David Collier

Director, Washington D.C. Programs

  • Title Director, Washington D.C. Programs

As Director, David Collier oversees all aspects of Boston University’s Washington D.C. programs. Prior to joining Boston University Study Abroad, David was the Senior Associate Director of Academics at Verto Education, an organization, partnered with Boston University, that promotes study abroad experiences for first-year students. He has also worked with think tank organizations and as a ghost writer in Washington, D.C., in addition to teaching with BU Washington D.C. since 2015.

Born in the U.K., David received his undergraduate degree with Honors from the University of Glasgow. He completed his Ph.D. at BU in Political Science in 2013 and wrote his dissertation on processes of democratization in Iran from 1941-1979. David is a member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators and The Forum on Education Abroad.

During college, he participated in a visa exchange visitor program and spent a summer working in Washington D.C., where he first fell in love with the District. David continues to enjoy exploring the U.S. with his young family.

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