CISE 10th Anniversary Symposium – Systems Science: Shaping Society’s Future

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speaker Presentations

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“An excellently organized and inspiring CISE Symposium” – Stefan Miesbach, VP, Siemens Enterprise Communications

Information and systems engineering leaders gathered to explore transformative solutions to key challenges facing our society in three critical areas:

  • Transportation and Urban Infrastructure
    Systems science is leading the way towards “smarter” cities where vast sensor networks continuously take the “pulse” of the city, “sense” emerging security threats, assess utilization of key resources, and feed advanced decision support tools to reduce congestion, optimize resource use, and improve the daily lives of its citizens.
  • Healthcare Systems
    Health care is on the cusp of revolutionary changes. Systems science plays a central role in our ability to synthesize new biological mechanisms, the use of smart devices that can continuously monitor and control body processes, and algorithms that learn and predict from the impending deluge of data in Electronic Health Records, home monitoring stations, and smartphone health monitoring apps.
  • Energy and Power Systems
    The smart grid opens the door to a drastic increase in the use of renewable, yet highly intermittent, sources of electricity, e.g., wind and solar. We can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by establishing a more responsive electricity demand side and adopting the use of smart appliances, lighting, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The symposium took place in the Boston University Photonics Building, 9th floor, 8 St Mary’s Street.
Symposium Organizers:
Michael Caramanis, David Castañon, Christos Cassandras, Yannis Paschalidis