How It Works

As soon as you are ready to talk about the technical needs of your event, we are ready to listen.  Larger shows require more lead time, so the sooner we make contact, the better for your event.

STEP 1:  Figure out what you are doingIMG_0775

Have a conversation with those in your group who are planning your event.  Try to go over all the technical details of your event, including lighting, sound, and media needs.

STEP 2: Ask us for help

Request our services using our easy online form at least 2 weeks before your event date. Include as many details about your event as are known at that point. Our staff will receive and evaluate what services you are requesting.

STEP 3: Give us details and get a cost estimate

To get a better understanding of what you would like us to provide you with to make your event a success we will contact you about your event.  Sometimes this information exchange can be done via phone or e-mail, but for more complex events we will request you come in for a design consultation.  After all information has been gathered, SPS will then provide you via e-mail with an estimate for equipment and labor costs.  You will provide this estimate to SAO so that they can send us an internal service request (ISR).

STEP 4: Confirm (or cancel) your event request

After we give you an estimate, we just need you to confirm via e-mail or phone that you want SPS to do this event for you.  If you confirm, you are then responsible for going to SAO to process all necessary paperwork for the upcoming event.

Need to make changes to your confirmed event?
Here’s how