Pushing Boundaries. Producing Results.

PRLab students go beyond the traditional realm of public relations, connecting clients to their key audiences to deliver results that matter. PRLab offers clients and students much more than the traditional agency experience.

For clients, PRLab provides creative ideas, smart strategies, and stellar results for a wide range of organizations from nonprofits to commercial enterprises. Using the latest technology, audience insights and collaborative processes, students implement innovative campaigns encompassing digital engagement, in-person experiences, content marketing, graphic design, and media awareness.

For students, PRLab creates self-motivated workers, professional practitioners, and qualified leaders. PRLab encourages students to push their own limits in a unique, practical learning environment. As a result, students have the freedom to create innovative and engaging experiences for our expanding roster of clients. In PRLab, students don’t watch. They do.

Hear insights about PRLab directly from students and clients in this video: