BA in Music

The major in Music prepares students for graduate work and academic careers in musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, and composition, and for professional careers in music criticism, music librarianship, music publishing, arts management, and other broad areas of the music and arts industry.


  • All courses for the Music major are offered by the faculty of the School of Music at the College of Fine Arts (CFA).
  • The minimum total of credits from prerequisite and principal courses required for the major is 32.
  • Students must also take five courses (20 credits) in related areas, as described below.
  • No credit toward the completion of the Music major will be given for the following courses:
    • CFA MH 105
    • CFA MH 106
    • CFA MH 232
    • CFA MH 341–344
    • CFA MH 441
    • CFA MT 105
    • CFA MT 106
  • Students electing the Music major may take up to 8 credits of applied music toward the degree. Eligibility is determined by audition and faculty availability.
  • All Music majors must complete either CAS LF 212 or CAS LG 212 (or the equivalent in another language); or demonstrate equivalent proficiency. (See Required Related Courses below.) Students who intend to go on to graduate school in music are urged to prepare themselves in a second foreign language. Prior consultation with advisors is recommended.


  • CFA MT 101 Music Theory 1 (3 cr)
  • CFA MT 102 Music Theory 2 (3 cr)
  • CFA MT 111 Aural Skills 1 (1 cr)
  • CFA MT 112 Aural Skills 2 (1 cr)

Principal Courses

Required courses in music history are:

  • CFA MH 211 History & Literature of Music 1 (4 cr)
  • CFA MH 212 History & Literature of Music 2 (4 cr)
  • Two courses chosen from CFA MH 421–428, or from MH 431–436

Required courses in music theory are:

  • CFA MT 201 Music Theory 3 (3 cr)
  • CFA MT 202 Music Theory 4 (3 cr)
  • CFA MU 211 Aural Skills 3 (1 cr)
  • CFA MU 212 Aural Skills 4 (1 cr)
  • CFA MT 301 Music Theory 5 (2 cr)
  • CFA MT 302 Music Theory 6 (2 cr)

Required Related Courses

Five courses (20 credits) are required from subjects including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Anthropology
  • History (as approved by the advisor)
  • History of art & architecture
  • Philosophy
  • French (courses numbered CAS LF 212 or higher)
  • German (courses numbered CAS LG 212 or higher)


  • Courses in another language at the equivalent level to CAS LF 212 or LG 212 or higher

Starting in Fall 2018, students entering the BA in Music will be students in the College of Fine Arts. Students who matriculated before Fall 2018 will continue to be in the College of Arts & Sciences.