The Strategic Planning Process


“The University Strategic Plan for 2030: Opportunity for Community Feedback”

The Strategic Planning Task Force is in the final stage of developing Boston University’s new strategic plan. This presentation highlights the key elements of the emerging strategic plan. Community members are welcome to provide feedback on the plan by clicking here . The final version of the strategic plan will be voted on by the University Board of Trustees in April 2020.

Upcoming Events

  • Critical Steps to the Process

  • 1.

    Strategic Planning Task Force Appointed

    September 2018

  • 2.

    Discussion within the University Community

    Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

  • 3.

    Task Force Develops Vision & Priorities

    Spring/Fall 2019

  • 4.

    Revision and Draft of Vision for University-Wide Strategic Plan

    Fall 2019

  • 5.

    Discussion and Consideration of Emerging Themes


  • 6.

    Completion of Report for Board of Trustees' Approval

    Spring 2020

  • 7.

    The Next Ten Years

    2020 — 2030