Request Our Services

This form is for registered SAO student groups and departments under the Dean of Students.
Other BU departments should use this online form to request SPS.

Changes are coming!  Requesting our services will be changing in the upcoming weeks, as SAO adopts a new process.  For the time being, please continue to use this form to contact us.

  • Please select SAO organization name or DOS department. Groups listed alphabetically. If your group is not listed, choose last option "Group Name Not Listed". Please include your SAO group number in notes section. NOTE: You must be representing a DOS office or a registered SAO organization to use SPS services.
  • Please be specific in listing your event location(s).
  • If you reserved your location via University Reservations, please enter your reservation number here. If your location was NOT reserved by University Reservations, enter the venue name (ex: BU Central, Marsh Plaza, BU Beach).
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  • Event Info & Tech Requests

    Tell us as much as you know in each of the following areas. Always better to get too much information rather than too little!
  • Have you invited or do you plan to invite a band or musicians to perform at your event? We MUST know about this in advance!
  • NOTE: We cannot make archival video recordings of events. Please contact BU Productions, 617-353-3217, or an outside vendor for this service.
  • Indicate any other special requests or notes about your event that we should know. The more information we have, the better we can assist you.
  • Have additional documentation you want to share with us about your event? Attach it here!