and you control the People” DONE !!

      2 Poverty: Increase the Poverty level as high as possible.” Poor People are easier to control and will not fight back if the government is providing everything for them to live. DONE!!!

      3. Debt: Increase the National Debt to an unsustainable level.” That way you are able to increase Taxes, and this will produce more Poverty. DONE!!!

      4. Gun Control: Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a Police State – total local control. ALMOST THERE!!!

      5. Welfare: Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Livestock, Housing, and Income). DONE!!!

      6. Education: Take control of what People read & listen to; take control of what Children learn in School.

      7. Religion: Remove faith in God from the Government and Schools.

      8. Class Warfare: Divide the People into the Wealthy against the Poor. Racially divide. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to Tax the Wealthy with full support of
      the voting Poor.
      DONE!!! The bases are all covered! We are ripe! Esther Goodday believe the Democrats President will nail the coffin shut on the United States of America.

      1. #7 involves separation of church and state, a principle the founders of this country, not the modern day Democratic party, thought to be an important ingredient to the success of our government and country. If you’re going to argue that, at least acknowledge that fact and say you disagree with the founders of our country, constitution and bill of rights

      2. The truth is it’s the far radical right that are creating the most unrest & violence. It’s unbelievable to most that so many actually believe anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Anyone that cannot see Trump’s agenda is to destroy our democracy & replace it with authoritarianism has been brainwashed & have not the intelligence to research the truth themselves by researching BOTH sides. Ironic how Trump claims to be against any socialism at all yet received socialist treatment for his COVID. How many of you are receiving social security, unemployment, or disability. All of those benefits are socialism. In a way I hope Trump is successful at stealing this election because then you’ll have to live under an authoritarian rule.

    25. A Civil War? Without all of the facts recorded in history surrounding our first Civil War and their related possibilities to today, it’s difficult to see what may actually be taking place today. Great deal of commonality, however.

      First things first. A Civil War needs DIVISION of what was once united. Race was used THEN and again NOW. Yes… USED..

      In the 1850’s we had the Democratic-Republicans as THE major party. Interesting and often overlooked issue surrounding the name of that party. DEMOCRATIC was an ADJECTIVE. Could have been a lower case “D”.

      Our nation then and is still now … ALMOST, a REPUBLIC. “Almost” because of the 1913 17th Amendment. An Amendment that took the States RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to have their representatives in Congress without the weight of varied populations. In other words, an EQUAL voice; 2 Appointees as Senators regardless if it were CA or NH. A brilliant move by The Founders to prevent the routine historical failure of PURE DEMOCRACY and the tyranny of MOB RULE that descends into DICTATORSHIP and then……!

      Elimination of the 17th Amendment was just the first step of a larger plan by an unseen force for our nation, PURE DEMOCRACY. Accomplished by a hidden force behind the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve (See Title 12 Section 531).

      Yes! Privately Owned! See Title 12 Section 531 and ask, “if our nation owns the Fed why does a regulation need to give it TAX EXEMPT status?” More importantly why is this Title 26 TAX regulation HIDDEN in Title 12?

      Largest issue is where, just WHERE in our empowering Constitution is our Congress CONSTITUTIONALLY AUTHORIZED to Charter a PRIVATELY OWNED bank much less a PRIVATELY-OWNED CENTRAL BANK? Hint …it’s not!

      Curiously, the 17th Amendment was signed into law the same year the US Federal Reserve was signed into law on December 23rd, 1913 by that wonderful Socialist team of Roosevelts. And also the 16th, the so-called Income Tax Amendment.

      The Fed was the 3rd attempt to institute an unConstitutional privately-owned central bank into the US by the Rothschild family. (Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.)

      The titular head of the Rothschild tribe then and now of the UK. Even though the Rothschild’s are credited with the creation of the State of Israel with the 1917 Balfour Declaration they still reside in various OTHER nations of the world and do most of their financial work notably in that tiny nation known as the City of London.

      Back to todays Civil War. There are many reasons a hidden force would like to see …or CREATE a Civil War once again in the United States. Simple reason just to eliminate the Electoral College which is the last thread keeping our nation from being a PURE DEMOCRACY being run into oblivion by MOB RULE.

      This is a much larger story with more DIRECT reasons why a Civil War in our country, a race war if you will, (SAME AS BEFORE) suits the needs of this Grand Family and their 90 year old out in the open operative, Mr. George Soros who oddly enough even though is a Jew has his PR claiming him to be anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Google “chaff B-52” to better understand Mr. Soros role in what we are witnessing.

      Right now, it’s 7:50am and I have too many meetings today to continue. Already written this too fast. Perhaps another time and I’ll get you closer to what’s REALLY taking place NOT in front of our eyes.! You’ll never see it coming unless you begin to look for the OTHER associations.

      i.e. did someone say, “Building 7?” Salomon Brothers charter tenant? Rigging the bids to US T-Bills since the Great Depression? Finally caught in 1991?

      Just a plain ole Civil War, this story can’t be this big, can it? Yeah …right.

      Anyone interested look up August Schoenberg (changed his name to Belmont,) and who sent him and how soon BEFORE a series of UNRECORDED events between NY, DC and Boston triggered our real Civil War.

      Penultimately, no theories. Just FACTS ma ’m, Just the FACTS. (For all you young folk out there it’s a quote from the show Dragnet in the ‘50’s. The 1950’s not the 1850’s. )

      Lastly, if this all turns out as it should, my book will go a long way in the first step to ERADICATE Anti-Semitism. Really! The poor Jews have long been used as camouflage for this brilliant family.

      Have a great day.

    26. The violence is coming from neither the left or right, it’s coming from both. Antifa is not the threat as Trump states. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Trump lies about nearly everything. The majority of violence is coming from White Supremacists & diehard Trump cultists such as the Proud Biys & boogaloo.

  2. Thank you for the balanced view on political violence by also mentioning a Bernie Sanders supporter who shot at the Republican baseball team and the repeatedly shown violence by groups like ANTIFA. Oh wait – that wasn’t mentioned in the article. I wonder why.

          1. This is scary. What a piece of work is man. Paragon of the animals. “Jesus” would not approve of Rabid Christians frothing at the mouth. Donald Trump has animal cunning. Nothing more, nothing less. He’s not bright. He’s highly verbigenerative. (Look it up — the term). He’s “diminishing returns,” made flesh. I’m 17 years old… yet even a callow youth such as myself can see it. He reeks of gristle and fat, intellectually. Discourse is beyond him. Don’t disgrace yourselves by way of declension — moral, intellectual or ethical. Don’t drown your “better angels” in self-made stews.

      1. no mattter what we are are who we are we need to make thangs even between south and north because back in the day the south aka white people had slaves and the north aka were people are free some people are still a slave and we are not talking about that now are we?NO we are not so lets change the subject because this should be about the people who did became free.I do think blaming somebody is wrong if you dont no the other part of the story

  3. Jibber jabber jibber jabber. The Civil Rights era and Satanic Panic were crazier times than this. Not to mention the anarchist and red scares of the early 20th century were mad times. Also way to gloss over the the left wing violence. DHS didn’t declare ANTIFA a DTO for no reason.

    1. Yeah, because us law enforcement never does things like that for less than above board reasoning…

      I thought all you Trump lovers hated the FBI and dhs anyway, because in the shared delusions you like to call “reality” they all are full of deep state operatives and hidden Democrats, or something equally as asinine. So which is it? You don’t get to have it both ways lol

    2. I think you might be surprised at what’s brewing. It won’t be racial it will be a fight for Liberty vs Socialism. It will be a fight against a party & media that from the moment a duly elected President was sworn in they began a well orchestrated campaign (insurance policy) to remove a POTUS from office. This cannot ever happen again, if we don’t stand up our country will change forever. People will not stand for it. I hear the anger like I’ve never heard, it’s tearing the country apart.

        1. Why didn’t you address any of Pam O’s points? Because you don’t have the ability to counter them. None. Back to the kiddy table Bob

      1. Come on now you have a short memory, in 2008 the night of Duly elected Barack Obama’s inaugural ball, top Republicans had a secret meeting to decide what to do about him..they decided they would be the party of no, no matter if it hurt the American people or not. And they tried to find anything to get him out of office and when they couldn’t they made shit up and don’t forget Rep. held the House and Senate. But they failed because he nor his cabinet broke any laws. Trump on the other hand is a different story, how many have been tried and convicted. It doesnt matter if he was elected he is not above the law, if Obama did 1% of what he has he’d have been gone. I’m from a family of Republican voters, my father served in WW2 and family has served in every war since except Vietnam. It’s not the same party of my father anymore. You say people would be surprised what’s brewing, no it’s been in the planning since the Civil Rights Act, it lost some steam through the years but skyrocketed when Obama took office, so they turned on their fellow Americans, the Democrats for daring to put a black man in office. Of course fueled by some Rep congressmen, the Limbaughs, Hannity, Alex Jones and Becks of the world, who tell you are heart of American exceptionalism, everything wrong in this country is someone else’s fault ..minorities, immigrant(nonwhite anyway) feminists Democrats and people with different religious views. You say it’s because of socialism b.s. it’s because some of you think this is your country hence the “we want our country back” think that equal rights of minorities are less rights for you, feel threatened that you will be the majority minority in 10-15 yrs. children 18 yr and under already are. There are many who openly admit this. You don’t care about the Constitution, hell you elected a man who doesnt even know it. In the mean time you are making the U.S. weak and I can bet there are countries praying for civil war, the ones that have wanted to destroy us, who have been distributing propaganda here like China and Russia to name a few. It will be because of ignorance and uninformed voters and the insatiable greed of rich white America.

        1. Oh, you mean like Hillary. I don’t believe BHO divided this country, I voted for him. Now HRC, oh he’ll yea. DJT seen an outrage from a political base and capitalised on it, created by HRC. What people in this country don’t realize that they, the politicians, are all of the same elitist class. They control us by keeping us divided. I am a member of a trade union and they do the same thing. Plumbers against steam fitters, against marine fitters (ship yards), against building trades pipe fitters,(organized, not threw the apprenticeship). This is how so few control so many. We as Americans should be focusing on what makes us all the same. It’s not a crime to think out of the box. Listen to understand, not to rebulttle or retaliate. And remember, those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it.

        2. Obama did nothing for the people while in office except make promises to other countries and apologize. I am ashamed that he was our president.

        3. Very well said. The country is changing demographically. The wealthy are making billions sending jobs overseas and avoiding corporate taxes. Division is a distraction intended to keep people unaware so they can create an oligarchy.

        4. YES! I am SO tired of WHITE SUPERIORITY. What it really reveals is WHITE INSECURITY. You can’t stand the idea of a minority being more successful and wealthier than you.

  4. We need a revolutionary war against the government, not against each other. The whole government. Bring back for the people by the people.

    1. YES! Someone not falling for the horse crap our government is feeding us! Our problem is not our fellow American citizens, it is the government! Thank you!

    2. You give me hope brother. They are trying to incite this thing but we are hip to it by now. I am no Democrat or Republican……… American. We need to stop playing this game

  5. People have been saying this for years. The only difference is you hear more about it online and on social media. Heck, Texas has been trying to secede since the 90’s.

  6. How did Antifa get completely ignored in the examples of political violence. It was a hard read after discovering the bias in the writing and the contributors.

  7. 50 of 51 were right wing last year
    From 2009 through 2018, right-wing extremists accounted for 73 percent of such killings, according to the ADL, compared with 23 percent for Islamists and 3 percent for left-wing extremists. In other words, most terrorist attacks in the United States, and most deaths from terrorist attacks, are caused by white extremists. ttps://

    1. Sir, I would like to point out that all the right-wing shit posters seemed to completely drive around your comment, its almost like they couldn’t refute such a thing. Congratulations on playing the game.

  8. The comments i read after such an excellent article proves my constant argument that the winners of the contest failed go to the Roman way in the way Scipio Africanus adviced. After the defeat of Carthage Rome never had any subsequent problems in that part of the world.

    Likewise the North in my opinion should have killed all the males sold the women in the Barbary Coast (after all they were into slavery… right?) And salted the soil.

    1. The “right wing” terrorism you cite is violence against blacks and Jews. If trumps anti illegal immigration from MEXICO rhetoric is the cause wouldn’t it be violence against Mexican immigrants?? There has actually been no attacks on Mexican immigrants I know of. You are conflating neo Nazi violence attacks on Jews and blacks with a man who is only critical of immigration from Mexico and has had nothing but good things to say about black Americans and who is pro Israel with Jewish family. This is how a propaganda machine works.

  9. The United States can heal itself with reason. However, the right will never cooperate with the left. News is now instant as well as information. Donald Trump Supporters are more supportive now then ever. They are not going away. They have decided that life with the left is impossible. They don’t want to live with the left. Civil War? Call it what ever you want. The right sees the left as traitors and complicit to criminal behavior the undermining of their religion and United States as a independent nation. What was the civil war fought over? Think about it. It was fought for a lot less. A modern civil war will not have a line. The left should be concerned about this. The right albeit not perfect have always had the real physical power and have just have restrained it for now. The left has pushed their issues to far. I fear for this country and our divide. God Bless America.

    1. Winner! No thumbs up vote possible for your post.

      I would simply add that the idea that the right can not live with the left is supported in the same fashion on the left. The left believes every person on the right is a racist, any support of president trump or having a border is a sign of being a white nationalist! Lets not forget the idea that the right is destroying the planet. So yes if the right is this to the left there can be no middle ground. Each side has painted the other into a corner and if we are truthful both sides see the other as trying to destroy a way of life. One defends 200 years of proud tradition, the other sees 200 plus years of oppression in the United States! They can not both be right! They for sure could both be wrong, but getting 320 million people to admit they are wrong? Ya were going to fight!

      1. I concur. I will add that I believe that there are 2 countries here trying to coexist inside the borders of the US for at least the last 40 or 50 years. One is conservative , holding on to the ideas set forth by the founders – liberty , equality under the law & national identity. The other , liberal in nature – no borders, citizens of the world , the government is your (and the rest of the world’s) baby daddy & will tell you & everyone else exactly what you can & can’t do under the guise of social justice. It’s just a matter of time before the country must get a divorce . How violent & how to divide up the real estate remains to be seen.

        1. I would have agreed except for that fact that both sides try to subvert the constitution or in many cases reinterpret it for their illiterate or intellectually lazy partisan fan base. Saying the right follow the constitution is far to bias of a statement

  10. I’d challenge the assumption that an American historian is the most qualified resource to predict the next civil war. Certainly Dr. Silbur offers a valuable perspective, but wouldn’t we want to first identify the key elements of today’s divisiveness and then look for similar situations throughout world history? France or Georgia May well have more poignant examples than our own history. Consider that in the case of the civil war, the pathologically narcissistic president came after Lincoln. Consider that Nixon resigned when there was evidence of obstruction of justice specifically because his own party wouldn’t support him in the event of impeachment when evidence of that obstruction became public. Consider that the legitimacy of all three branches of our government is actively being questioned (be that questioning reasonable or not). Consider the active demonization of not just politicians, but the voters supporting them. The prevalance of politics dividing families is certainly higher now than in the last 40 years. I hear of the next great awakening, but I fear that ‘the sleeping lion’ no longer exists. The internet, social media etc. make that concept a relic of the past. People exist in their own information bubbles with little ability nor incentive to escape. Their information has been so reinforced that Level 1 thinking now dominates. Historical models will only get us so far. Both sides feel disenfranchised. Both sides feel unheard. Both sides consider their opponents not just enemies but villains. The masses can delude themselves – be it magical thinking that somehow healing is possible or that there will be no consequences for such disenfranchisement. Healing would only be possible if both sides can agree on a reality. That can only happen if there is a paradigm shift in public media. That can only happen if there is a cost incentive to make such a shift. That can only happen if laws change. That can only happen if money gets out of politics. That can only happen if people can agree on a reality… (I’ve glossed over some elements, but you get the idea: it’s impissible). And to think that the disenfranchised won’t ultimately revolt ignores history and, frankly, denies reality. What do you think is actively happening? I’ll tell you one thing, Russia’s laughing their asses off at our hubris.

    1. I’ll summarize your post as this: “How do you speak to a people that hears with their eyes and thinks with their feelings?”

  11. Divide and conquer. BOTH sides are instigating it, anyone wonder why? Or are you all just content to bicker at each other and play into their hands.

  12. Theres quite a few conservatives claiming the left is the problem, but actually rhetoric from the right has become increasingly authoritarian and one sided. Just remember fascism is a right wing political problem. Fox news has become the official conservative propaganda machine and you have tucker carlson saying liberals and democrats are a religious cult. Rhetoric from the right basically says all major news outlets are liberal, and they are communists or socialists and dismiss everything amd then create their own reality bubble with fox news as an “alternative”. Just a quick look at the daily show with john stewart showed the hypocrisy of fox news on a daily basis. Fox news viewers in several studies are typically the most uninformed viewers of media. The Republicans don’t want a two party system, they want a one party system. They are increasingly intolerant, and just look at Sean Hannity and others and how they just shout at opponents and drown them out, they aren’t interested in intellectual debate, they want to force their idess on others. Fox news has essentially high jacked old people (just look at their ads and who they are marketing to) and with the baby boomer generation retiring, they now have the majority. Young people are typically more liberal and democratic.

    Lets be honest, Republicans and conservatives are very religious and Christian, and often come from rural midwestern states with lower education and a distrust of science. They don’t believe in evolution, and would rather creationism be taught in schools, and now they don’t believe in global warming either. I’m sorry but Science is the answer to all our problems and ignoring scientific findings will only doom us all. Anti-science and anti-progress is only a detriment to our nation and environment. And it isn’t just ignoring CO2 levels and global warming, they believe in cutting down national forests, fracking every possible parcel of land, cutting off every mountain, increase mining and have more deregulation across the board, allowing corporations to just dump their toxic waste into rivers and streams. All for a quick buck. Flints water is still horrible!! The way I see it, corporations and lobbyists have hijacked the Republican party to suit their own greedy self motivated interests at the cost of everyone else. We don’t need more logging of trees we need to grow hemp and use hempcrete! We need new ideas, we don’t need to increase our use of old outdated techniques simply to help job creation. Its oxymoronic. Every other advanced firstworld industrial nation has fast bullet trains and is way ahead of us, we are falling behind as the global leader.

    Theres also a great article on vox about how Republicans are underminining democracy itself, whenever they win, they act like everything was fair but when they lose they cry foul, and make up stories about illegal voters with no evidence, and they also use gerrymandering and other shady tactics more so than democrats, not to mention Republicans typically disenfranchise black voters many times throughout history, because now its not about legitimately winning, its about winning at all costs because in their mind, the ends justify the means:

    1. I am very concerned that many comments on this thread have tied the Republicans exclusively to big business and therefore responsible for all of the environmental, political, monetary, and religious damage don’t to this country.

      Big money, such as actors, media, movies, Internet, lawyers, and Investors are heavily invested in the Democratic Party. They invest because the Democrats want open borders and a continuous source of cheap labor. This is about money and power, not ideology.

      Very disappointed in the biased remarks. They are indicative of the great divide between us.

    2. I’ve got a news flash for you cupcake… I’m a Conservative Republican who is also an atheist with three degrees.

      Your argument is asinine.

    3. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Biased much?! I am from Arizona with a master’s in Biochem and 2 bachelor’s, not religious at all so please…explain your extensive research you have done that leads you to say the ignorant and comical things you are saying.
      Flint’s water, my special friend, is due to the city refusing to install new water pipes when they changed where they were/are getting their potable water from. The old pipes have lead in them (that is how all ductile iron pipes were made until not too long ago) and the Mayor and city council (black btw) did not replace the old pipes with new modern plastic pipes when they switched from Lake Hudson water supply to the Flint River. The problem is that river water didn’t have the phosphates that the Lake water did and all the city really needed to do was add those phosphates back in at the plant and it would have stopped the pipes from oxidizing which released the lead in the metal pipe into the water. The city was told about this problem but they chose to do nothing. So, a democratic mayor and a almost all black city council did that…not republicans.
      Try reading before you spout of your Racheal Maddow impersonation next time…you won’t sound as dumb.

      1. you idiot, they Governor took that whole thing over and passed a law saying that the city could not veto the Governors choices.

        A Republican Governor.

        BAD faith argument!

    4. Actually that is called stereotyping I am a Trump supporter I am a registered Independent who votes Republican and I live in New York City and have a home on Long Island as well . I am a middle aged woman with two master degrees who has raised a family my husband is a Republican he also has two master degrees I worked in several large corporations and now have my own business. My brother and his wife also New Yorkers also Republicans are both Doctors (MD’S) we have lawyers , bankers, teachers, small business owners ect in our family and yes we all go to church( we are Roman Catholic) and proud of it. We own homes and we have payed for our children to go to the best schools ( we did not ask for help from the government) we work hard we pay our taxes. How dare you think that because someone is a Trump supporter or a Republican that they are somehow beneath you. So much for the lefts so called compassion and if we want to get nasty maybe I could suggest that many Democrats are uneducated people from underserved communities who do not know any better than to keep voting for the same group of people who promise them things will get better for them every 2 to 4 years and nothing changes for them but they still continue to vote for the same people ( I think they say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity)

    5. Democrats cannot win elections unless people are miserable. They try to appeal to people who feel angry that others have more or better than they do. They incite people to violence because they LOVE revolution and unrest. They promise everything…but dont know how to DO anything!

      It is very sad, but Obama’s only real experience was as a political agitator…and agitate he did. He certainly set “race relations” back 60 years. And it doesn’t make me happy to say so.

      Look at Dems now pulling down all their monuments to their slavery roots but still thinking that dark skinned people NEED special consideration and special laws. If I were black I would want them to leave me alone! As a matter of fact if I was white I would want that too!

  13. I’m wondering how a civil war starts? I have many friends and relatives who are Trump voters. They often bring up their certainty that either a civil war or the end times are at hand. When they think about the people they hate so much…like me…and they don’t actually hate me, but they just hate my thoughts and ideas. Do they want to kill the democrats? Do they want a Rwanda style battle? Would Rush Limbaugh send them a signal and they would all rise up with their semi-automatic assault weapons and start shooting their democrat neighbors, and relatives? They need to start it before Donald gets out of office but still their going to find the job difficult to accomplish, because I think some government officials would send in the national guard. But suppose some in the National Guard are listening to Rush on their phones and some in the Guard start fighting their buddies who are democrats. Do all the republicans want to kill democrats? Maybe some of them are not so sure. Maybe some fathers and grandfathers feel a little leary about shooting their kids. Once the rural folks have done away with their democrat neighbors. They could head up the road to the cities and start shooting on the streets. We know the cities are full of democrats. Do the police fight or do they join the republicans?

    The big problem with a civil war in this day and age, is it isn’t land based. Democrats don’t all just live on the and west coast, and republicans are in all the democratic states on the east and west coasts.

    Maybe my Republican friends imagine Elizabeth Warren wins and sends the US Army to Republican houses and tries to take their guns? Oh well… I agree republicans may be ready for this while democrats think it’s just politics.

    One thing is certain my Republican friends and family are angry as hell. Maybe the best thing we all could do is unplug our cable and stop watch 24 hour propaganda that is dividing us.

    1. …and my Democrat / minority friends and family are extremely angry – and they will be ready to finally have the chance to fight back! Republicans think they are smarter and better able to mobilize because of their existing privileged lives and perceived superiority ;-)

    2. Susan, I cannot speak for all of us on the right but I can speak for myself and possibly shed some light on your questions. Please try and view the following from a neutral point and you might understand the frustration and anger.

      None of us want to kill democrats, (some might but again there are always exceptions). Those of us with hostile attitudes is more of a reaction to hostility (will explain). To an extent some of us would view that violence as self defense, it just depends how far the left pushes before said reaction happens.

      To elaborate: involuntary redistribution of wealth (aka taxation in income) is in itself an act of violence. If we refuse to pay taxes people with guns show up and arrest us. Today your party is pushing for higher and higher taxes on a growing number of people to give that money to others. While a noble idea it’s wrong. Charity involves choice, what your party advocates doesn’t involve choice at all. Simply put it’s a form of slavery. Wouldn’t slavery call for violence to free oneself?

      In general most of us on the right want to go to work earn a living and come home to our families. I work a physical job that takes a toll on my body, yet I should hand over 25% to the state to hand out to the lazy? Today we have government dictating more and more of our lives and alot of people are sick of it. Add in we let people from other countries in and let them get on welfare assistance.

      In short we just want to be left alone in peace. We’d happily leave y’all alone in peace, we just want to live and die by our decisions and opt out of paying for other people’s poor decisions. The fact government won’t let us leads to inevitable hostility.

      Also keep this in mind: the average conservative can survive without government and handouts. We are usually in rural areas, grow food, hunt, and try and be self sustaining. The average democrat I know does not fit that definition. We can survive without you, but your party cannot survive without us.

      1. Mike, I like your tone and your civility. I grew up in a family that associated most fiscal ‘responsibility’ with the Republican platform’s ideology of low to no taxes. It is a nice sentiment, but lower taxes do not necessarily mean reduced government control, and higher taxes do not necessarily lead to irresponsible re-allocation of money. Economics, no matter what party view one might espouse, is still defined as the allocation of resources, scarce resources in fact. A discussion of how to BEST share what we have or keep what we earn or take care of one another or protect our assets is contingent on certain moments in time, on geography, on demographics of communities and regions, on weather, on access to the food and and self-sustainance you describe. These variables should have, ideally, nothing to do with a political platform. No one wants to catalyze laziness and a lack of independence. But all civilized societies today, especially where voters seek to guide what is best for the greater good, not just for the individual, seek ways to leverage contributions (taxes, donations in churches or clubs, purchases in business) for education, transportation, healthcare, military, and anything that ‘leveraged’ offers something better than what one might be able to achieve alone.

        Political parties and those wanting to be elected are influenced by their ways of being raised AND by party platform rhetoric that help them to be elected. Neither of those influences will help us to unite, discuss the reality of our survival and happiness, or to avoid yelling unnecessarily at each other. But both ‘sides’ in America (if we do not talk about another 30+ smaller political parties whose members’ voices are seldom if ever heard), are suffering from the weight of words/cliches that make assumptions about each other that have nothing to do with the very realities we all want to create.

        So, to say ‘we want to be left alone in peace’ and ‘live and die by our decisions’ is rhetorically interesting, but suggests that you are representing a unified voice that has already made decisions for a group of people. We cannot all be individual anarchists, either. Even a basic intersection with 4 stop signs indicates a joint decision for the safety and behavior of all. It works. Folks know the rules and lives are saved. Only the person who decides for himself to drive through without stopping will disrupt and potentially kill someone. That is a simple example of many more complex issues that embody our constitution, our laws, our attempt at judical systems, and hopefully our ethics and morality and even empathy for each other. Only these things will prevent civil war.

    3. yes, just put your head in the sand. Republicans don’t want to kill anyone . just are tired of a Government that works AGAINST the people instead of FOR the people . there will always be RIGHT and left the answer is somewhere in the middle ,Congress cant seam to figure it out,so they keep stirring the pot . GOD bless Mr Trump are duly elected PRESIDENT !!!

      1. Ed, if you sincerely believe that you need to speak up to get money out of politics. They infiltrate left and right so that they win either way. We need to cede both parties to younger generations who have both intelligence and humanity—and refuse to play corporate America’s game. Don’t divide—you’re shooting the wrong enemy and praising the wrong guy.

  14. People read your HISTORY BOOKS ! We are pointing fingers at eachother once again just like we did back then. True ? So does history repeat itself ?
    It’s already doing so right as we text on here.
    Right or left who cares we still bleed red and we are Amaricans . this is all bull.

    1. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again. People who love personal freedom are incompatible with those wishing to be ruled over. Buy beans, rice, and water (at a minimum). Those marching in the streets with the “not my president” and vowing to have LE knock down doors to disarm otherwise law abiding citizens will be to blame. Take it up with them. Live free or die.

    2. the right wing trump loving fascists that u call republicans are not americans – the real conservatives who ARE true to american ideals have to a large degree left the republican party and now part of the lincoln project or republican voters against trump etc – they are decent patriotic ppl that are on OUR side against a common enemy which is trump and trumpism – the ones that believe in trump are neo fascists and they betray everything this country stands for

  15. More Yankee garbage from an ultra liberal institution that educated the likes of aoc. Liberalism is nothing short of a mental incapacity and an adulterated moral compass.

  16. If our current president wins the next federal election, get ready USA hundreds and thousands will be heading for the border and you get first crack at buying 77 % in saskatchean and albertan will welcome you with open arm, please, please take us over

  17. Well I think that America is actively engaged in a sort of proxy, or prototype civil war as we speak. Forget political clashes, look at all the mass shootings and the prevalence of gun violence throughout the country. These conditions I believe foreshadow a conflict on a national scale. Democrats and republicans is one part of the issue, but in general I see war of Idealism rearing its godforsaken head. The proletariat vs the ruling elite, classic stuff written all through history. The question is, is this so called civil war a thing of nature, or a thing of intelligent design? Also, will our great nation that once heralded herself as the “land of the free, home of the brave” survive this farce and sustain her identity on the world stage…? Or will she crumple under the weight of oppressive regime’s seeking absolutism… Moreover.. Is a civil war really the bulk of our troubles, I mean aren’t we still fighting Wars abroad in the middle east whilst simultaneously fending off dangerous predators like China and Russia? Honestly, I don’t want my children to fight an unwinnable war on 3 fronts. I think we as Americans need to step up and re-affirm those ideals set forth by our founding fathers and the great framers of the u.s constitution.. the American way. We may very well witness the economic, structural and cultural death of our nation if we as a people break those solemn Oath’s we once swore. Those oaths that American boys and girls throughout history gave their lives for in glorious battle. United We Stand, Divided, We Fall.

    Kudos- Jay

    1. 90% of the left Believe guns should be illegal so I would believe they do not own guns 100% of the republicans which are right own guns 90% of military are republican Do the math

      1. No Sir,
        We don’t want all guns illegal. We want military grade guns that are made to kill the most people in the less time to be outlawed for private ownership. Keep you pistols, traditional rifles and shot guns.

  18. What has been going through my mind for months is a biblical text that has made its way into popular vernacular. “How can a house divided against itself stand?” Right and left put each other in boxes and we do not realize that there are millions in the middle who do not fit in those boxes. People who check the boxes in both parties for what both parties say they stand for…and this guides them in their ethics, relationships, etc. I also think that we are being seduced into echo chambers where we believe that the majority of each side lives and breathes this stuff when really what most folks in the middle are trying to do is raise their families, put food on the table, send kids to college, etc. They are not consumed with political porno but are busy doing what I just said. They don’t have time for the media fear narrative whether it comes from left or right.

    I also find it amusing and alarming how the left thinks the right are uneducated, country inbreeds and the right thinks that the left are the incarnation of immoral elites who embrace atheism and hatred of the USA. Again..its not that simple…far from it. There are brilliant, serving and compassionate people on the left and right but we’d rather enbrace the fear and caricatures. But that’s the kool aid we drink and continue to drift further apart.

    Think about it folks because it’s a wise truth said by a very wise person in history (whom I happen to believe was God in the flesh). “A house divided against itself will not stand.”

  19. So basically many of you idiots WANT us to have another Civil War? You want to slaughter your own countrymen and tear this country apart like we did over a century and a half ago all because of some stupid reality TV star in the white house?

    I’m really ashamed to call myself an American.

  20. I would prefer we got rid of radical rights and left I can’t stand either. both will not budge in their thinking and both are irrational in their thought process. Extreme right is anti homosexual everything, zero gun laws, extreme anti illegal alien agenda. The extreme left everything under the sun for people with no way to pay for it except take it from the rich, no borders everyone should be allowed in and abolish ICE, abortion should be allowed even at late stages… the list goes on and they don’t compromise when many of us want more moderate handling of these items.

    1. “…take it from the rich…”. You realize Amazon among other corporations paid almost zero in taxes while Wal-Mart pays poverty wages and instructs it’s workers to file for government help——it takes in billions and pays its CEO tens of millions. It’s profoundly corrupt and it will end.

  21. This article shows the reason our education system is failing today and why we are discussing and writing articles about a new civil war. The caption of the picture of the monument in the article states that it is a monument in Nashville Tennessee on the Mason Dixon Line. This is from a University. The Mason Dixon Line is between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. It became the “traditional” dividing line between the north and south it was actually put in place in 1763 to settle a border dispute. Tennessee was divided about becoming a confederate state but it did become a confederate state in 1861. Get your facts correct! If we had correct and complete information we would not be in this mess!

  22. Well, after reading these posts, I only wish to share that democracy is NOT easy. This was noted in the article. We must learn to share our environment with those that do not look or think like us. In a colloquial sense, democracy is like a marriage; the partners must be willing to listen to each other for it to succeed. The posts seem to only share many different opinions. Hannah Arendt once said that a totalitarian society is NOT successful because of its Nazi members (believers) or is communist members (believers), but rather by the constituents that are unable to discern truth from a lie. The internet provides all of us with varying interpretations of what a set of circumstances might be…with the media seeking to comment in a manner that increases its ratings. Dickens noted this in his writings on his second visit to America. That said, we as humans gravitate and hold on to those comments that tend to confirm what makes us feel good or provide us with a sense of confirmation of what we might suspect to be true. Sifting through a lot of information patiently seeking the truth is no easy task. I am saddened and somewhat melancholy about what I am reading, but I was pleased to read the post of one individual that opined that our government is feeding us what it wants us to believe. I am NOT a pessimist, but it seems to me that uncovering the truth through the lens of public opinion may not be a goal the human can achieve.

  23. Unfortunately I believe Civil War is being considered. I mentioned it in a blog / admitted rant, I wrote a few weeks ago and have overheard it spoken of here in Pennsylvania much more so recently. Anyone old enough to recall how the News Media used to report it vs what we get now is mad. I’m not to going voice a side here but anyone who believes how you registered to vote at 18 dictates how you vote is idiocy. Not to mention political pay to play nonsense further confuses your true party. People are mad. Anyone who just blames Trump for it didnt get the memo. Revolution IS being spoken of and if the News Media doesn’t stop fueling it, we just may get one. Unfortunately I dont see that changing. Good Luck

  24. Warren Buffett made some great statements about these days being the best days humanity has ever experienced. Why all the discord, then? It is because human beings are self-destructive and this is the way it always starts. Beyond that, we are not evolving fast enough to keep pace with our technology which now concentrates more and more power in fewer and fewer hands. Read some Joseph Tainter on what happens to societies when they get too complex or take a look at Peter Turchin’s work — he gets the same answer. It’s going to get very, very ugly for a long time before it gets better again. The thing is that it really doesn’t have to be that way if people just settled down and thought about it…but they won’t.

  25. It is comical those attacking people who aren’t leftists of being uneducated don’t know the difference between a pronoun, their, and a conjunction with the verb “they’re or they are. University graduates whose writing skills couldn’t pass the 5th grade is a symptom of the problem.

    I speak three languages, grew-up overseas and have engaged in international business my entire adult life around the world. The gender bending wacky left in this country is loathed by regular people around the world. We no longer have a culture people want to emulate but instead fear.

    The only ones who will benefit from a civil war or even this absurd impeachment parade is China. As they challenge free navigation of the seas and continue capturing islands that were not part of China our embattled President appears weak due to the impeachment mess.

    Never have so many uneducated people who produce so little lived so well in history. Our GDP is only large due to the value of the U.S. Dollar against foreign currencies. Once our military is divided and political stability at risk the only currency we have will collapse.

    Think about it. Will your children or grandchildren care whether you were left or right while they clean their Chinese master’s toilet?

  26. Well, it would be an exceptionally interesting civil war. The first problem is choosing sides, and the second problem is figuring out who to fight.

    In our previous civil war the armies were organized regionally, or by the individual states. But our present armed forces are staffed and run by very dedicated people whose major goals in life are (1)to have and maintain peace and (2) their pension. So if we’re going to have a second civil war, the 101st Airborne won’t be fighting it.

    And exactly what would the valiant patriots be fighting for? Prayer in the schools? Deportation of all suspected non-whites? And how would they’d know if they’d won, or lost? Perhaps we’d have to have an Internet scoreboard.

    I would vote for just muddling through the present crisis, if any, and recognizing that Mr Trump is the best civics teacher we all could have hoped for.

    1. Oh, it will be simple. 1st all the career politicians, lobbyists, spooks, and bureaucrats.

      Then the Socialists may have a choice Move, embrace U.S. culture again, or join the 1st group in the ditches.

  27. I remember a time when most people (I knew) didn’t actually identify as Republican or Democrat, but independent with certain leanings. For example, I lean conservative fiscally (in theory…they’ve been on a spending spree lately), and I’m more liberal socially, i.e. – You bring gay or transgender is absolutely your right and doesn’t touch my religious rights in anyway, yes you should have equal rights & access just like anyone else.

    But now?? Now all I see are polarized people. It’s like that Buffalo Springfield song:

    “there’s battle lines being drawn. But nobody’s right, if everybody’s wrong. Young people speaking their minds, getting so much resistance from behind.”

    Corny? Maybe. Accurate? Absolutely. Everyone is so busy demonizing the “other side” that they’re just talking past each other. No person, or party, has a monopoly on good or bad ideas. That’s why compromise is such a great notion.

    I personally think political parties should be banned. Candidates need to be able to align themselves with their individual values, not partisan pressures.

    As for Civil War…I don’t know what that would look like. I’d rather not battle anyone, except maybe all the scum in DC dividing us. That said, if it comes my guess is it will be tribal. All about community. Whomever will help me defend my kids & family, is my ally. Whomever would harm them, shall meet a great and terrible end.

    I like to shoot, but I’m not a gun but. That said, is these hyper-partisan and blood thirsty comments that keep my armory looking like John Wick’s wet dream. I will protect me and mine.

    I hope we can learn to talk to one another again, and give a little, get a little.

  28. all this back and forth arguing is why it is so close to actuality happening. IDC abt republicans or democrats, and that [political party] is the problems, 2 groups who all think that there right and the other person is wrong. George Washington warned the whole nation about what is wrong with this system and its still true today .

    “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” – George Washington, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796

  29. Listening to various media outlets, social media posts, conversations with friends about how divided we are. Up to and including a future Civil War! This includes liberals and conservatives. They also talk like it’s something glorious, almost that we should look forward to it.

    I hope these people are just working their mouths.

    If that is not the case lets bring you this friendly reminder of the consequences of a civil war.

    1. Do you like clean drinking water from the tap? That stops
    2. Do you have loved ones that need a medicine to survive? (insulin for example) Kiss them good bye they won’t be getting deliveries in a war zone.
    3. Like that your kids have access to education. Tough to run school in a war zone.
    4. Public health declines. Because epidemics of cholera, dysentery, meningitis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are
    fun. Right.
    5. Electricity, it sucks when it doesn’t work for so many reasons.
    6. Killing you neighbors, close family members, friends are a great way to spend a weekend.

    This list can go on and on but I hope you get my point. So next some loud mouth (It’s probably a friend whose political positions you agree with.) talks about the upcoming civil war with glee in their voice. Sit down with them and calmly walk them through the consequences.

    It is our responsibility to calm our more radical fellow citizens.

    1. Correct, these are the realities of war. But……..I would sacrifice everything so this country doesn’t end up another Venezuela or Cuba. Socialism is great there. Give me Liberty or give me Death.

      1. Right there with you. “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. … Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” MAGA!

    2. I can’t believe there are people who are willing to risk everything you mentioned above just to maintain they are right. Only extremists would be willing to kill friends, family and neighbors to prove they are right. So, so, so sad. Unless people are killing the people I care about, I would never be giddy to kill others. Very scary times we live in.

    3. What I find stupid is the Left is the ones pushing for a civil war. What makes them think they’d win? They can’t shoot a gun. They can’t survive without the grocery store. Shit, they can’t handle it when their “feelings” are hurt. What makes the left think they’ll handle the hardships of a Civil War? What a surprise the Left not living in reality.

  30. It is theoretically possible, I suppose, that like space-travel through black-holes I will some day read an unbiased article on a political topic. However, I don’t count on it. Prior to reading this one, I knew nothing about the biases of either “BU Staff” or Nina Silber. Apparently, the latter is a professor at University of California, Berkley (with BS and MS degrees from the same institution). If Professor Sibler’s publication list is any indication, her politics are somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders.
    The first paragraph contains a quote of a ill-advised statement by a not-too-bright Republican Congressmen. Further down, in the block quote from Professor Silber, I was reading about conduct by isolated psychopaths geared toward murdering Jews, journalists and Democrats – which of course was broadly condemned by anyone sane. There is not a whisper of the widespread, systematic violence by ANTIFA (which is NOT uniformly condemned by Democrats). Perhaps ANTIFA’s activities are not “ominous” enough (to borrow Prof. Sibler’s descriptive) to warrant attention, although I am sure journalist Andy Ngo disagrees.
    This is propaganda. Granted, it is well-done propaganda, but propaganda nonetheless. Here’s how it works: (1) pick your interviewee carefully. He or she should be sophisticated, credentialed, articulate and most importantly biased, but not obviously so; (2) don’t lie, but leave out important – indeed indispensable – truths (how can one NOT mention ANTIFA in an article like this?); (3) do not present the opposing view, or if you do use a hostile interviewer and choose the stupidest or most-tepid advocate of the opposing position you can find; and (4) overtly advance an accurate but uncontroversial idea (i.e. the current political climate is worrisome), while subtly slipping in the point you are really trying to advance (republicans are stupid, evil and murderous). The folks at NPR would be proud.
    Are we headed for another Civil War? I don’t know. I hope not. I am getting old, and while the advocates on either side envision power, glory and vindication, civil wars are mostly about blood and death (as well as the other problems listed by Mr. Gill) . But if we are going to address the topic, lets do so without using the argument presented as a pretense to subtly imply that the other side is made up of aspiring murderers. Such tactics only serve to inch us closer to what the vast majority of us would like to avoid.

  31. So naive, people really think it’s gonna be left vs right haha! As if the general public supports our puppet government! Neither party has served the needs of the many for a long time! It’s all about the lobby money for those sick, greedy people, and they are sadly mistaken if they think they have ANY staying power in the event of a civil war! It’s gonna be class warfare! The lower classes are sick and tired of being walked all over by rich dirt bags and corporations with questionable ethics at best!

  32. Learn your history, political parties have fought each other since the beginning of the USA. But the planting of seeds in the direction of destroying the US Constitution, freedom and starting civil war is a specialty of the Democratic Party.

    It was Democrats who created the Confederate States of America and then attacked the United States of America starting a war that killed 750,000 Americans for the sole purpose of protecting slavery under a totalitarian ruling government. It was Democrats who created the Confederate battle flag, the KKK and terrorized Americans who spoke out against the Democrats agenda, Jim Crow laws that lasted until the 1970s, segregation, and bs trials against blacks and those who supported black Americans.

    Today Democrats run totalitarian states and cities, like NY, MA, CA, CT, NJ, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore where people are controlled and over taxed. Very similar to slavery in which the master expects your labor and will control your freedom via your money. The Democrat supporteres antifa is the new KKK, attacking anyone who speaks out against the Democratic Party and their policies. Making it ok to attack those Democrats are not in agreement with, just like hitlers brownshirts.

    Lets not forget obomas buddy William Ayers and the Weather Underground, a terror branch of the Democratic Party which was infiltrated by the FBI in the late 70s. An FBI informant revealed a plan of the Weather Underground to set up reeducation camps in the south west US, where they expected to have to exterminate 25 million Americans in order to maintain control of the people who did not agree with the Democrats agenda.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that every bit of the discord in the US since 1828 has been the creation of the Democratic Party and their terrorist actors.

    Boston, where the heart of American freedom was born in 1775, is now a cesspool of left wing totalitarians trying to destroy and erase such history. But ya better remember, only 3% of Americans stood up in the face of the greatest Army in the world and the Tories who supported the tyrants. And We the People won. If America goes down that road again. Ya better bet there are those who have been preparing and ready to go to ensure freedom continues to ring.

    1. Firstly the civil war cost 620,000 people their lives and that’s googleable so that tells me already you’re dumb and probably believe anything anyone on a screen tells you. Secondly if you went to school you’ll learn between the 20s (The Great Depression which you probably don’t know much about since you are uneducated) and 60s who made up the republicans and democrats parties slowly flipped you see, back in the 1860s rich white “businessmen” (slave owners”) from the south were democrats but wait, now we got rich white “businessmen” from the south/the countryside running the Republican Party. Of course you are probably ignorant and won’t accept anything I say as fact an will say “state sources” buddy go look up the switch between the two parties moral compasses and you’ll learn the republicans of the 1800s would most likely be more on the democrats side.

  33. Comment from Australia – I am neither Republican or Democrat, but I believe within 50 years – maybe sooner than later within that timeframe – the United States will experience a Left Wing v Right Wing civil war and it will bankrupt your nation.

  34. I was a democrat, being told that I was so since I was old enough to speak the word and I self-identified as such until the campaigning of 2016 when somehow, I “switched”. One thing that fostered that was actually reading what the characteristics of the conservative and liberal parties were. I guess that due to being older now, I had become more conservative and it was a natural conversion.
    I am not a “racist” in any form. I can see that there are races and such but I am accepting of just about anyone, especially if they are thoughtful and respectful. I don’t like anyone, no matter their ethnicity, that is disrespectful and rude.
    But I am beginning to wonder if there are those causing and engineering the divide we are experiencing in our country. And why would anyone want that? That is very simple. We can tear our country apart from within and make our downfall reachable more than any of our worldy foes could, and without the destruction that could ensue if global war was created.
    Social media seems to be complicit. When I look at my “feed” on Facebook, it consists almost entirely of one-sided political propaganda that keeps trying to feed me more and more hate and anger and I am sure the same thing is happening for those of the opposing opinion by feeding them hate and anger in the opposite direction.
    My point is: we should ALL at least consider that we might be getting thrown at each other like dogs in a ring to try to make us want to fight. And if we actually do get into it earnestly, we all should consider what will happen. There will be arson and killing and mayhem and no one will be able to trust anyone and ALL of the comforts that we now enjoy will be disrupted and likely ended. Getting ready to retire anyone? Forget that! And Postponing a surgery until more ready? Forget that too, along with everything else you might have planned.
    So, the next step you or I take and every thought and action we take on a daily basis CAN have an effect on the overall mood of our country. Do something nice for someone that you think might be an opposite. Maybe doing things like that could make us remember that we are all Americans and what we have is what everyone else on this planet only wishes for.

  35. In 1984 I moved from a tiny, 100% always white mining/logging town in the far north, nowhere near slavery, undeveloped until 1870s, to Milwaukee, and it was there when I first lived near other races, that I learned how racist most people are. We just heard a US Congressperson, not white, say that white men are the worst terrorists on the planet, another non-white who said we just need to get rid of old white men to fix everything. Of course neither of those non-whites will leave the ‘horrible’ white-built US for any African nation. Racism has existed long before Trump, and Colin Kaepernick and the Rodney King Riots did more harm than Trump ever could. WAKE UP. Those of us who have lived in communities surrounding large cities with large non-white communities see the nightly news, and we wish it were entirely different, but it is what it is. STOP THE BS, and listen to Larry Elder.

  36. Interesting that she says nothing about the attack on our 2nd amendment rights or the biases on our first amendment rights that are being met with violence from the left. Remember Maxine waters telling people to attack people on the right. Why is it that when right wing speeches are attacked and booed by the left! Interesting how this is all tipped to trump when none of these issues have nothing to do with him. Many of us have seen history where guns have been taken like Hitler for one! British now hates the day they gave them up for they have no defense against the gangs and mobs that break out. I am also tired of hearing the lie that modern weapons are not coved by the constitution. In studying the 2nd amendment it is clear the public is to have firearms adiquate to take a tyrantical government trying to take our first and second amendment right away from the public. This also guards the right to remain a capitalist country.

    1. Brian, I’d love to see a citation on your stated “fact” that says “British now hates the day they gave them up for they have no defense against the gangs and mobs that break out.” Just one reputable source.

  37. I read these comments and realize that violent confrontation is inevitable. It is natures way of fixing all things. No one can change nature. This is proven by history. Darwin has been proven right time and again. The weak will be eaten by the strong. The strong will not tolerate the ideals of the weak. Both sides perceive themselves as right/strong. But only one side will prove it. On the Left side you have a group founded on emotions and ideals not grounded in reality. On the Right, we have a people blindly supporting a broken system, lost in denial. Reconciliation at this point is not possible, and both sides are quickly running toward “enough is enough”. I suppose the real question is going to be: How far are people willing to take it?

    -“War does not decide who is right, only who is left.”

  38. I have read many of the comments above…It is interesting to see other people’s view points and ideas…I have a conspiracy theory I’ve been working on…It goes like this…The world elites don’t really want us peasants around anymore…or at least not so many…We are causing them headaches…Jacques Costeau: “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.”…Ted turner would like the world population to be somewhere around 350 million people, down from approx. 10 billion people…Now consider this…What if the Next American civil war is just one vehicle to kick off a world on fire revolt…Killing off billions…while they (Globalist elites) kick back and wait for the dust to settle…In the mean time AI is being developed that would increase the abilities of current robotics to the point where most humans will no longer be needed (For general labor)…My conspiracy theory is that this whole thing is a part of the plan…and we the people…Left , right, and center…are not a part of any future long term plans…We are simply in the way. Useful idiots.

    1. Nobody would live long enough to enjoy the fruits of this conspiracy theory. Why would the ‘elites’ go through all the effort of managing a world genocide? They’re still going to die some day. Even of they did it for their children – everyone knows that a parent can’t control the actions, thoughts and morality of their children (for the most part). This theory takes too much mental energy and conviction. Humans aren’t built that way.

      Are you pitching a plot for the next dystopian future best seller? This might be a little too depressing to gain a wide audience. There’s no hero in the story.

  39. Intellectuals and Academics fail to note that when the Rule of Law applies only to a single political sect, that the infringement of the opposing party is likely to devolve to an untenable position.

    The various “crimes” of the Trump administration including:
    – Colluding with a Foreign Government
    – Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine…

    These are all instances equally and unquestionably violated by Democrats who also ‘conspired with Russia’ (and British Intelligence) in the formation of the infamous Steele dossier. Indeed the Vice President arranged a Quid Pro Quo in having the prosecutor fired who was looking into his son’s business dealings.

    Roger Stone is potentially going to jail for lying to Congress. Under this standard, James Comey and Andrew McCabe should already have been charged, tried and convicted, but we see that the Rule of Law only applies…if you are a conservative!

    The Civil War has already started and it started within the government. The Deep State has been at war against ‘We the People’ and particularly with those people with Conservative leanings. That war seeks to repudiate the first amendment by denying conservative voices on campus and in the workplace. The end result is to silence any dissent and have a singular voice, destroying all opposition.

    This is totalitarianism…..and its already here.

    1. I disagree that it is totalitarianism, but I agree that we have lurched mightily in that direction. Furthermore, certain segments of our society see what most of us think of as a dystopia (e.g. North Korea; Orwell’s 1984) as a positive, or at least better than the current state of affairs. One tactic to move us in that ugly direction is (as Sicen Tired points out) uneven application of the laws. Another is shifting the value of the stuff life is made of – time – from one person to another. In its purest form, that is the definition of slavery – you no longer own the days of your life, because I do. How is it done if one does not have the desire (or at least the ability) to engage in overt slavery? In our society (as in most), we work for money, which buys objects, travel, security, food, college educations for loved ones, shelter etc. By taking a person’s money, you take little pieces of their life – their time. Sometimes that’s OK – if I want a bottle of booze, or a book, or whatever, its my time/money to spend/waste/re-allocate. Its when this is involuntarily that it can become a problem, especially when there is no discernible benefit to the person whose money/time is being extracted, and the party extracting it benefits tremendously. From the extractor’s standpoint, the best tool to steal other people’s money (a.k.a. time) is a big crises that must be addressed, but can never be fully wrangled. Give it up, or Emmanuel Goldstein will get you. Or perhaps something more abstract – an environmental catastrophe that cannot be seen but will inevitably kill us all, cannot be solved but nonetheless must be addressed, and will take everything you can throw at it and more but will not go away. Ever wonder why we her so little about demonstrable, physical environmental meltdowns (deforestation in South America and Africa and the plastic continent in the Pacific Ocean) and so much about the global warming shibboleth (or, if its cold outside, “climate change”)? Because there is no better tool for shifting money/time from person A to person B. Not fair? True. Easy to articulate? Less so. Nonetheless, while people sometimes have a difficult time explaining these concepts, they (correctly) sense something is unjust, and that someone is stealing their lives, little bit by bit. Perhaps this has something to do with Dr. Silber’s concerns.

  40. There are two issues that stand out that could trigger a violent Civil War. Redress of Grievances and poverty. The government shows through the deep state it is not accountable to the people. The government has been nullified by the banking class. They don’t care what the people want because they create the money. America is becoming a poorer and poorer nation. The bankers rule using debt, taxes, access to capital, and scarcity. Social issues and the nation’s wellbeing are irrelevant to the banker. The government does not hold banks accountable. Undoubtedly the impoverished Americans will.

    1. First: you are obviously a smart person.

      Banks can’t exist without nations. Furthermore, banks are not free from the laws and regulations of the nations in which they operate. Your comment is one step away from a conspiracy theory.

  41. Well said but doesn’t most everyone do this? This country has gotten to the point to where if you don’t think like I think you’re wrong. We have become so conditioned to having our own way the way we want it and we forget that everyone has an equal say and that everyone has the right to an opinion what we must learn to do is respect those rights Without Anger or violence. This is becoming harder and harder to do. We need to stop letting the news media and Hollywood do our thinking for us we must think as individuals and see it through clearly with good reason. Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the news media and Hollywood as the only villains; there are many. One of the other reasons here’s that we’re letting people that have no children and no experience raising children telling parents with children how to raise their children. Again it all boils down to one thing respect for one another and each other’s opinions without anger and belief that we each have this right. I was once told by my grandfather that our own freedom is going to come back and kick us in the ass. Well over my many years of living on this Earth I Now understand exactly what he meant by that.

  42. One universal truth that always seems to bring calm to tense situations is the fact that neither side is going anywhere any time soon. It doesn’t matter how cataclysmic the war becomes. Yankees will still be here, as will Confederates. Blacks will still be here, as will Whites. The rich will still be here, as will the poor. If after 50 centuries of incessant bloodshed these groups of people have not perished, no amount of brutality that is to come will destroy them entirely either. And that which is not destroyed, will live to carry on the struggle.

    Knowing this, the individual has but one choice: to learn to live peaceably with their neighbors. Because the only alternative is a life which is as brutal as it is short.

  43. Have at it! I would love to see the US at war with itself. After all, the US has been at war with almost every other country in the world. The US loves war. So, stop talking about kit. Just do it.

  44. If you are a true historian you can see that what is happening is a direct result from the civil war and the things that took place from the propaganda used to fuel the first to the propaganda being used today to fuel another. First off all one needs to do is read Lincoln’s 1861 inaugural speech to see that slavery had nothing to do with the start of the civil war. What Lincoln did was usurped the Constitution and took it upon himself to bypass congress and send troops to the south to declare war because he wanted his “more perfect union” and could not stand the souths lawful secession under our 10th amendment but how does Lincoln have anything to do with whats happening today? Well he was assassinated before rescinding martial law. Meaning the Constitution was still suspended in 1868 when Andrew Johnson his vice president declared insolvency because the north couldn’t afford to pay for the war and sold us all to the bankers and Andrew Jackson confirmed it in the banking act of 1871 that we are all collateral “chattel for the debt of the country’s bills (debt slaves) we essentially lost our country and all of our liberties to the bankers which led to enslaving an entire nation with future Acts of Congress such as the “trading with the enemies act” the incorporation of the UNITED STATES title 28 USC 3002 and the “federal reserve act of 1913” which ended our lawful money of gold and silver coin. And with the help of FDR declaring insolvency again in 1933 and “the gold confiscation act” gave the bankers the helm to do what ever they want with us. The biggest fraud of history has been kept quiet because of the propaganda used to keep Americans occupied with hate and division for one another so they dont ever catch on to what’s been done to them. It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing, it’s an uneducated American thing and it’s a all about controlling a people thing for corporate profit thing! Far worse than the King of England in the revolutionary period that caused our founding fathers to declare independence from the King and his way of doing things. Yet because Americans have kept their eyes on the intentional distractions and not on the law, the corporate puppets in Washington DC have created a system of deceit through the public schools (indoctrination centers) and kangaroo courts courts designed to generate revenue from anyone not subordinate to the unlawful statutes passed by congress and enforced by a paramilitary police force designed to keep the people in fear so that the banking cabal that truly runs America and the rest of the world for that matter can continue it’s divide and conquer tactics to eventually install a 1 world government and currency and complete their goals of world domination and depopulation! I seldom ever comment on things but i feel the need to wake people up if thats even possible with everyone focused on the left and right divide who cannaot understand that both wings are connected to the same bird and that they are being played as human pawns against one another and are going to eventually be in the streets killing themselves for the very institution that’s fueling the division. Unless people see what is intentionally being done to them asap 2020 is going to be an absolute bloody mess and the complete end of what the founders labled the “great American experiment” and life as you know it

  45. Reading the comments and seeing the politics of today. I say there will be a Civil war. No choice . We aren’t going to vote our way out of this . Socialism has come knocking on our door.the answer is a 12 gauge blast to the face. America will never be socialist. This we will fight over. I welcome the day.

    1. Have you been to Gettysburg or any of the Civil War battlefields?
      Are not Cuba, No. Korea, Vietnam, Iran and Venzavala in the US imperial grip and free of the US.
      Have you considered moving to the best one of those countries?
      Have you ever been the personal victom of someone who was truly evil?
      Are you admitting, by using the word, “evil,” that satan exists?
      Do you know that the world has been waking up every morning for over a century eager to know what new invention they can buy cheeply from the US?
      e.g. Refridgerators, Radio, TV, Cell Phones, Ice Cream, Airplanes,Internet, Rock Music and on and on and on. Think of some more. Think for yourself and stop allowing hateful people rule your life, Travel, laugh, love. Remember, “…love your neighbor… as Jesus told us.

  46. It is sad that we can’t have this conversation.
    When people are scared to talk about this seriously, people with backgrounds in this subject – it becomes clear – we aren’t going to seriously talk about this issue until it is too late and it blows up in our collective political body face.
    We need professors to be willing to stand up and say this is a topic to talk calmly about – so that we can talk about ways to prevent it.

    When professors won’t stand up and talk about this issue freely – since Universities are the place society goes to to have informed answers – then America is domed to just sit still until the Civil War is upon us.

    If you are someone who is serious about talking about the future of a Civil War, so that we can develop ways to prevent that.
    Please email me marcus. ruiz. evans@gmail. com

  47. Personally if our founding fathers were to see how this country is going down the drain, due to how greedy and power hungry our country’s leaders have became. If they could see how much we the people of this once great country are haveing to suffer, By the hands of our country’s leaders. Those same leaders that are supposed to be there for us, working for us to help us ensure that each and every American past present and or future can and will always be free, safe, happy lives in this country. Our founding fathers have probably rolled over in their grave, it is truly sad that after all these years man kind has been on this planet we still can’t seem to get along. Maybe we should of never of split off from England, if we’re gonna be haveing to go through the same basic drama we were going through back then with our America leaders. Our leaders we voted to lead us because we believe we could trust them could count on them. Depending on how you look at things we would of been better off just sticking with the king/queen. Unfortunately its beginning to look like we may be headed into a far worst type of government then that was. America could really use our founding fathers back here today they way things could be put back straight the correct way.

  48. I think we need war. Im so tired of nit pickin stuff. I dont belive its possible to get along. Greed, wanting to be rite , evryone, somebody’s got to be wrong .I think you might agre. Nobodys gonna concede. Its time for war. I say ” it is a good day to die”make America Great Again, or die trying.

  49. There is no doubt a sizable conflict is likely to occur. I point the finger at our education system which teaches our children extremism. Family life is in moral decay for mostly left wing communities. Entitlement mindset is a curse to the nation. Political correctness is a toxic poison to our culture. Forcing multiculturalism doesn’t work in any country. It’s normal for people of like backgrounds to coexist at their own will or choice. Common decency is in decline. Illegal immigration is a national security risk for the problems we face in modern times. States select what laws they serve in turn creating lawlessness. We have lost our moral compass. Each side imposes it’s will on the other. Compromise is no longer achievable. As a retired veteran, I see a civil war being more of urban guerrilla fighting. Many veterans like myself are traditional conservative patriots that are trained and
    specialized weapons handlers. People like me would know how to deal with that kind of situation. It’s conceivable to cut off food, fuel and
    Services to large urban areas. It would then cause city dwellers to turn against themselves to survive. Police would be hopeless to contain the civil unrest. Middle America would fair quite well since they have their firearms and farms. Any outsiders would likely be dealt with quickly. Money would be almost worthless. Trade and bartering will be the way to survive. Thieves would be dealt with severely. Urban dwellers in cold climates will freeze to death or be killed fleeing. The left doesn’t have the will to deal with such hard times. The military cannot and won’t turn against the citizens. The national guard would likely refuse their orders to attack citizens. They’re not stupid either because they know they will likely be killed carrying out such orders. The storm clouds of war seem to be gathering. Let’s hope something gives but I have my doubts. President Trump loves all Americans and the left is so consumed with hate that they simply can’t accept the will of the American voter. IMO, the left will likely push us farther into conflict rather than let our democracy carry out the will of the people and not the lefts agenda. Funny how the left wing mob brands me a racist because I support trump. I’m in a bi racial marriage for 30 years, I grew up in the northeast and live in the south. Southern pride isn’t racist. It’s a way of life. There is good and bad in all groups so the left needs to learn to stop the assault on our freedoms and traditions and accept that we Americans are not cut from the same cloth. MAGA 2020

  50. I honestly hope we get another civil war, because independence and personal responsibility is what we need, not enslavement by a state regime that continues to be unfought by the People. The right to free speech and the right to bear arms is essential for personal survival at the face of one’s enemies. As an LGBTQ+ Satanist and Anarchist, I honestly despise homophobes and racists; however, I believe that shooting them if they trespass onto my private property is my right and my right alone, not the government’s or any third party’s business to be determining my fate over whether having shot someone on my own property puts me in the “right” or “wrong.” What was someone doing trespassing on private property if they were not up to no good? Why should other people decide whether I have the right to live or die on my own property? Why should other people have the right to vote away my LGBTQ+ rights and my right to believe or not believe in whatever I choose? If I was a Womyn who was raped or however I got pregnant, why should men get to vote whether I should be forced to bear a child with all the medical and physical consequences that could come along with it? The second amendment says it’s my right to bear arms, and by No God and No Government will I remain loyal to that Right. You have the right to believe in a god just like I have the right to disbelieve in a god or to worship Satan. When the American government openly violates American laws, left and right, that is further grounds to support the theory of an impending civil war that will be fought by a diversity of factions, some more or less conservative, liberal, moderate, eccentric and all in between, because out of all people and agencies, government is meant to abide by its own laws, and when government consistently violates its own laws and/or writes new laws that are unconstitutional by its own operation, it furthermore weakens its credibility, the sympathy it receives from its citizens, and the result is the opening of the window for an all out civil war, not so much fought by “Patriots VS Progressives” but more specifically, “The People VS the Government.” I witness a lot of corruption, left and right, and a lot of blaming, and frankly I hope it escalates. If Democrats and Republicans need to keep blaming each other until it escalates to violence, then so be it. Just the fact this post will probably get deleted tells me that fascism is a major problem in this country, and if we want liberation, we need to arm ourselves, and prepare to fight. All it takes is the right spark to stimulate an all out civil war where suddenly everyone is involved, and for the sake of all the enslaved African Americans by corrupt police officers and the prison system, for the sake of all the persecuted LGBTQ+ people, I chant to Satan every day for a civil war in America. I even have sympathy for the Christians who claim the democrats are persecuting them. It’s very simple when many of us various and diverse factions have a common oppressor, and that oppressor is the government. The solution for peace is simple: Mind your own business, take responsibility for your own needs, don’t trespass, and don’t provoke others – and then you have all the rights in the universe. But because these simple rules for peace are not being followed by our government, We The People are in every right to resort to violence where violence is due.

  51. As Americans we must never divide. History reminds us of our loss. Racism has always been a problem in all civilized countries, it has existed as far back as you can read. I am not saying that’s good or natural…. it bad it’s bad. In American a lot has been gain in equal rights. But we are losing respect, empathy and have become to self centered. We are being driven apart by a media that thrives on sensationalism news that puts them in the forefront of the evening news. And a president who lacks values who has difficulty showing respect, empathy and the lack to lead his people like a president should ,not like a back street gangster with the obsession of distortion manipulation and alienating our Country more and more everyday. No one has to tell us America is great! It has always been a great Country. American will always be a great county as long as we don’t forget what made us strong. Yes in politics we will always be in different arenas …challenging each other who can offer our people a better way, a better tomorrow. Not the way we are being play at the moment .

  52. Think about this …. When the revolutionary war of 2021 was taking place and if you were one of the unfortunate knowingly seconds away from being executed/murdered or unknowingly about to be casualty …. Did all the blind idiotic one sided biased beliefs you felt so strongly about when you belittled and spoke I’ll things towards all the hardworking innocent people who had families just like you still matter to you that much ? Will you feel as “right” and as “proud” as you did right now seconds away from meeting your maker ??? You should be after putting in such hard work into all those evil things you’ve said and done to people just like yourself! at least then you’ll die with your oh so important dignity and pride !

  53. This comment section proves the above articles question damn near perfectly. So I say screw it. Let’s load up our rifles, sharpen our knives, and see who wins. Shall we, gents? Let the victors once again decide the fate of our nation. After all, what’s poking at each other on the internet gonna solve?

  54. Democrats, and Republicans lawmakers can continue creating laws; and , I will keep telling you all “I will do whatever the (F) I want” it’s the American way. My neighbors can kiss my rear end. Have a nice day.

  55. I can’t help read in great dismay the comments and the closed mindedness of some. Some of the posts grow more heated, words typed feverishly to blast opposing comments. When lives are lost, livelihoods compromised or jeopardized, soldiers putting their lives on the line to protect what? Lack of humanity? Why is so important to debate what side is responsible for so much pain, suffering, the agony of families never being the same. Does a life matter more or less if your left or right, black, brown, white? Instead, finding reasons to stand together, find truths and what so many fought and die for, to be blue, red, left, right, or perhaps, to be free, to protect what so many take for granted. Every breath, seeing a childs first recital, hearing a favorite song, dancing, yes, in the rain. If you had to bury your son, brother, sister, daughter, parent…would it REALLY matter, left, right? Would you hope that whomever is responsible punished according to the law, or should it be different depending upon whether they believe what you do, would it be ok then, or more wrong?

  56. At the end of the day when all the arguing is done and liberals have had enough of freedom in this country, they will turn to violence as they always do on the streets of America to push their Socialist ideology. Fact is.. and it is a fact, the main Liberal strongholds are bordered by oceans, hence New York, California, Oregon and Washington st. The Liberal does not own the fertile food growing heartland of America and the Liberal is clearly outgunned and holds far, far less ammunition than conservatives. The pentagon has already done a study on this. In every scenario of this study the Liberal loses.
    So you Liberals that love to be mouthpieces for your anti American agena, should consider moving or consider shutting their mouths, because in any case, the Liberal will lose.

  57. It looks like Liberal Democratic congressmen and women & senators have checked out and are refusing to attend the State of the Union 2020. To the Liberal, if I had voted for these people to represent me and they choose to not show up and represent me, I would ask them to step down, because again they are not doing their job of representing their Districts, States and People. To me this is not suprising considering they havn’t done anything for their people or the American People as a whole for 4 years. They refuse to work for their country and refuse to work for you. You can choose to abstain from eating. You can choose to abstain from sex. You can chose to abstain from doing alot of things as long as you the abstainee is the only one affected. When you choose to abstain from governing for the people in an elected position by the people, you have chosen to drive a wedge into partisanism within America. You the Liberal have chosen these people. You the Liberal have a duty to recall your selfish, do nothing politicians that you have placed. The politicians you have voted for have lied to you and have no desire to mend any partisanism that they create by not governing for the American people.

    1. I don’t see eye to eye with you politically so I can say the same thing to you about conservatives and the myriad ways they don’t act in the interest of the American people, and really the world, but do you care? You SEEM to be preaching a “work across the aisle” agenda, but clearly you have zero interest in that. Your views are right and those of others aren’t valid at all. Wanna respond to that? Want to tell me I’m wrong about you only supporting a world in which your conservative views are the only valid views and all other views don’t matter?

  58. This is for DJT. Give me one reason why we should not ban late term abortion. Yes thats preaching a “work across the aisle” that I support. So your wrong about that. Where is your reasoning. Why should we have late term abortions. Is that for non Christians that are told by their Dr. that their unborn child will have a deformaty so that they can have an out in order to tiptoe around taking care of their responsibility and their child.
    Seems to me the Liberal politician supports late term abortions.
    Do you? I dont know for sure but it sounds as though you may have voted for them. Why late term abortions? Lets start there.

  59. Here is another question for you to answer. Why do you think that we have Donald John Trump as our President. While your scratching your head, its because of the multiple failed policies of the Liberal. While your still thinking and wondering what country has enough free handouts for you to float away to join, Donald John Trump will be reelected in 2020. How do you think that will will happen? No no, not from cheating, thats just an excuse. Its because the majority of Americans support Freedom and will reelect Donald John Trump. If your head has been in a hole, the only reason why Pelosi is pushing impeachment is because the Liberal has noone that can beat Donald John Trump, noone. Good Luck Liberals, I mean Losers.

  60. The Liberal is being used by the Democrats to enforce Global control which has its sights on slavery of human kind as its end game. Islam will be the preferred religion of the NWO as it enslaves 50% of society without government effort, leaving the iron hand of Socialism to deal with and control the males in society. By no means am I saying all Islamic people are bad, that is not my point. We are seeing a Liberal coup in America to cut out Conservatism and establish an ideologically pure Liberal nation for the purpose of switching America to Socialism and we are seeing a global coup to create a NWO with the Globalist elites themselves establishing a new Aristocracy forevermore. The only reason Liberal Politicians offer free this, and free that in terms of education, healthcare and welfare is to get votes to stay in power. Once they have eliminated Conservatism from America, Canada, and Australia by taking away their guns (they already have taken the EU) there is nothing that will stand in their way of switching to a full blown Socialist society of enslavement. The Globalist Elite is already financing mass immigration of Muslims to European countrys in order to change the major religion of Europe to Islam. They are attempting it here in America as well. The Liberal is buying into a bait and switch tactic that will offer free everything. Once the guns are gone and the traditional religous values of Western Civilization are diminished thru mass islamic immgration, we will all lose eveything at that point and the globalists will have their hands on the most beautiful, powerful and once free country in the world. There will be no turning back. I and we Conservatives do not want and do not advocate a war with the Liberal, but we will not stand by and let the Liberal usher in Globalist Socialism and enslavement. Maybe the Liberal should apply for a 6 month visa to North Korea and try it out. The UK is figuring out what is really at stake and have recently left the EU.
    Educate yourselves please before its too late.

  61. All problems in our societies can be removed if you can (1) Introduce truth and (2) Remove money. Money is corrupting everything, because money is false. Money is false because money is not an object of nature. By using something false, you cannot create anything true. Thus everything in our society is false, including history and education, and even math and science. Engineering is correct, because engineering uses objects of nature. But engineering is unreliable, unsafe, and pollutes the environment, because engineering also uses false money, false math, and false science. In a moneyless economy (MLE) truth will automatically come back, heaven will come to earth. However, without introducing truth you cannot implement MLE.

  62. Hello American people,
    I am French (you know the country eating snails and frog legs, and producing “Freedom Fries” as you called our fried potatoes when you invaded Irak and we did not agree) and I have spent some months (a long time ago) at BU using your beautiful library. I have just discovered this paper and the hundreds of exchange below and I am amazed and appalled. It sounds that many of you are ready for a new civil war. I am sorry for you if your division is so intense that you are ready to plunge your country in chaos. As one of you tried to remind you, civil war is rarely something nice. It is rather something ugly. Look for example how it is to live in Estern Ukraine or in Syria or in Yemen. Would you like to live in such conditions? Violence in movies might be fun, but real violence, when it will kill your children or dear ones, is not so great. The previous time there was a civil war in the US: “It remains the deadliest war in American history. From 1861 to 1865, it is estimated that 620,000 to 750,000 soldiers died, along with an undetermined number of civilians. By one estimate, the war claimed the lives of 10 percent of all Northern men 20–45 years old, and 30 percent of all Southern white men aged 18–40”. Is that really what you want? As a friend of your country I find this idea, that the US population could engage in a new civil war, quite depressing and sad. And the result will be chaos in your country, inviting other countries to support this or that party. But there will be at least one guy who will rejoyce of this disaster. Guess who? You know, this russian leader who interfere in your election and pushed for a cleaving president. US in civil war would be a great success for Putin. Please help him, he has not achieved his aim yet.

    1. No one want it (civil war), or any war at all. But as you see, war happens.
      The reason Americans are heading there, is because the future is worse option. Civil war means, live in hell for some years, and later come out of it as a winner, or lose it and die. Some will say both option are better then living under oppression and lack of freedom, and I would agree to that.

      Sometime you have to fight for your right, no matter the cost.

  63. These comments alone prove how divided your once-great, once United States are.
    I’m from a third world country and I sure wouldn’t want to move to your country (even though I think there’s so many wonderful places and people in it).
    I’m afraid I think that civil war expert is dead wrong, because she’s an expert on the last one. This one will be different: state against state, military base against military base, neighbourhood against neighbourhood. Brother against brother.
    God help America.

  64. I think many of the problems in the US stem from the pernicious influence of business/military industrial complex on politics. Globalization, temp. work, the “gig economy” have benefited the large corporations and hurt the working class. Quality of life seems to be shrinking for most. Socialized healthcare and education are seen as evil while wars abroad are supported. The US is at war every few years. The US has more of its citizens imprsioned than any other country and those prisons do not rehabilitate; (maybe because many prisons are now “for profit” so there is an economic incentive to keep risons full).

    Perhaps if the US were more compassionate and focused on taking care of the citizens the society would become healthy and many problems would vanish. The strange thing is that many Americans see compassion as “socialism/communism”.

  65. I feel another civil war in inevitable. There is too much animosity on both sides of the line. Honestly I kind of feel like our nation’s biggest problem is that we have a left and a right to begin with. Most of the nation is clumped together as either dems or rep. Personally I agree and disagree with views from both sides of that line. I don’t have to like everything that Trump does, but he is my President and I respect that. I sure wasn’t happy with Obama but I still respected him and he was my president. Heck I voted for him in ’08. We, as a nation, voted. Only five times in our nations history has a president been elected without the popular vote. But never in all that time has a president been so harshly judged.
    I don’t believe anything I read from either side anymore without doing my own research. I don’t listen to quotes from the media because it never fails that they are taken out of context. Both sides are guilty of of only giving us a part of the picture. Why don’t more people wonder why?
    A few examples of how I feel things could be better.
    I personally would never get an abortion, but it not my place to judge if another woman feels like its her only option. No the government should not fund abortion. I think the it should fund birth control though. Abortion would not be a problem if the unwanted pregnancy didn’t happen in the first place.
    We study history because we are supposed to learn from our mistakes. Looking at history the first thing every tyrannical government has done is take away the peoples means of defending themselves. Taken their guns. Statistically countries that have more lax gun control have less crime. That goes for states too. The reason it works that was is because that guy thinking about robbing you doesn’t know if he’s gonna get shot. I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest daughter. Home alone I was painting her room when someone literally broke down my front door. My dogs tried but failed to chase him off. What did work was the 20 gauge I cocked at his head. He ran like the devil himself was at his heels. That guy could have killed me and my unborn daughter if I hadn’t been prepared. I’m not the only one with a situation like this. Some one who never had to fire a shot but was saved by a gun. Violent gun crimes are high because people don’t have the means or training to protect themselves.
    History again. We are a country of immigrants. We were the most wonderful most dreamt of place on earth. People fled their own countries for the protection of ours. At one time we were proud of that. We welcomed them. I welcome all immigrants who want to make a better life for themselves. Other than the outrageous cost of doing so we don’t ask anymore of new citizens than what we expect of natural born citizens. The difference is we get our ss card at birth and have time over the course of our childhoods to learn what we expect adults to learn quickly( ie constitution, how the government works etc).
    My last mini rant promise.
    I hate this but its true. Racism is still alive in our nation. It does absolutely no good to anyone to point fingers. This racism is born of nothing short of fear. Covid-19 on the rise and Asian Americans have been attacked now just because it originated in china. I feel over time racism could be replaced over time if we stopped being proud of what we are and started being proud of who we are. Human. All of this hate is just over superficial things. None of us have any control of how we are born. And everyone of us has a purpose. I would rather not be judged by the color of my skin but by what my head and heart have to share with this world. I don’t honestly know anyone who wants differently. If the whole world were blind we would be better off. (That does not mean that I think we should blind everyone by the way.)
    In conclusion left and right…. Both wrong. Don’t mess with country folk, they will survive. and love thy neighbor as thy self.

  66. Thank you for all the “conservatives are evil, fascist ” style quotes….instead of trying logic or anything like professionalism we go straight to the “each side is racist “.. whatever happened to the times when we could disagree about a point of view without disliking the person…I’m sad that this is what my countrymen and women have devolved into. I don’t care what your skin color is or beliefs are; i don’t care if you’re pro this or that. We’re supposed to be Americans together. Anyone willing to do that and follow our constitution and declaration of independence and bill of rights…i have your back. To the rest of you…my oath to defend those items didn’t end at the end of my Active Duty enlistment. ..which includes all enemies Foreign AND Domestic. Tread carefully and be kind is my recommendation since i know many feel the same way.

  67. I’m not even gonna lie from a college educated viewpoint trump is a idiot. From a deployed infantrymens viewpoint his back in forth tactics in the Middle East have helped to end the life’s of several of my friends, and from a Christian mans viewpoint he has no right to claim a god who’s rules he doesn’t even follow so all of you conservatives get it together we deserve better because we are better

  68. This comment section is getting ridiculous. Both sides are demonizing each other without real evidence or facts. Any actual evidence is either skewed, biased, covered up in hate speech, or completely contradicted by equally good evidence. From what I’ve seen, every side is wrong. Every party is bigoted and racist and sexist. The KKK? Racist. The modern feminist movement? Sexist. Everyone is accusing each other of being a terrorist, while SIMULTANEOUSLY BEING A TERRORIST. In the end, it feels less like two parties warring over whose opinion is best (not right, there are no correct opinions) and more like humans becoming dehumanized and fighting like animals in a zoo. It’s outstanding how crazily hostile most of you are.

    We need to stop reaching for our weapons and come to a compromise. There are good and bad things about both parties. We need to take the good in both sides, combine it, and throw away everything else and treat it like the trash it is. The trash that is making any political conversation so sickeningly toxic.

  69. We need a second civil war so that the people can fix the government. The voting system is rigged and the only ones who can fix it are the corrupt. Peaceful protests are ignored as they pose no threat toward the corrupt, but sometimes those peaceful protests will annoy the corrupt but that’s not good enough. The legal way of dealing with the corrupt only works in the favor of the corrupt. We are well past the last resort. It is time for war against a corrupt US government that uses imperial tactics that even our founding fathers fought against. We need to rebel.

  70. Hello everyone! Born in the UK, been living here a long time but no expert on American politics. Here’s what I don’t understand. It looks to me like ‘conservatives’ currently control the White House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, as well as many levels of the lower court systems being filled with young conservative candidates as fast as Mitch can get them filled, which is pretty quick these days, thus assuring conservative dominance in the court system generally for the next 40 years or so. On the state level there are many more republican governors and so on. I mean really what more do the conservatives in this country want? They have most of the political power. Is that not enough? It seems that the only remaining obstacle to total conservative control is the ‘mainstream media’. Is it really worth turning the country into a smoldering ruin because the NYT says mean things about DJT? Just asking!

  71. Dear America

    I cant even imagine why anyone is talking in such language and in she such vitriol. I`m more scared of America will become rather than what other countries have become . Seriously ,the world is laughing at you !

    Scotland, United kingdom

  72. We can’t blame the current racial situation on Obama, Obama was the most disrespected president that I’ve ever seen because of the color of his skin. Racism is learned, once people stop showing these tendencies around their children then it will stop. Another thing, I’m part Indian and I’m tired of hearing people tell African americans that they can leave and how hard their ancestors worked for this land because it’s a bold faced lie. My ancestors we’re killed off, pushed into the middle of the country then killed of or forced to move again by evil people who ran this country. With that being said all Americans are immigrants outside of the Indians.

  73. I do not believe there will be a civil war directly among Americans. I do believe there are several systems involved with the active destruction of the Union that is the United States. Socialism, since its creation has been at war with democracy in the US. Monetary control from within the US and outside has been the cause of many wars. Greed, Racism and Classism destroy hope for almost all people. Now the American people, each experiencing chronic difficulties from a multitude of sources feel they are divided into two, ten or twenty different groups. We are not divided and we should never feel so. The outer systems implanting us with problems do so because they believe we are unaware or afraid of them. They want us to blame each other while they profit. We can make the changes we need but we need to be thoughtful about it. Thoughtful in terms of our future. Because discussion and debate is the battleground where these self serving elements are waiting. Waiting in order to keep us divided in perpetual civil war.

    1. Capitalism has done far, far more to destroy and weaken America, lol “socialism” what? Are you 108 and still living in the MCCarthy era?

  74. Enough of this back and fourth B.S.. it doesnt matter who started or which president or politician made it worse. The fact of the matter is that we’re here, it’s here. There are many people that agree with you liberals, just like there are millions of people that disagree with you. Let’s get this done and over with already.  Is the US ready for secession or another cival war.  Yes, yes we are.  People forget that before this pandemic and financial crisis we  had a political crisis.  We’ve gone passed cival talk, conversation or dialogue.  The sand has been drawn, choose a side.  For those moderates and independents out there, you gave up your right to say anything until you pick a side as far as the rest of us, we’ll fight for your freedoms since apparently you cant do that for your yourself or your family.  Cuddled, safe space, socialist capitalism is what we’ve turned into.  I think  of myself as a positive person, kind hearted, emotionally mature, optimistic, have a positive outlook on life but these damn millennials and liberals are killing my spirit.  Destroying every positivity in me, it’s like I’m going backwards from all the growth, self development, self improvement that I’ve accomplished and achieved.  It’s getting to the point where if you’re a liberal I don’t want to associate with you in any kind of level or capacity.  Your ideology is sickening, lacking in morals, two faced.  I know, I know, apparently there was a lot I needed to get out.  It’s just so astonishing how much life, positivity and energy they drain from someone.

    And I know liberals, the feeling is mutual.  I didn’t think personally I could ever get to this point but purge here we come, let’s get this party started! 

    There’s no way out of it other than succession, it has been gaining speed these past couple years and this pandemic has expedited the process.  As the Yew York Post stated, we’re two different nations at this point.  Only succession or civil war can change, fix, correct the issue so that we can move forward.  Because one thing is certainly guaranteed that this hatred, anger and bitterness will lead to violence, period. 

    “Americans have never been more divided, and we’re ripe for secession. The bitterness, the gridlock, the growing tolerance of violence invite us to think that we’d be happier were we two different countries. In all the ways that matter, save for the naked force of law, we are already two nations.”

    That way we can part ways, be like good luck with your socialist experiment or as you guys call it “socialist capitalism”.  Hope you can do better job than Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Germany etc…if you guys are able to get the correct formula, that’s great!  That’s just not the country that me and millions of other Americans want to live in and die in.

    It just came to me, this could be the first time Republicans and Democrats can come together.  #secession2020or2021

    That’s freaken brilliant, first time in a while something political has brought warmth and a smile to my face.  We can actually march capital hill together with our signs!  As McDonald’s says, I’m loving it!

  75. I am sad we have come to this divide. But it has taken decades so it is not unexpected. I am ready for civil war or for leaving the United States entirely. If I don’t believe we can save the U.S. because of socialism (call it what ever you want), I will fight with every last breath to return the US to its original intent. But if we won’t go to civil war to overthrow the current socialism; but rather drive ourselves to complete ruin like Venezuela, I will leave the U.S. just like every person with any means left Venezuela before its total collapse. It is not about race, not for one minute; it is a bit about religion (those Christian zealots have lost kindness and justice and the original founder’s thinking), but it is mostly about socialism vs. capitalism. Spread the wealth (or lack thereof), make all people equally poor and miserable…. or let people’s hard work and hope get them where ever it may, which may not be really far, but at least it is done with freedom and your own hard work and thought. It is about congressman serving their personal interests exclusively vs. making the USA a great place. We have changed our government way beyond what the original founders thought. How very sad, but as history has shown, those who migrate to better places, make for better lives for thier descendants. We may have passed the tipping point to believe we can succeed through a civil war. Socialism and government dependence (including employment) has passed the 50% mark. It just may be too late to save what we thought the USA was about. I think too many people will be like frogs in heating water, and have waited too late to act. I hope it is not a fait accompli, but it is not looking good.

  76. I’ve seen all these interesting post and I think EVERYONE is off the mark.

    It’s not Republican vs. Democrat. White vs. Black.

    It’s US vs. THEM. Its “we the people” vs. “them the government”.

    They seek to manipulate us all. Its really in their best interest to keep us at each others throat while they gain more control over all of us.

    Don’t be a fool and let them get the best of you. We are lied to constantly. Probably the best thing everyone could do is get unplugged from the machine that is manipulating us. Turn off media and try talking to your neighbors and form real relationships with people and not fake relationships through social media.

  77. Where do I sign up for the common sense Sane in the middle political party that hopefully will one day become the future of this country.

    Let’s let people love who they want and not freak out about what gender they are.

    Let’s deregulate Small businesses so that they can survive and provide jobs. While keeping an eye on megacorp’s.

    Let’s reform and better train educate and pay police instead of abolishing them and inviting pandemonium. I am a big fan of apocalypse shows But I have no desire to live in one.

    Let’s secure our borders like every other country in the world does while making a path for those who are already here to become citizens easier.

    Let’s stop all stereotyping. Anyone that starts out a conversation with all black people, all cops, all Christian’s, all white people, all rich people, all democrats all republicans, get tuned out immediately.

    Lets start judging Individuals by their behaviors against a societal norm And not buy some fringe group on the left or right latest made up terminology.

    Let’s understand the difficult path is the one where we attempt to understand different viewpoints come together and compromise on things, as opposed to the current situation where everyone makes demands and behaves poorly until the other side capitulates.

    A world where all of us could together
    calmly discuss our viewpoints compromise make deals and walk away with everyone somewhat satisfied but no one completely happy Would probably be better than our current situation.

    Oh one last thing, can the news report what happened and leave it at that. I’m fairly certain people can draw their own conclusions without all of these sensationalized headlines. Currently we don’t have news we have two separate echo chambers where you can go and feel better about your viewpoints and learn to hate the other side even more.

    It does seem like the media desperately wants a Civil War in this country. Maybe that would be best for their ratings, but I would rather come back together as the greatest country on earth.

  78. Damn i feel bad for my American cousins , im actually feeling a little more positive about the future of my UK , Labour went extreme left and were punished accordingly , worst defeat since 1930 , lost some of their heartlands , could take a decade for them to build enough support to be in a position of maybe making a government again. We also left EU which on the orders of the masochistic Germans is destroying itself because they cant get over WW2 guilt , thank god we left that dumpster fire. Only problem left is Scotland wanting independence so they can rejoin EU, yikes. Anyway my fingers crossed for you guys , hopefully Trump wins and things get better , but i must admit im worried for you all , i mean if civil war did break out China would have a great chance to swoop in and finish you off. All the best.

    1. Thanks Rob. Never been to the UK if Trump loses maybe I will. I have been saying for years America is no better than any other country; we have done some despicable things and are often driven by money, power and greed. Now the house of cards is falling and there is no going back. Our many enemies are sitting back with their popcorn and enjoying the show.

  79. A local gun store recently advised that they sold out and the majority of buyers are over 55 and men and women were about even. The militia in many states are said to be purchasing larger amounts of ammunition. We are absolutely heading to a civil war. Right now it is a war of words. The words will soon ramp up to violence. So to change the scale leftist liberals are planning to remove law and order by ending police departments. The extreme right will soon take over where the police are removed but their tactics will be a lot different. So keep your doors locked and your guns loaded!!

  80. As a neighbor to the north of the United States I watch your once great democracy as it seems to be unraveling. I have during my lifetime watched great presidents from the left and right with admiration and sometimes political envy. However, the last four presidents elected have all contributed to polarization and intolerance. Each in their own measure and method. The two great political forces of Bushes and Clintons and the two social and ideological lightning rods of Obama and Trump have done great disservice to the land of Kennedy and Regan. I hope you get this sorted out. Civil War pitting brother against brother is already sweeping your land using words not bullets. Good luck.

  81. Had some quiet time this morning, and trying to integrate everything that has been going on in 2020, and I found myself thinking, “is there going to be another civil war?” I googled the question and found this article and comments. The article is sort of straight forward but the comments are compelling and nearly all of them make really good points, even if the point is just the emotional bluntness of the comment. There is information in that. My fear? Most of these were written before COVID, before the financial crash, before George Floyd was killed, before the demonstrations, protests, riots, civil unrest, statue toppling. How long until the event occurs where a group with guns from one of the factions, confronts a group with guns from another of the factions. Someone shoots they all shoot, some casualties, then it spreads and widens. The civil authorities already have shown they are completely unprepared for just about anything. A shooting war starts and spirals out of control. It’s nearly impossible to figure out the issues, the factions, the boundaries, so atrocities follow, friendly fire, craziness, panic. Who knows how the geographical boundaries will line up. The first civil war was really really bad. I can’t see how another one will have good outcomes, and yet it seems like we are right on the verge..just need the spark and the event. An economist colleague once told me that, removing engagement into war for the sake of self defense, peoples go to war because they feel they have the advantage and the outcome for them will be “ok?”. But it may not turn out that way. Can we de-escalate?

  82. I like the tone and civility of many of these posts. But it takes two sides to create an argument, at a minimum, never just one. I grew up in a family that associated most fiscal ‘responsibility’ with the Republican platform’s ideology of low to no taxes. It is a nice sentiment, but lower taxes do not necessarily mean reduced government control, and higher taxes do not necessarily lead to irresponsible re-allocation of money. Economics, no matter what party view one might espouse, is still defined as the allocation of resources, scarce resources in fact. A discussion of how to BEST share what we have or keep what we earn or take care of one another or protect our assets is contingent on certain moments in time, on geography, on demographics of communities and regions, on weather, on access to the food and and self-sustainance you describe. These variables should have, ideally, nothing to do with a political platform. No one wants to catalyze laziness and a lack of independence. But all civilized societies today, especially where voters seek to guide what is best for the greater good, not just for the individual, seek ways to leverage contributions (taxes, donations in churches or clubs, purchases in business) for education, transportation, healthcare, military, and anything that ‘leveraged’ offers something better than what one might be able to achieve alone.

    Political parties and those wanting to be elected are influenced by their ways of being raised AND by party platform rhetoric that help them to be elected. Neither of those influences will help us to unite, discuss the reality of our survival and happiness, or to avoid yelling unnecessarily at each other. But both ‘sides’ in America (if we do not talk about another 30+ smaller political parties whose members’ voices are seldom if ever heard), are suffering from the weight of words/cliches that make assumptions about each other that have nothing to do with the very realities we all want to create.

    So, to say ‘we want to be left alone in peace’ and ‘live and die by our decisions’ is rhetorically interesting, but suggests that you are representing a unified voice that has already made decisions for a group of people. We cannot all be individual anarchists, either. Even a basic intersection with 4 stop signs indicates a joint decision for the safety and behavior of all. It works. Folks know the rules and lives are saved. Only the person who decides for himself to drive through without stopping will disrupt and potentially kill someone. That is a simple example of many more complex issues that embody our constitution, our laws, our attempt at judical systems, and hopefully our ethics and morality and even empathy for each other. Only these things will prevent civil war.

  83. Well this article is ridiculous. It mentions a coast guard member that wants to kill Democrats, yet fails to mention the Bernie supporter who actually shot a Republican congressman. Now that we’re in the summer, and we see Marxists boldly burning and destroying property on national television, it’s patently obvious which of the two sides is more violent. It’s this kind of absurd bias that is basically breaking the country up into two groups, the people who have been conditioned by the propagandists in pop culture, media and education, and those who have not. This isn’t the “left vs right” paradigm Americans are used to. The left has gone full Mao. This is now “Individualism vs Authoritarianism”.

    Most people consider war unacceptable, and you hear phrases like “war is never the answer”, but that’s not actually true. Sure, it’s horrific, and should be avoided if at all possible. But if a group of people is attempting to impose their will upon you by threat of force, and you’d rather die than conform to their will, war becomes the ONLY ANSWER. And make no mistake, the U.S. is basically at that point. There are millions of Marxists here now, and that reality cannot simultaneously coexist with a classically liberal society. So Americans have a choice. Do they go to war with their fellow citizens or permanently descend into authoritarian darkness? Both options suck, but the answer is obvious. Unfortunately, I’m not at all sure Americans possess the backbone to stand up and fight for their freedom. In fact, our culture has been dumbed down to such an enormous degree, I’m not sure they even understand what freedom is anymore.

    Remember, you can vote your way into socialism, but you must shoot your way out.

    1. Your claims are completely disingenuous and broadly ignore widely reported facts for the sole purpose of making your black and white case when the reality is anything but black and white. It is not at all “patently obvious which side is more violent” when you have federal forces in Portland ignoring the State’s rights to police its own protests and civilians, using military force on peaceful protesters, and have unidentified federal troops snatching up peaceful protesters into unmarked cars, interrogating them and terrorizing them, and unidentifiable federal troops knowingly beating press as they peacefully, rightfully by the constitution, report from the ground. Does that fit into your political worldview Hunter? Federal Govt using authoritarian force on peaceful people and the press who disagree with the government’s politics? Say yes, and you’re a hypocrite. If so, then you are for an authoritarian state.

      Trump = Authoritarianism.

  84. This professor is not the person with the ultimate authority on this topic. The “civil war” spoke of today, and the Civil War of the mid-1860s are entirely different. The professor’s comments provide us with a real hint of what this war will be about.

    She says: “for example, in the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, when the shooter spoke explicitly about targeting Jews who expressed sympathy for immigrants, or the recent case of the Coast Guard officer who was making plans to kill Democrats and journalists.”

    Although there have been thousands of assaults by anarchists in just the past two months, this professor reaches out for two rare examples of people who might be on the right. The second example was about threats. We have seen thousands of real assaults by those on the left. We have seen hundreds of shootings in Chicago in recent months by people who side with Democrats. We watch real violence, which comes almost entirely from one ideological portion of the population.

    So, the next civil war will happen for this reason: I am a conservative and Christian. I have never attacked or disparaged a black person. I have never disparaged a gay person. I have lived in four states and been around hundreds of conservatives. I have never heard the N-word used or never heard any of these people disparage African-Americans. In the churches, in the four states, that I have belonged to, I have only heard pastor preach to show “Christian love” to gay people.

    Now, there is the constant national narrative that I have to hear daily. All conservatives are racists, homophobes, Nazi’s, fascists, white supremacists and nationalists. The president many of us support has never said a racist thing, has donated money in the past to organizations run by Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, given the largest amount to historically black colleges, signed historic prison reform that released thousand of black people and created enterprise zones in inner cities to help minorities. He had also reduced black and Hispanic unemployment to historically low levels. Yet, we have to hear that he is a “racist” with no proof.

    I am getting tired of being labeled a “racist” or a “white supremacist.” I have never met a white supremacist or a Nazi or a KKK member. I have been a victim of black-on-white crime three times. I used to share living space with several black guys when I was younger. I was shocked at how racist they were. It may have changed me, since I was very liberal up to that point.

    This is why there could be a war. We have watched anarchists burn our cities, beat people on the streets, burn down and vandalize small businesses, rob stores without arrest or prosecution. We are sick of it. We have been pushed and pushed and pushed. We have seen the country devolve into lawlessness. We have seen our peers beaten and had our free speech rights taken away. We have never pushed back, but have remained silent and victims. That is going to change.

    The professor completely misses the reason for an impending “war.” Many of us know that regardless of what way the next election goes, those who practice violence in the streets will ramp up their game even more and start attacking more people in their neighborhoods. They will experience resistance. The bloodshed will not be the fault of the “right.” It rarely is.

    1. I was reading this, but have to reply. Rare examples of Right Wing violence… where do you want to start.

      Ku Klux Klan perpetrated a campaign of terrorism against blacks, civil rights activists, Jews, and others in response to Brown v. Board of Education decision (1954). Youll have to look up the individual attacks themselves they are so numerous.

      In the 1980s, 60+ right-wing extremists were prosecuted in the United States for acts of terrorism, carrying out six attacks.

      In 1983, Gordon Kahl, a Posse Comitatus activist, killed two federal marshals and he was later killed by police.

      The Silent Brotherhood robbed banks and armored cars, as well as a sex shop Bombed a theater and a synagogue and murdered radio talk show host Alan Berg.

      19 April 1995 attack on the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people.

      Eric Rudolph carried out the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing—which claimed two lives and injured 111.

      31 May 2009 George Tiller, a physician f murdered by Scott Roeder.

      There are lot more if you want them all they are all online if you have the intellectual and moral honesty to look.

      Of course now you have the unmarked federal forces under Donald Trump, hardly a beacon for moderate politics, conducting snatch squads in Portland.
      But since no has been killed by them (Yet) we will ignore them. There are more than enough listed and a heel of a lot more not. Far Right by its very nature is violent, its based in racial supremacy and religious extremism. Scott Roeder was a antiabortion terrorist.

      1. The difference in all those attacks are that the government did not condone them. Both sides condemned those attacks. The left wing politicians now condone the rioting and looting in cities all across America. Did Biden condemn the rioting? No. This is a much different situation today. How is this making things better? It is not. It is just inciting more hatred between the two sides which will lead to more violence… and god forbid eventually all out war.

  85. A key point in trying to determine whether the United States is about to have a civil war is how close is the United States to what occurred at Ft. Sumter. At Ft. Sumter the South Carolina secessionists wanted the federal government to leave South Carolina and used increasing force to decide the issue. In Portland, Oregon, the left wants the federal government out of Portland and all federal authority to defer to state laws and edicts. As that situation continues to worsen, the likelihood of a civil war continues to increase. You can see a strong resemblance in the passions from the leftists in Portland to the secessionists in Charleston harbor. Both believed intensely that the federal government should be banned from their land.

  86. Almost everybody who has responded to this thread is wrong. Why? They are almost all one-sided. People who are Trump supporters seem to believe he can do no wrong, and list his accomplishments. People who are Trump detractors seem to believe he can do no right, and list his failures. The truth is in the middle. The one commonality seems to be seeing things in black and white instead of shades of gray. Did Obama make race relations worse? Well, maybe we can find some objective measure of the “health” of race relations in this country, and show that it has become worse during his administration. Maybe. I haven’t seen one, or the results of its application. Even if that were true, does that mean Obama caused it? Maybe it was a white backlash against the feeling of disenfranchisement. So it could be true but unrelated to anything Obama did except his being black in and of itself. It’s like looking at the economy now and blaming its implosion on Trump. Trump did not make the corona virus and you cannot blame him for the mess the economy is in, just like you cannot blame Obama for the mess he inherited his first couple of years in office. What we need in this country is some BALANCE. We need to understand that good people sometimes do really bad things, and sometimes bad people do some astoundingly good things. Trump renegotiated the Canada-Mexico trade agreement and it had wide bipartisan support. Trump signed the Prison Reform Act also with wide bipartisan support. But read the history of that and you understand how the republicans stalled and changed that bill over time from its start in the Obama administration. On the other hand, Trump has made the Department of Justice bend to his will instead of being an independent watch dog of malfeasance by persons in the administration. He really does seem to hold different standards of justice for his friends than his enemies. The point is: his administration has had some accomplishments and some failures, and everyone needs to understand that. The decision about his overall balance of performance is left to the individual voter. The point is, politics is all about the art of compromise, about coming together and seeking agreement among people with differing views of political philosophy. There is a lot of stuff coming from the left that I cannot agree with, and a lot that I do agree with. There is a lot of stuff coming from the right that I cannot agree with, and a lot that I do agree with. We should seek common ground or we will surely find ourselves on opposite sides. What we need to do is to look ourselves squarely in the face and ask ourselves, exactly what kind of country do we want? What is the role of the federal government in that imagined country? And together we should strive to make that vision a reality.

    Reagan was touted as the “Great Communicator”. What he did was communicate how good the USA was. He was a big fan, and made sure everyone knew it. We aren’t feeling too good about the USA right now, with some good reasons, but there remains a lot of good in it and we need to be reminded of it. Race relations might not be where we want them, but we are making progress. We continue to make progress. First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly might not be where we want them. We need to impress upon the left that they should not be afraid of open debate. Neither side seems tolerant of the other sides’ free speech exercise. Rioting and destruction of property seem to me to be counterproductive, unless you are trying to foment civil war. We need to figure out how to remove the anarchists from center stage without shooting them in public. That just seems to fuel the anarchist movement.

    At the bottom of it all is the uniquely American love of Freedom that gets in the way of civil society. Nobody in the USA seems to want to be told what to do or how to do it or when to do it. The obvious example is the COVID 19 mess and our comparison to Europe. People in Europe are free, but they also have a greater sense of communal responsibility. They complied with national policies whereas the USA is full of people who just don’t want to follow anybody’s rules but their own. We get the disease we deserve. We get the government we deserve. What we need to do is to strive to deserve better.

  87. We are being divided by both parties. We have no real choice in the matter. Both Dems and Reps block in unison the idea of other parties especially those that they cannot control. Interestingly, history has told us about other countries meddling in our affairs. So the way I see it we have both domestic and foreign enemies to our constitution working, probably, in concert with one another, but more importantly most do not realize it and many won’t until its too late!

  88. Many of the comments are older like from last year. Many things have happened since then. I hope I am wrong but I really believe that we will have a Civil War soon especially if Trump gets another term. I read a lot of comments about the Left committing crimes but since all that we’ve had a lot of violence and it’s been coming from White Supremacists and racists. Those views have often been embraced or in the least have been condoned by the Right. All it’s going to take is for Trump to win and him to declare open season on his enemies. Some will take this as the green light they’ve been waiting for. The best we can do on both sides is define what separates the two parties,compromise on those fundamental differences but flat out criminalize condoning Racism, Misogyny and Foreign interference.

  89. What a roiling shitpit you all live in. You are living in a civil war and have been ever since the industrialist took your jobs and moved them off shore to avail themselves of cheap labour. Now you have the mega rich versus the rest. This is not about race or religion or the right or the left or the white vs the non white. It’s about the rich vs the poor. Trump is a mega rich person and that is all he cares about. Not all of the mega rich are white there are plenty of dictators of all skin colours. So see it for what it is and before you load up your gun and go out to shoot your neighbors understand that you’ve been played.

  90. From the article a key point is when the sides demonized each other. We have evidence of this with the QAnon movement which thinks Democrats are demonic satanists. As the Q movement becomes more mainstream we will hit the point of no return. (How does a person that truly believe this ever see compromise or peaceful coexistence as anything other than surrender?) As the most heavily armed nation on earth, the result of conflict would be catastrophic.

    Similar to the beginnings of the Civil War, we have those who predict and easy victory. Politicians that they they have the guns, others don’t know which bathroom to use. The reality of civil war is that nearly all have been very bloody.

    When protest from non-Trump people is seen as anarchy or evil, yet groups are praised for bringing weapons to capital building, we see a grave difference in rules of engagement. When shooters are treated humanely yet protesters brutalized, people notice.

    Is see no resolution. Peaceful protest is ignored, or demonized regardless. Violent protest brings only more support for Trumps Law and Order, and provides fuel for paramilitary groups.. Maybe the ballot box will bring change, but there are strong indications that vote is and will be suppressed.

    Historically I would argue we are on the path of Nazi Germany. Democrats are substituted for the Jews. We know from history what happened. First was demonization, then descrimination, aren’t, then execution. Don’t think it is possible? School yourself on Q and it’s establishment as a wing if the Trump party. It is said only 1/3 of Germans were Nazis yet they took power under a constitional system. This is analogous to the Trump “base”. A political party that does not disavow and reject Q is in its support.

    Most people don’t care what the government does as long as they make money or court goes in their favor. Brown vs Education and other monumental cases may be overturned over time. Germany exchanged freedom and justice for prosperity and “order”.

    Hopefully things turn out differently. On the other hand we can be at the precipice of the self-destruction of the US and very dark times ahead.

  91. I want a war. I am not sorry. It is time for those of us who are tired of cowering to stand up and let blows fall where they will. Cries for liberty, justice, equality become fodder for mockery, derision, and death in the street. It is time for those who think I should “keep in my place” to either put me there themselves or die trying.

    “If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.” — George Washington, 1793 State of the Union Address

  92. I would hope that Russia, or China, would militarily intervene in the event of a red/blue state civil war. Maybe tactical nukes on the east and west coast of the US. I call these coasts Sodom and Gomorrah.

  93. As a Canadian, it is horrifyingly fascinating to read the comments emanating from this article. While some acknowledge that the extreme political polarization that now exists is a root cause of many of the problems being faced, the majority seem to be happy to fire hateful missives at each other, with no hope for compromise or rational discussion of real issues. Which I guess gives some credence to the article itself.

    For me, and many non-Americans, all the rhetoric can be dismissed. It all comes down to one thing: Donald Trump. If Trump is re-elected, then the rest of the world will know that the American system may be beyond repair. There is no need to go into all the details of whether or not Trump is good for the US economy, or race relations, or immigration or anything else. If the majority in the US don’t recognize that he is unfit for public office (and I mean ANY public office) then all other discussions are irrelevant.

    1. Preston, What in your opinion makes him fit or unfit to lead our country? For that matter, what does the next president of our country in your Canadian mind need to possess to be a fit leader? Lastly, in your mind you believe we are off track because of Trump, so, which one of the former POTUS’s would you say our next president should mirror so that we can in your mind get back on track?

  94. One thing I see missing from the dozens of comments I had time to read (there are a lot), is, if either side wishes to change the mind of the other, we have to see what is driving the anger: it’s pain. And much of this has come from the 2008 economic collapse and hasn’t really been fully fixed. Then, to make things 1,000% (or more) worse, this Covid-19 situation. It’s very simple. You all aren’t arguing in most cases to prove your points, but because you are hurting. Economically, not the least of the ways. It would be all too easy to have a Civil War. The gentleman by the name of Brandon Sturdevant (sp?) above is right on. Ever since the beginning of comments sections (believe me) on the Internet, keyboard warriors have been posting Website articles and going back and forth divisively on controversial topics. I stopped doing that a couple of decades ago. I need for the Right _and_ the Left, to grow the heck up. You stop complaining, dig your freaking hands into the rubble and start clearing the way to build something new. Yes, we were meant not to agree. But, grow up, all of you and do the hard work. Address your pain and others. I guarantee you that that is harder than pulling a trigger or bitching on the Internet, but, it is the only path available. Sorry, revolution will not end well for either party. The last time I checked Trump…. or his Democrat successor, if there is one, possesses nukes, drones, etcetera, etcetera….. my God. It’s a done deal. There will be no contest. Our police and sheriffs possess a potent arsenal as well. They can’t kill us all, they can’t control us all always, because this is a big enough country, but we really need to consider that this may not be about Right or Left, but power. In a coup, what I’m saying is, the dictator may never look back. Fascists and communists love totalitarianism. And, the reward is not always good even for their followers. Stop whining and get to something constructive, for God’s sake. Remember: we’re hurting financially, to different degrees. Something unfortunate happened…. whether that’s financially or not. The bottom line is that many are in pain.

  95. Just by the comments I’ve read from the article I can see only bitterness and divide. The way I see it things are only getting worse every time we assert ourselves into making your opinion more valuable then your neighbors, Which is not the world I’ve known in my life and is scary for me and many others I believe.

  96. I seen the 2nd video of Floyd through the police badge cam, he claimed he couldn’t breath whilst having no physical contact with any officers. He heavily resisted officers simply placing him in the squad, claiming he was closterphobic even though the initial stop was involving him in the confinement of his own vehicle. My point, police misconduct or hell, let’s say police murder absolutely wasn’t RACE driven evidenced by the release of the 2nd video.

    Floyd was found to have multiple Drugs in his system, including Fetynal, which is probably what actually killed him considering his autopsy lacked indication of asphyxia.

    Michael Brown was said to have CHARGED the officer by account of multiple BLACK witnesses, this is post him STRONG ARM ROBBING A STORE!

    The guy in Kenosha Wisconsin had an active warrent for sexual assault and resisted officers detainment whilst reaching for a deadly weapon via knife found on floor of his vehicle.

    Racism exists in the hearts of SOME people of all colors and it’s occurrence cannot be completely eliminated, only legislated against via justice through the court systems. We already have JUST laws on the books, the issue is holding police accountable. In order for law enforcement agencies to perform their job, as an entity, they need certain levels of protection against liability litigation. Thus, we have our bias, our so called SYSTEMIC RACISM. But is it really about race? I don’t see it…

    The truth from my perspective is that blacks are prone to higher levels of criminality due to antisocial behaviors resulting from fear and anger, a byproduct of historical injustices. But instead of working towards acknowledging this, certain political bodies find cause in stoking blacks fear and anger for purpose of expanding their voter base against those whom are insisting a different version of reality exists outside of this narrative.

    This particular political body has an ultimate goal of “progressing” away from a Christian nation to a faithless one, to exacerbating all social issues in attempts of rallying a majority that can induct Marxist/Socialism as the governing power of this country. Their intentions are good, but their dismissing historical examples of Marxism failing and their ignorance to how greed and individuality promotes an industrious and flowering society is where we separate sides.

    Also, it should be noted that the human characteristics of personality seem to be a major player in our divisions, in terms of emotional vs logical based people. I believe we owe respect to both types, like we do pessimistic vs optimistic and extroverts vs introverts.

    We can agree to disagree, that’s the beauty of it. As long as we can agree that voting results shall be just, honest and free from corruption, the winning position aught and shall rule the land.

    My fix to some hot button issues:

    Abortion: Get government funding out entirely, instill an abortion tax for pro-choicers

    Gay rights: Give them all the rights we afford non gay people, but get Government out of the marriage business and respect religious freedom to operate within the religious institutions as they see faithfully fit.

    Guns: A well armed militia was intended to act as an equalibrium to power between a potentially tyrannical government and private citizens. We need to either revoke police militarization or we sell fully automatic weapons and equipment on the open American market.

    Immigration: Our economy depends upon Immigration to not be stagnant or even decline. Some of the most motivated and entrepreneurial people are immigrants, if only their given a chance. Let them come in, BUT, let them come as patriots who value our values and desire our rights. The 1st generation is always prone to barriers with English and assimilation, that’s not a problem. Value our values! Also, if they are filling an education gap, make sure Americans that are here have access to education about getting educated, so they may up their own skills. If an immigrant is coming to do unskilled labor then make sure they are filling a labor vacuum. No open borders, borders = country. To those who say Europeans were immigrants so how dare they reject immigrants in any fashion, I would argue Europeans who established colonization did not come here with their hats in their hands. They were conquerors, simply put. A very normal title to win amongst a long human history of war (I don’t like it either.)

  97. (letting out a deep breath). I spent 20 minutes reading the responses after reading the initial posts. After 20 minutes I found myself crying. There is so much pain, so much hurt coming from these people and I’m not sure any of them can be healed. But maybe for the few that will get it, I wanted to share something I learned a long time ago while living on this planet. You have to nourish a part of you that is not in anyway touched by all this human frailty. There is something so much more important than these trivial fights, these surface divides that keep us stuck in the mud of misunderstanding and hate. In the Christian bible, the beginning of humanity had its first murder in the first generation from its creation. This tells you something about human fraility – how easily we can let an emotion as simply as jealousy lead to murder. Hold tight to the thing that makes you better than this. We are in the world but we do not have to of this world of ignorance, of hate, of jealousy, of fear, of unease. This is the reality we have been put into but inside – in our mind – there is something pure and strong that we must hold true to and nourish so that when all who fall around us do not contaminate the best of the human spirit. Our ability to care, to love, to forgive, to rise above our pain and embrace the gift of life. For it is a gift – to feel the warmth of stranger’s smile; to rise on a new day of possibilities; to survive horrors untold and still be able to love. So when you read these poems of hurt and pain – know that this is only one layer of human frailty. We are much more than this. Good luck humans and I hope that in all the lives you live you will grow stronger. The universe wants to see what you have to offer.

    1. You have said it better and more beautifully than I could.

      I always find that every force, every argument, every idea, every label and every word that attempts to divide human beings from another serves to hurt the species and everything that attempts to harmonize, consolidate and bring-together keeps us alive in this fragile orb spinning in the void of space.

      Perhaps rather than thinking of ourselves as good or evil, right or wrong, it helps more to consider:

      Am I trying to divide? Or am I trying to unite?

  98. A Civil War? Without all of the facts in recorded history surrounding our first and their related possibilities, it’s difficult to see what may actually be taking place today. Great deal of commonality, however.
    First things first. A Civil War needs DIVISION of what was once united.
    During those days in the 1850’s we had the Democratic-Republicans as THE major party. Interesting and often overlooked issue surrounding the name of that party. DEMOCRATIC was an ADJECTIVE. Could have been a lower case “D”.
    Our nation then was and is now still… ALMOST, a REPUBLIC. “Almost” because of the 1913 17th Amendment that took the States RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to have their representatives in Congress without the weight of varied populations. In other words, an EQUAL voice; 2 Appointees as Senators. Essentially a brilliant move by The Founders to prevent the routine historical failure of PURE DEMOCRACY and the tyranny of MOB RULE that descends into DICTATORSHIP and then……!
    The 17th Amendment was just the first step of a larger plan for our nation, PURE DEMOCRACY. Accomplished by a hidden force behind the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve (See Title 12 Section 531).
    (Yes! Privately Owned! See Title 12 Section 531 and ask “if our nation owns the Fed why does it need to give it TAX EXEMPT status?” More importantly why is this Title 26 TAX regulation HIDDEN in Title 12? Largest issue is where, just WHERE in our empowering Constitution is our Congress CONSTITUTIONALLY AUTHORIZED to Charter a PRIVATELY OWNED bank much less a PRIVATELY-OWNED CENTRAL BANK? Hint …it’s not!)
    Curiously, the 17th Amendment was signed into law the same year the US Federal Reserve was signed into law on December 23rd, 1913 by that wonderful Socialist team of Roosevelts.
    The Fed was the 3rd attempt to institute an unConstitutional privately-owned central bank into the US by the Rothschild family. (Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.)

    The titular head of the Rothschild tribe then and now of the UK. Even though the Rothschild’s are credited with the creation of the State of Israel with the 1917 Balfour Declaration they still reside in various OTHER nations of the world and most notably in that tiny nation known as the City of London.
    Back to todays Civil War. There are many reasons a hidden force would like to see …or CREATE a Civil War once again in the United States. Simple reason just to eliminate the Electoral College which is the last thread keeping our nation from being a PURE DEMOCRACY being run into oblivion by MOB RULE.
    This is a much larger story with more DIRECT reasons why a Civil War in our country, a race war if you will, suits the needs of this Grand Family and their 90 year old out in the open operative George Soros who oddly enough even though is a Jew has his PR claiming him to be anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Google “chaff B-52” to better understand Mr. Soros role in what we are witnessing.
    Right now, it’s 7:50am and I have too many meetings today to continue. Perhaps another time and I’ll get you closer to what’s REALLY taking place NOT in front of our eyes.! You’ll never see it coming unless you begin to look for the OTHER associations.
    Did someone say, “Building 7?” Salomon Brothers charter tenant? Rigging the bids to US T-Bills since the Great Depression? Caught in 1991 after doing it since the depression? Just a plain ole Civil War, this story can’t be this big, can it?
    Anyone interested look up August Schoenberg (changed his name to Belmont,) and who sent him and how soon BEFORE a series of UNRECORDED events between NY, DC and Boston triggered our real Civil War.
    Penultimately, no theories. Just FACTS ma ’m, Just the FACTS. (For all you young folk out there it’s a quote from the show Dragnet in the ‘50’s. The 1950’s not the 1850’s. )
    Lastly, if this all turns out as it should my book will go a long way in the first step to ERADICATE Anti-Semitism. Really!
    Have a great day.

  99. The problem is a simple one. Many since 1985 were told in school that rich white robber barons are the problem. Many, if their parents have means, will then find it trendy to do what they did in Portland, Seattle and other cities when something happens which they could care less about since people of means regardless of race live in secure communities and are not affected by urban thuggery.

    But oftentimes the phrase “excuse to loot” will play out over an incident. Why are the rioters and arsonists doing this? Why didn’t this happen during the 8 years of Obama’s presidency? Image and embarrassment. If they went after Obama as a focal point of anger over police excess they fear either counter claims of racism or the embarrassment inherent in castigating a black president as if he can do anything beyond verbiage and bromides when incidents like this happen in high crime urban areas.

    Also, when Trump came in he was able to pull off what FDR was able to pull off early in the depression. Imagine the inherent anger over the reality of a great economic surge under a “Robber Barron” when things stayed lack-luster under eight years of Obama. Imagine what that does to those who “want to believe” 19th century Marxist bromides as a candidate with a business degree, not a law degree, comes in and does something that will be met by many as uber “mortifying”. Your comments

  100. Here is the problem in a nut shell smart phones and the internet, we now all have a voice and we find out after a very long marriage we don’t like each other.

    We find out that the person we have lived with all of this time hates us and they can not support what we believe in. The relationship has gotten to a point they want a divorce and would prefer not be be around you but, you are in a life boat and there is no where to go.

    I hope we can agree to get alone before we go toe to toe and one of us is no longer in the boat…..

  101. Everyone needs to SIMMER DOWNNN
    the reason we may possibly have a civil war is because of the people who fight and argue. Lets just all try to get along, eh?

  102. So many Pretending to love the teachings of Jesus, so they can actually love their Money God. So many absurd conspiracy theories.
    The answer to the question posed is partially visible in the massive increase in purchases of weapons and ammunition.
    How does half of the country that gets it’s news on AM controled radio ever expect to know the actual truth when you only get one side, over and over. That’s called planned intended ignorance. When they tell you the world is flat again, you’ll just believe it.
    Ever see two people arguing politics? If you can get them to stop long enough for a question and suggest perhaps the actual truth exists somewhere in the middle, they stop and think for a minute and almost always agree “yeah, thats the most likely truth.
    I believe a civil war is inevitable. Certainly inevitable if the Russians put trump in again, or a supreme court justice is placed before the election. I also believe civil war wont change anything.
    What is coming from the earth itself will show everyone that trumps love of the money god will kill us all.
    Sooner than later, anyone trying to support a fossil fuel industry will become the exposed devel himself, after your home burns, blows or floats away, and your family dies off from exposure or hunger. You will be eating your money. I doubt you’ll enjoy it.

    The question asked, doesn’t matter. It’s like asking would we rather die from hurricanes or fires or starvation. Ask how and who will fix the future staring us in the face, instead of denying it.

  103. How biased can a story be, this is a perfect example of why we are headed for a civil war. there is no mention of real facts ie how the democrats are the ones paying for and promoting the violence. next time you have an article at least supply the facts and not the propaganda. this article was a waste of my time.

  104. Dan- you are right. We need to elect an American, not a Russian tool. But, either way I only care if my kids are safe. I once learned in school (where I learned math, language, and analysis) that the more data points you have in any decision the better. If everyone with a state ID or driver’s license could vote easily; We’d have our representatives or better yet- we could just vote on issues. We couldn’t do worse. – my son asked me to get a gun today because he’s scared. We’re all scared and in pain. God/dess help us.

  105. Ok, maybe we can argue without 5.56 involved? I definitely understand the way that both parties feel, but how do you think the rest of the world is looking at us right now? A joke, we actually need to be unified as a country, you might not like what is coming out of the president’s mouth, or the ex president. The only people who like this, are the Chinese and the Russians.

    1. Most of my friends carry 300 Blackouts, but then we are all just stupid redneck racists from the south despite having the same degrees and education as everyone else in this country. It is just amazing how insulting people are to anyone who lives in the south, until it comes time for people to move. If the south is so despicable why are so many people from the rest of the country moving here?

  106. This is absolutely ridiculous, I love democracy. I don’t think it’s if you’re right wing or left wing, we are all Americans, doesn’t that mean something to you? I agreed with some of Obama’s plans, and I agreed with some of Trump’s plans. Really, were going to get into a civil war?

  107. Why can’t we split into 2 countries? It seems like the US keeps splitting into 2 camps, historically speaking. So honestly, why not have a velvet divorce?

  108. As an outsider (England ) what concerns me is that its ” your with us, or agost us” civil discussion has gone ( I included the UK in this) to many people are swept up in condemning the other side with out checking the FACTS themselves

    I do believe however that in many ways its to late Pandora’s box has been opened if trump is reelected the left will not accept it and if Biden gets in he will have to address the concerns of groups like BLM open borders etc otherwise these same groups will say the current two party system is not for them with the civil unrest associated with that.

    It concerns me that the people of the states are walking to civil war and yet both sides will turn around and say ” it wasn’t our fault” when in fact it is

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