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Our cases below are streaming video files, encoded in Real Video format. In order to view these cases, you will need to download Real Player (a free version of the program is available on their website). Click on either the images or the link "View case" to see the video.


Case one:
In case one the physician screens his patient for alcohol abuse using the CAGE questions. Does the physician get accurate information...?
View Case One


Case two:
In case two, the physician has screened her patient for alcohol problems, and is now following up by assessing and advising the patient based on a positive screen. What does the physician do well? What might have been done differently?
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Case three:
In case three, a physician assesses her patient for her patientís alcohol problems, and conducts a brief intervention. We hear from the patient his thoughts about his drinking and the advice he received. What strategies helped assure cross-cultural efficacy?

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Case Four
In case four the physician engages in a cross-cultural clinician/patient encounter, which also models the role of the clinician in relapse prevention.
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