Course Offerings

Women’s Studies courses that will be offered in Fall 2017:

    • WS 101 – Gender & Sexuality I: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
      A1: M/W/F 10:10-11:00, Warkentin
    • WS 213 – Sexism in the Twenty-First Century
      A1: T/Th 12:30-1:45, Balser
      B1: T/Th 11:00-12:15, Balser
    • WS 305 – Topics in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies
      A1: Middle Eastern Women’s Gaze
      T/Th 9:30-10:45, Micallef
      B1: Change and Continuity on the Silk Road
      T/Th 2:00-3:15, Micallef
      C1: Music, Gender, and Social Change
      T/Th 3:30-4:45, Druecker
      WS 326 – Arts of Gender
      A1: M/W/F 10:10-11:00, Bernstein
    • WS 328 – Cultural Constructions of Motherhood
      A1: M 2:30-5:15, O’Brien Hall
    • WS 344 – Images of Women in Popular Fiction
      A1: T/Th 5:00-6:15, Gottfried
    • WS 346 – Women and Film
      A1: M/W 2:30-5:00, Swedberg
    • WS 356 – Women and Comedy
      A1: T/Th 12:30-1:45, Gottfried
      B1: T/Th 2:00-3:15, Gottfried
    • WS 360 – Global Feminism: Race and Gender in International Perspectives
      A1: T 3:30-6:15, Balser
    • WS 434 – Monarchy in Modern Britain
      M 2:30-5:15, Chernock
    • WS 478 – Women on Trial
      M 2:30-5:15, Farmer
    • WS 516 – Gender and Politics
      T 3:30-6:15, Sapiro
    • WS 594 – History of Feminist Theory
      Th 12:30-3:15, Sapiro

    NOTE: Some courses from other disciplines may be taken for WGS minor credit.

    CAS WS 101 A1- Gender and Sexuality I: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
    Introduction to women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, integrating approaches from the natural and social sciences and humanities, focused on the origins, diversity, and expression of gendered and sexed individuals. Topics include the evolutionary origin of sexes; evolution, development, and social construction of sex differences; sexual differences, similarities, and diversity in bodies, brains, behavior, and artistic and intellectual expressions. Team-taught. Students who complete both halves of the two-semester sequence WS 101/102 receive divisional studies credit for two courses, from two different divisions: Natural Science (without lab), Social Science, and/or Humanities. Neither WS 101 nor WS 102 alone carries divisional studies credit.

    CAS WS 213 A1 & B1- Sexism in the Twenty-First Century Examines the dynamics of contemporary institutions as they affect women’s and men’s lives, particularly in the United States– the economy, politics, mass media and culture, the beautification industry, sex industries, and hook-up culture– through the intersections of race, class, ethnicity, and sexual identity. Carries social science divisional credit in CAS. Cannot be taken for credit in addition to CAS WS 113.

    CAS WS 305 A1 & B1 – Topics in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Two topics are offered Fall 2017. May be repeated for credit if topics are different.

      • Section A1: Middle Eastern Women’s Gaze: An exploration of written and visual texts by Arab, Israeli, Iranian, and Turkish women writers, and film directors through multiple lenses: feminism, social thought, postcolonial theory and such. Critical readings demonstrate divergence regarding gender, modernization and globalization. Also offered as CAS LY 470 and CAS XL 381 A1.
      • Section B1: Change and Continuity on the Silk Road: Focuses on the Central Asian portion of the Silk Road from the border of China to Istanbul. An exploration of written and visual texts to understand shifts in gender dynamics in societies caught between Islam, communism and globalization. Also offered as CAS XL 381 B1.
      • Section C1: Music, Gender, and Social Change: Focuses on how sound and song foster explorations of gender, sexuality, race, and class.  Genres include classical, jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, rap, rock, and R&B, and course texts include recordings, lyrics, videos, and critical readings.

    CAS WS 326 – Arts of Gender Examines representations of gender and sexuality in diverse art forms, including drama, dance, film, and literature, and how art reflects historical constructions of gender. Also offered as CAS CI 390 and CAS EN 326.

    CAS WS 328 –Cultural Constructions of Motherhood.  Motherhood as an intellectual concern, social institution, and site of competing discourses. Impact of race, class, education, and sexual orientation on mothering. Topics include feminisms, celebrity moms, fathering, mother blame, maternal body image, and the economic costs of motherhood.

    CAS WS 344 A1 – Images of Women in Popular Fiction Formulaic genres – fairy tales, romance fiction, detective novels, horror stories, and science fiction–offer a medium for tracing the development of representations of women. Course analyzes women’s roles and functions in these genres, focusing on novels by American authors.

    CAS WS 345 – Gender and War Examines gender constructions in world politics. Topics include gender biases in international relations theories, female and male roles in war, and rape as an instrument of warfare. Also assesses roles of women as leaders, actors, and objects of foreign policy. Also offered as IR 518 and PO 583

    CAS WS 346 A1- Women & Film
    Study of principally American films, exploring how the medium has shaped and had been shaped by cultural perceptions of women. Reading provide background for interpretation of films ranging from screwball comedy to film noir, “women’s films,” and films by women directors. Also offered as CAS CI 373.

    CAS WS 356 A1 & B1 – Women and Comedy in America Considers how comedy is marked by gender and allows women to defy the expectations of femininity and transmute aggression into humor; what women find funny; and how women use the power of humor for survival, resistance, subversion, and truth-telling.

    CAS WS 360 A1- Global Feminism: Race and Gender in International Perspectives Exploration of critical issues concerning women, gender, and race throughout the world. Topics include women and the global economy, health care, reproduction, the dynamics of sexism, violence against women, international women’s movements and political/institutional change. Also offered as IR358.

    CAS WS 434 A1 – Monarchy in Modern Britain A seminar probing seminal moments in the history of modern British sovereignty, when the politics of the court intersected with the politics of the people. Particular consieration is given to how monarchy has survived as an institution. Also offered as CAS HI 434.

    CAS WS 478 A1 – Women on Trial Explores historic and contemporary trials of women like Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Marissa Alexander in order to investigate how media shapes public and popular perceptions of race, class, gender, sexuality, and the law. Also offered as CAS HI 478.

    CAS WS 516 A1 – Gender and Politics Analyzes the relationship between gender and politics, law and policy primarily in the United States. Considers inequalities based on gender and sexuality, women’s changing political, gender- and sexuality-based political action and social movements. Also offered as CAS PO 516.
    Prerequisite: Junior standing or above.

    * WS 101 & 102 are NOT prerequisites for WS courses.