Alcohol Screening and
Brief Intervention Curriculum
Background and Significance
Other Resources
Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence
ACT Project

Curricular Goals and Objectives

  • Learners will understand the importance of alcohol screening and intervention.
  • To describe and demonstrate a practical approach to screening and brief intervention for alcohol problems in medical settings with attention to cross-cultural efficacy and health disparities.
  • Using a patient-centered, evidence-based approach learners will be able to…
    • ASK about alcohol use
    • ASSESS severity and readiness to change
    • ADVISE cutting down or abstinence, and ASSIST in goal setting, and further treatment when necessary
    • ARRANGE follow-up to monitor progress
    • ASSURE cross-cultural efficacy by building trust through respect, eliciting patients concerns and explanatory models, mitigating power differences, and expressing empathy

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