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New Shopping Cart Approval Threshold

October 2nd, 2015 in Training, Uncategorized

500 threshold

Simplified Supplier Registration Process

May 6th, 2015 in Uncategorized

To:      Shoppers and Office/Lab Administrators

Fr:      Matthew Abrams, Associate Comptroller, Payroll & Payment Services

    Walter Wickersham, Executive Director, Sourcing & Procurement

Re:     Simplified Supplier Registration Process


Boston University’s Accounts Payable department and Sourcing & Procurement are pleased to announce a new streamlined Supplier Registration process for purchases that require a Purchase Order. The simplified process will make it easier and quicker for the University to engage with new vendors and service providers to support education, research and operations.

  What is the new process?

  • A shopping cart is now the first step in Supplier Registration. When a department is prepared to make a purchase, simply attach the quote or proposal with any other supporting documentation to a shopping cart in BUworks.
  • If the supplier is not registered, a buyer in Sourcing & Procurement will engage Accounts Payable’s Supplier Registration team to initiate the registration process.
  • The Supplier Registration team will be available to assist the potential supplier with the online tool used by BU to facilitate the onboarding process*.
  • A buyer in Sourcing & Procurement will work with the end-user to determine if a contract is needed.
  • Once the registration is complete and if needed, a contract executed, Sourcing & Procurement will issue a Purchase Order to the supplier.

What changed?

  • A single starting point for all vendor registrations – the shopping cart.
  • Accounts Payable manages the entire vendor registration process, however buyers in Sourcing & Procurement will continue to be the main point of contact for the shoppers.
  • The on-line registration form is shorter and questions rewritten to make the process more intuitive for our suppliers.
  • Supplier self-registration from the Sourcing website is no longer available**.

Please note: 

*If the supplier or service provider is an individual, IRS regulations may require Boston University to pay the individual as an employee. If this is the case, the end user will be contacted by someone in the Comptroller’s office who will provide additional instructions.

**The Supplier Self-Registration portal is no longer available; however, Sourcing & Procurement remains eager to hear from vendors and service providers who have innovative solutions or skill that may further the mission of the University.  To this end, we have created an Interested Supplier page on Sourcing’s website where such entities can express their interest to do business with the University. BU employees may direct cold calls or referrals to this site but please note, this is independent of the registration process. A shopping cart must be created if a department desires to do business with a supplier not in SAP.


Training and Support

Please follow these directions for instructions on how to create a shopping cart for an unregistered supplier.

For additional questions regarding the registration process, please contact or 617-353-8847

For additional questions regarding the shopping cart process, please contact or 617-353-2370


Reminder: Laboratory Supply & Equipment Expo Is This Thursday

April 1st, 2014 in Lab Equipment and Supplies, Uncategorized

Sourcing & Procurement is hosting a supplier show this Thursday, April 3rd featuring preferred research, scientific, staffing and technology vendors. This event is a great opportunity to meet the sales representatives and learn more about new product offerings in a relaxed and informal manner. To see the complete list of suppliers or learn more about the event, please click here.

Toner Scam

January 22nd, 2014 in Information Technology, Uncategorized

Several departments across campus have been recently targeted for toner scams. The scamming companies pose as suppliers with generic, familiar sounding names, and as BU departments like IT. They call to solicit orders or to ask you to help take “unwanted” toners off their hands at “special” prices. The Federal Trade Commission has published detailed information concerning this scam at–five-steps-to-avoiding-office-supply-scams-4600.

Boston University’s master lease and maintenance agreements for copiers from Ikon/Ricoh include all toner supplies at no charge. The phone number to order supplies is available on a label on the front of your copier.

Desktop printer ink and toners should be ordered from known vendors such as Office Depot, GovConnection, SHI etc. Under no circumstances should you place any orders for ink or toner from any vendor that has called you to solicit such a sale, nor should you provide any serial numbers or models for your printing devices.

If someone other than your known account representative is soliciting sales and service, you have every right to refuse service and report the event to Sourcing & Procurement. If you are unsure, please ask for a phone number to call them back. If they say the price cannot be honored unless you choose right then, hang up. Reputable vendors do not do business in such a manner.

New Procurement Courses

December 18th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Two new courses have been added for advanced shoppers and department approvers.

Shopping Cart Creation (Intermediate) covers advanced functionality such as split cost distribution, add/remove approvers, copy and delete shopping carts, buy on behalf, and edit shopping carts that are currently in approval. A pre-requisite of the intermediate course is the Shopping Cart Creation (Basic) course.

Procurement Approvals covers items to look for when approving shopping carts such as: cost center, G/L, delivery address, notes, attachments, track changes, and other approvers. We will also cover purchase order approvals and invoice approvals.

To sign up for procurement courses, please visit the training calendar.

For additional questions about training opportunities, please contact Ike Babbitt.

Corning Life Sciences Acquires Becton Dickinson

December 10th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Corning Incorporated announced that it has completed the acquisition of the majority of BD’s (Becton, Dickinson and Company) Discovery Labware business. Over the coming months, Corning will integrate four of Discovery Labware’s main product platforms into the Corning Life Sciences business segment: plastic consumable labware, biologically coated plastic consumable labware, cell culture reagents, and ADME research products and services. Corning will be integrating the Discovery Labware business with Corning Life Sciences. Until the transition is complete, you should continue to order Corning and Discovery Labware products through your existing channels.

Sourcing & Procurement is currently working with BD, Corning and their distributor, Fisher Scientific, to evaluate and understand potential product line or distribution changes.

For additional information, please contact Bob Simboli at 617-353-8753 for additional information.

New Affymetrix Agreement

December 3rd, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sourcing & Procurement has awarded a two year contract to Affymetrix for GeneChip probe arrays, reagents, and instrumentation products. The new agreement offers product discounts for large volume orders, growth incentives, reduced freight on consumable orders, and yearly price protection.

Please contact Bob Simboli at 617-353-8753 for additional information.

PCard Excluded Purchase: Gift Cards

November 20th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Gift cards, prizes, or awards may be reported as taxable compensation and subject to appropriate federal, state, and employment tax withholding. Since the use of gift cards requires special approvals in advance and is subject to detailed recordkeeping, the PCard should not be used to purchase gift cards. In unusual and extenuating circumstances, gift cards may be purchased using the PCard with prior written approval from the Comptroller.

Please contact Shirley Hood (617-358-3234) or Stephen Mulrean (617-358-5248) with any questions.

New Addition to the BU Office Depot Team

November 13th, 2012 in Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new dedicated Office Depot on-site representative!

Nicole Mailo has recently joined Office Depot and will be working alongside BU’s current on-site team of Tana Mahar and David Ryan.

Nicole is available for any customer service need. She can provide assistance with BSD training, introduce new products, identify savings opportunities, perform department visits, and resolve any order problems.

Nicole can also provide end users with information on Office Depot’s coffee program, toner recycling program and assist end users in the selection of in-stock fire coded chairs offered to BU.

Nicole is very excited to be part of the BU community and can be reached at:

Nicole Mailo
Office Depot
Onsite Service Consultant @ BU
975 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
O: 617.353.2371
F: 617.353.5384
C: 978.760.9016

New Pricing Agreement with Henry Schein Dental

November 8th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sourcing & Procurement, in collaboration with Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, has awarded Henry Schein Dental (Schein) with a preferred supplier status in exchange for additional discounts and new value-add services. After conducting a competitive bid process, earlier this fall, the cross-department team has awarded a three year contract to Schein, who offers an extensive inventory of dental supplies, dental equipment products and accessories, plus innovative dentistry related services designed to maximize efficiency and productivity. Brands offered through Schein include Covidien, Crosstex International, Integra, Heraeus, Coltene/Whaledent, Medicom, Medline, Roydent, Sultan Healthcare, and Sunstar Americas.

Contract benefits include:

  • Educational pricing on a majority of brands offered through Henry Schein Dental
  • Additional discounts on small equipment, film, anesthetic, alloy, and office supplies
  • Free freight on all orders
  • No restocking fee on commonly stocked items provided that the product is returned within one (1) year of purchase
  • Comparable products that are replacing discontinued products will be priced using the same category discount

Sales Representative:
Ann-Marie Hollis
Direct Line: 1-800-651-2944 (ext. 4724)
Cell: 978-500-1036

For additional information regarding the contract, please contact David Wong at 617-358-6471.