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      This is a package consisting
      of a core curriculum and related


      About the core curriculum:

  • The Core Curriculum Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much is a new, freely available web-based training curriculum geared toward generalist clinicians.

  • This evidence-based curriculum is a tool used for teaching skills for addressing unhealthy alcohol use (e.g. screening, assessment, brief intervention, and referral) in primary care settings, and emphasizes knowledge and skills regarding cross-cultural efficacy.

  • It has been designed to be taught in 45 minute sessions or expanded into longer or multiple sessions. It consists of a power point slide presentation, complete with trainer notes, and three case-based videos demonstrating skills for addressing unhealthy alcohol use in primary care settings.

  • The curriculum has been piloted with target audiences (practicing primary care physicians and physicians in training). In addition, key primary care faculty nationwide are being trained to implement and disseminate the ACT curriculum.

About the Related Curricula:

  • The Related Curricula provide additional details on selected issues raised in the core curriculum.
  • Selected issues covered are Health Disparities & Cultural Competence and Pharmacotherapy.

Using the curricula:

  • The curriculum slides and videos can be freely downloaded from this website, or used online.
  • Narrative for the slides is included as a guide for teachers.
  • Expert faculty who developed the curriculum are available by appointment for live Q&A sessions during your training sessions. Please contact us to schedule a Q&A session.

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The curriculum, a project of the Boston Medical Center, is a product of the Alcohol Clinical Training (ACT) Project. It is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and produced in cooperation with the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health.

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Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Curriculum is a product of the
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