236vol5v2[1]Fiction: Jenna Blum

Max and Josephine

The way things used to be, Max would have the mornings entirely to himself. (more…)

Featured Faculty: Dan Chiasson

Away We Go

Little bird, little sugar-cube,
Tell me all the state secrets
Of the crab apple, barberry, brake,
The concealed locales, the plots (more…)

Fiction: Rachel DeWoskin

Excerpt from BIG GIRL SMALL (FSG 2011)

When people make you feel small, it means they shrink you down close to nothing, diminish you, make you feel like shit. (more…)

Poetry: Duy Doan

History Lesson from Anh Hai

I spoke to Great-Aunt tonight. She sounded like her sister.
It had been fifty years since they’d last spoken; mom said they cried over the phone. (more…)

Drama: Zayd Dohrn

Scene from “Sick”

SIDNEY. –Incredibly dirty. Filthy, I mean–
JIM. Can’t wait.
SIDNEY. Oh, you’ll love it, yeah. Disgusting. Right up your alley.
JIM. I’ll take that as a compliment. (more…)

Fiction: Kimberly Elkins

The Letter

Sarah woke in a panic, thrashing the netting above her.  She cried out and Edward jumped from the chair beside the bed, throwing his blanket on the floor. (more…)

Poetry: Ani Gjika


7:30am. My dog and I own the sidewalk,
scare off mothers strolling babies,
bring all traffic to a halt,
but on the way back, already he’s dragging his feet – (more…)

Poetry: Natasha Hakimi

In Ushuaia

If you can find the southernmost
point in your mind, where the sun
strains to heat and commodores swarm
the beach, (more…)

Poetry: Lisa Hiton


You wear a yellow bathing suit
You leave the butter   melting on the stove
sizzling in the kitchen. (more…)

Poetry: Elisabeth Houston


Perhaps he was real. Maybe not.
I’ll call him Adolofo, A. (more…)

Poetry: Abriana Jetté

The Drift

Four o’clock in the not
yet evening and I am thinking
of fixing a drink. Sound of ice
against the bottom of the glass (more…)

Poetry: Daniel Kraines


The voices of children playing ball on the blacktop
outside my house, I hear
them through the window as I sit listening (more…)

Poetry: Calvin Olsen


The hand I’m less acquainted with grips the steeple, tighter
near the top in anticipation of lift, and pulls. (more…)

Fiction: Sasenarine Persaud


It was some time in the summer of 2000 that I met Jenny. The sense of being witness to the arrival of a new millennium and of being at the cusp of a great new era was still with us. (more…)

Poetry: Rebecca Givens Rolland


Bring on the unborn, the as-yet-
unreleased—let the sand-trap
convex, turn mechanism (more…)

Poetry: Rebekah Stout

In the Garden

This is how it went after the war:
those left dropped their whistles, torches,
guns, their implements of trade, their sweethearts,
and began to dig (more…)

Fiction: Dariel Suarez


After a night of incessant rain had turned Old Havana’s streets into a muddy pool, Isidro’s eighty-year old father awoke writhing and clutching his abdomen. (more…)

Fiction: Caroline Woods

The Little Blessing

One workday Liem Tuan got a call on his cell phone from an American number. (more…)