Art Exhibits

Intriguing exhibits focused on common ground and the human condition are constantly rotating through the center. Occasionally, we retain objects for our permanent collection. Recent acquisitions include works by Bren Bataclan, founder of the Smile Boston Project, Brianna Dillman of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and Sarah Mosser, a graduate student in BU’s College of Fine Arts.

Please enjoy our current exhibit:

Hillel 8.5x11 Thurman D2 copy

Past rotating exhibits have included:

Little Michael
Fame Monsters
Stefan Jones (2011)

Istanbul: Life in Color

Helga Butzer Felleisen (2009)

Child Soldiers Photo Exhibit

Amnesty International (2008)

Look In
Elif Soyer (2008)

Silk Road
Nedret Andre (2007)

The Witness of History…Anatolia
Cemile Akpinar (2007)

Remembering Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (2006)

The City of Women by Katie Gillett (2009)
Urban Messages by Katherine Kominis (2009)
Universal Access & Human Rights by Spectrum World AIDS Week Committee (2009)
The Human Race Machine by Hug Don’t Hate (2009)
Walking In Their Footsteps by Hug Don’t Hate (2010)

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