Once you have completed all of the general pre-departure forms from your online checklist (there will be a green check-mark next to each complete item, as shown below), you will be officially registered for the program.


If you had previously registered for any courses on the Charles River campus for the given semester, those courses will be dropped automatically. Once your program registration has been processed, BU Study Abroad will complete the following administrative services on your behalf:

  1. Your student account will be adjusted and will reflect program tuition instead of an on-campus tuition charge.
  2. We will send your name to the Financial Assistance office so they can make any necessary adjustments to your financial aid budget based on your program cost and issue an accurate financial aid notification.

Initially, your registration will be for a 16-credit “placeholder” course. For example, if you are attending the Madrid Internship Program, your registration will appear as “CAS MP 999 : Madrid Internship Program.” Once we receive final course selections from the site staff during the program semester, your program registration will be updated to reflect the actual courses that you have enrolled for (as long as your student account has been settled). This update usually takes place approximately midway through the semester.

Please do not attempt to register for your courses on your own, as this will interfere with your final course registration while studying on one of our programs.

Registering for your Return Semester

Students will use WebReg while studying off campus. Prior to the WebReg start date, view your WebReg start time (you must convert from Boston time), based on your class year and identification number. WebReg is more accessible in some off-campus locations than others. Be aware of this factor and take into consideration how time zone differences may affect your individual registration start time.

Most Boston University colleges and schools require advisor approval—an Academic Advising Code (AAC)—to activate registration. You cannot get the AAC before departing Boston, because these unique numbers are generated by the Registrar and distributed to the Boston University advising personnel shortly before each registration period.

In some cases, the location of the off-campus program may affect a student’s ability to use the WebReg system.  BU Study Abroad may be able to assist if students are unable to access the Internet at registration time due to program-related events and excursions where Internet access is not available.

Permission Required Courses

CAS students who would like to be registered for CAS courses that require stamped approval (permission required) should consult with the relevant department about any special requirements (petitions, prerequisites, etc.) before departure from Boston.

Return-Semester Registration for Non-CAS Students:

Return-semester registration procedures vary across colleges. Obtain return-semester registration instructions directly from the registration advisor at your school or college. CAS students, you should consult directly with your academic advisor. Please refer to the list below for representative administrators at the various colleges; in addition to providing information about registration, they may also assist you in the registration process.

CFA Academic Counselor; 855 Comm. Ave.
CGS Student Administration; 871 Comm. Ave.
COM Student Services; COM 123
ENG Undergraduate Programs; ERB 107
MET Advising; MET 102
SAR Undergraduate Programs; SAR 201
SED Office of Student Services; SED 243
SHA Academic Advising Office; SHA 239
Questrom Undergraduate Program Office; Questrom 102

CAS Dean’s List

CAS students studying abroad should be aware that differences in the academic calendar at Boston University and at your study abroad site may mean that grades from your semester abroad are reported after the computations for the Dean’s List have been made. As the semester abroad may end later than the semester on the home campus, grades for some programs may not arrive in time to be counted toward the Dean’s List. In this case, students are advised to notify the Student Records office or the Dean of Students office in order to request that grades earned on a BU Study Abroad program be counted towards the Dean’s List. It is the student’s responsibility to bring this to the attention of the Student Records office.