The Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease, directed by Elizabeth Klings, M.D., supports the highest quality of patient care with the goal of  making Boston Medical Center (BMC) the treatment facility of choice for Boston-area patients with sickle cell disease. The Center also promotes interactive basic and clinical research and patient and professional educational activities.

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Components of the Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease

The Basic and Translational Research Program in Sickle Cell Disease (BTRP)

Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Sickle Cell Disease

Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease

  • Genetic modulation of fetal hemoglobin expression
  • Globin Gene Expression in Sickle Genotype-Specific iPS Cells
  • Sickle cell patient database and biological sample repository
  • Use of nanotherapeutics to enhance hydroxyurea drug delivery
  • Study of the impact of sleep disordered breathing on endothelial dysfunction
  • Development of a prototype diagnostic for cellular fetal hemoglobin in sickle cell disease

Sickle cell inpatient services (Clinical)
Inpatient services are available for adults and children. Primary responsibility for care rotates among attending physicians who are all Center investigators with a special interest in sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell outpatient clinics (Clinical)
Outpatient clinics are devoted to the management of adults and children with sickle cell disease and related disorders.

The Hemoglobin Diagnostic Reference Laboratory (Diagnostics)
This laboratory, directed by Dr. David Chui, provides genetic testing for hemoglobinopathies, including antenatal diagnosis, throughout the US and many foreign countries.

The Sickle Cell Clinical Research Network (NHLBI Research)
The Sickle Cell Clinical Research Network is an NHLBI-supported network for phase III clinical trials.

NIH-supported research projects (Research
NIH-supported research projects at the Center focus on the genetic modulation of sickle cell disease, fetal hemoglobin (HbF) regulation in sickle cell disease, the biology and treatment of pulmonary hypertension related to sickle cell disease, and the development of new agents that modulate HbF expression in sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

For further information, contact:
Elizabeth S. Klings, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine
Boston University School of Medicine
Program Director | Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Director | Pulmonary Hypertension Inpatient and Education Program
Medical Director | Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Boston Medical Center
Email Klingon@bu.edu
Phone 617 638-8679
Fax 617 638-5227
Office Location 72 East Concord Street, R-304, Boston, MA  02118






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