Advisory Board

Board of Editors

Faculty Advisors

Nicole Huberfeld, J.D., Boston University School of Law
Kevin Outterson, J.D., LL.M., Boston University School of Law
Christopher Robertson, J.D., Ph.D., Boston University School of Law
Laura Stephens, J.D., Boston University School of Law
Kathryn Zeiler, J.D., Ph.D., Boston University School of Law

Faculty Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

Frances H. Miller, J.D., Boston University School of Law


Edward J. Hutchinson, American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics

Founding Editor

John A. Norris, J.D., M.B.A., Health Discovery Corp.


Gail B. Agrawal, J.D., M.P.H., University of Iowa College of Law
Michael Baram, J.D., Boston University School of Law
Charles H. Baron, LL.B., Ph.D., Boston College Law School
Jay A. Gold, M.D., J.D., M.P.H., MetaStar Inc., Madison
Ernest M. Haddad, J.D., Boston University School of Law
Clark C. Havighurst, J.D., Duke University School of Law
David A. Hyman, M.D., J.D., University of Illinois College of Law
Sheila Jasanoff, J.D., Ph.D., Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
Timothy S. Jost, J.D., Washington and Lee University School of Law
Stephen Latham, J.D., Ph.D., Director, Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics
Silvia A. Law, J.D., New York University School of Law
David T. Morris, J.D., AbbVie, Chicago
Joseph P. Newhouse, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
Irwin N. Perr, M.D., J.D., University of Washington School of Medicine
Harvey E. Pies, J.D., M.P.H., Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
Arti K. Rai, J.D., Duke University Law School
Philip R. Reilly, M.D., J.D., Third Rock Venture Capital
Marc A. Rodwin, J.D., Ph.D., Suffolk University Law School
Mark A. Rothstein, J.D., University of Louisville School of Medicine Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law
David S. Szabo, J.D., Locke Lord LLP
Linda V. Tiano, J.D., Epstein Becker Green
Sidney D. Watson, J.D., Saint Louis University School of Law

International Board of Editors

Koichi Bai, Director, Institute of Medical Humanities Kitasato University School of Medicine, Japan
Erwin Deutsch, Faulty of Law University of Göttingen, Germany
Bernard M. Dickens, Ph.D., LL.D., Faculties of Law and Medicine University of Toronto, Canada
Honorable Justice Michael D. Kirby, President, Court of Appeal Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia
M.A.M. de Wachter, Director, Institute of Bioethics, The Netherlands
Christopher Newdick, Reader in Health Law University of Reading, United Kingdom
Amos Shapira, Faculty of Law Tel Aviv University, Israel
Peter D.G. Skegg, Faculty of Law University of Otago, New Zealand