January 4-7
January 19-March 4
808 Gallery

Mathemalchemy [ma-thə-ˈmal-kə-mē]


  1. A portmanteau describing the transformational influence of art on mathematics and mathematics on art;
  2. A collaborative art-math / math-art installation imagined and fabricated by 24 core mathemalchemists representing a diverse range of mathematical and artistic experience and expertise.

Mathemalchemy is a mathematical art installation conceived by Duke professor Ingrid Daubechies and Canadian fiber artist Dominique Ehrmann.  A core team of 24 artistic mathematicians and mathematical artists, including Boston University professor Li-Mei Lim, came together to develop and fabricate the exhibit, which invites viewers into a beautiful and playful world of mathematics.  Through a variety of mediums and several narrative scenes, Mathemalchemy resonates with viewers on many levels and shows them that anyone can be a mathematician.  (photo credit: Kevin Allen)

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